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What Could Possibly Go Wrong? British Government & World Economic Forum plan to replace clinical trials with AI projections

C5A0FDAF-52DC-4D0A-A089-3922112970D7Using AI for Clinical Trials

By John Stone
Five years ago the British Government announced a collaboration with the then little talked about World Economic Forum to research innovative methods of regulation. It is not exactly clear what administrative or financial role the WEF play in this project but in practice the UK Department of Business awards bursaries to research various futuristic concepts. Projects were announced in 2021 and 2022 among the craziest being:

Project led by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

Project name: Using High-fidelity Synthetic Data as synthetic control arms and to boost sample sizes in clinical trials
Project grant: £750,387

Project overview

Clinical trials are a critical part of how new medicines are tested before use in the NHS to improve patient care and wellbeing. In standard clinical trials, patients are either given a treatment or not by random selection. This can be challenging in some health conditions, as random assignment to a control group could deny patients access to treatments that could extend their life or improve symptoms. Many clinical trials also find it difficult to recruit enough patients, particularly those investigating rare diseases.

Recent improvements in computing power have allowed researchers to create artificial patients, with similar health information to real patients in clinical trials. This artificial data could help to ‘boost’ smaller clinical trials, lessening the number of patients needed to be successful. Artificially generated information could also be used to better reflect groups in society that are less well represented in clinical trials, including different age groups and ethnicities.

This project will focus on the use of computer-generated data to help boost small clinical trials, and to see if this can improve the value of these trials. Following this, we will create an entirely artificial control group for a clinical trial. In the future, these approaches could be combined with, or even replace, real patient information. Success in this project could help to change the way clinical trials are performed in common and rare diseases, lowering their cost and improving how new treatments are tested before they are applied in the NHS.

Against a background where the WEF, WHO and the British government propose to have a new “vaccine” ready within 100 days of their expected new pandemic this is presumably how they would model the safety and effectiveness of a product with few or no trial participants. Weep.


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High Tea At Aunty Morag's

Thank You John Stone.
A wicked messenger falls into mischief ,but a faithful ambassador is health .
Tuidtdh an droch teachdare ann an olc,achis slainte an teachdaire .

Dangerous Moonlighters Dubh Davos .
Goals House
https//>houses>davos 18 Jan 2024
States Complementing the official agenda ,sessions focused how data and AI can rewritea better climate future .
Matt McGinn - Magic Shadow Show -YouTube
See Alliance For Natural Health -Home
Read -ANH News Beat [Week 09/2024] 29Feb 2024
Sainsburys chooses ferming over farming .New Report Essential reading .
This One could blow the horns off the old grey sheep ,aye right off-it !
Artificial Intelligence will not survive "A Cold" let alone "The Cold"
Still Game Series 1 /Episode 3 -CAULD -YouTube

Safe and Effective Hypo-Thermia prevention for The Cinderella Sector who can slip into hypothermia within 30 mins in a cold room !
Main Room -Living Room Temperature 70F[21c]
Other Rooms 64F [18C]

Jill in MI

Hahahaha! Thanks for the laugh. Although none of this is really funny. Honestly, you just can't make this sh## up. Cellist in the snow? $100,000 to join? Flying in to the "party" on jets and then telling everyone else that they need to suck it up (farmers trying to feed their family and all of us; people who want to drive their older paid for cars and not buy an expensive electric vehicle [without a proper infrastructure to support said vehicle]; and all the people [me] who like to cook with gas).
It is true that some animals are more equal than others.


"The WEF must live in a bubble. They are so far removed from the "regular working person" - you know, the people that actually go to work everyday and pay their taxes - they just make it up as they go along."

So true. Here's a sample of their "entertainment" to lift their heavy spirits over melting glaciers....

WATCH: Davos Elites Treated to Ballet Dancers, Cellist in the Snow to ‘Ease Their Troubled Spirits’

Notice that the shaman woman blowing on them wasn't wearing a mask....

Jill in MI

This is like a bad science fiction novel. Yes, let's do more modeling because the last time we followed the modeling - NEIL FERGUSON - that turned out just great! At least this will save the 10 mice that they would have done the "clinical" haha trials for and then tell everyone it is safe for millions of people.
The WEF must live in a bubble. They are so far removed from the "regular working person" - you know, the people that actually go to work everyday and pay their taxes - they just make it up as they go along.
We need some good news!

Angus Files

Benedetta,I am so sorry for the kids too,but take heart as I see a lot of people now dont jab their kids and making statement about it on various forums just like the farmers tractor protest in Germany just now crippling the whole country,they just cant stop people from talking despite censoring real news.I like using monsters on here we all know, all to well,CHOP, will tune in soon. I am sure they use AI/bots to highlight mentions of their handy work world wide and for them then to use a sneaky name to comment. Offit rich money wise he probably is, but happy? no, hes going straight to hell...and whose to say they have got of scot free,there might be legal actions that will strip them of the blood money they recieved.

Pharma For Prison



Oh and Angus: I will be the first to admit keeping up with the next evil, bad guy these days are daunting.


Angus; Keep up with the next bad guy. Offit is retiring - happy and rich, so time for younger blood and that is bow tie wearing clown, Hortez.

Emma: Meryl Nass is working so very hard on this. And of course Biden is working hard to push it through. The evil, corruption is oozing out of the wood works. You can't have a Republic or a Democracy when corruption becomes the norm. I am so sorry for our children.

Angus Files

whats wrong can they not find real intellect to support the pharma franken-science?
Maybe the AI "artificial patients," will be based on OFFITS "all vaccines are perfectly safe and infants can tolerate theoretically 10,000 of them at once."

Thanks John

Pharma For Prison




At least with AI, no patient guinea pigs will be harmed. Bill Gates won't have to make trips to Africa. Some members of Congress are working on a bill to outlaw mRNA platform jabs. Then, AI would have no data to scrape. Ha ha!

American citizens must unite to stop our current Constitutional threat:
Dangerous Accord: U.S. Autonomy At Risk With WHO Pandemic Agreement
Biden wants to railroad this through. "All 194 WHO member nations will vote on the agreement at the 77th World Health Assembly from May 27-June 1."

"Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) introduced the WHO Withdrawal Act (H.R. 79), which would immediately end U.S. membership, repeal the legislation authorizing our WHO membership in 1948, and banning all U.S. funds from WHO projects.

The American Sovereignty Restoration Act would withdraw the United States from WHO and other international bodies such as the United Nations, and repeal the legislation that first authorized U.S. membership."


Well it will be easier on the those inside the government; working for the billionaires to reduce the population. Now they don't have to call meetings at the CDC, to sit down and manipulate the data by hand, and throw all those hard copies away in trash cans. Now all they have to do is tell AI what result they want and AI will do all the rest.

It is all so clever.

Meanwhile: Yesterday's Del Bigtree is just beyond scary. One more layer of the brain above the hypothalamus - into the hippocampus, and the human race just sits around playing video games at best. .

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