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If you have an adult in a day program or an older child still in school, this meme from Open Future Learning will ring true.  What would you add to create a more meaningful, respectful day? I'd add, "Provide materials at an age appropriate level."  If you walked into my daughter's program, you might mistake it for a preschool. I've let them know over and over how frustrating this can be. They've made some effort. Not enough.  That said, I don't mind a logo on the shirt.  If someone sees TROUBLE with my daughters, I want them to be able to report it immediately. Safety first. KIM



4Bobby, next time consult an attorney and sue for discrimination. He has a legal right to attend program and not be denied access to program. There is no evidence to show that he is a threat to others by not wearing a mask. Furthermore, he doesn't have to wear mask based on his disablity. You should've immediately notified the program to make reasonable accomodations for your son after the "exposure" so he could still attend. If they refuse, then SUE. Give them a chance first next time to make a reasonable accomodation, as in allowing him to attend but in a different area until the exposure time is done, etc...because they didn't do that, I would still consult an attorney as he was denied 10 days of a program that he is legally entitled to access.


"Provide materials at an age appropriate level."

You are absolutely right Kim. Before my son could talk, he demonstrated through his behavior and facial expression that he was highly intelligent. Gifted with autistic behaviors (vaccine injury) is not an easy combo. Home schooling was our salvation. An extremely gifted child without proper intellectual stimulation suffers also. The film SPELLERS shows us that for some, the intellect is intact, and they are capable of teaching themselves to read and spell. They just need an alternate mode of communicating.

Caroyn LongTimeReader

If you could get them to read "Ghost Boy" or watch Spellers. Ghost Boy should be required reading for everyone who works with someone with an "intellectual disability."

In the book Ghost Boy, (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED), the author of the book had some kind of injury (hmmm?) or sickness at age 12 that caused him to go from normal to being considered vegetative.

He was put in a care facility. He describes his endless boredom with Barney and similar shows. And how finally this caused him to try very hard to communicate with blinking. Finally one of the staff noticed. They had NO IDEA he was "in there" and aware. No idea.

To make a long story short (spoiler alert) he ends up with a story like many of the Spellers. He ends up working in the computer industry.

Barney was driving him mad. And no one knew it. No one dreamed he was able to process higher level information. And who knows how many others could have an enriching day, including the staff also forced to watch Barney etc day in and day out. At least could they have two tv rooms with different things. Those who are ambulatory (I think he was wheelchair bound and still is) could choose. But they could do their best to see what those wheelchair bound preferred. Or mix it up.

Ako Si Darna

It's unfortunate but disability support staff we've had over the years are on their phones all the time either scrolling or talking. They are a warm body next to our adult autistic offspring is the job I guess. I see loneliness in my child's future when we're no longer here.


I agree- no issue with the logo! We are lucky to generally be happy with my son’s staff and program. That being said they are following some outdated Covid policy which they claim is OPWDD’s current policy… There was a Covid exposure at the program. Because my son won’t keep a mask on for long periods we have had to keep him home for 10 days. 10 days! He’s not sick!!! This has been an unbelievable burden for my husband and I who both work full time. And of course not healthy or helpful for my son to be out of his program for so long.
Is anyone else still experiencing something like this?

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