PART FOUR Autism: Thirty years of lies and cover-up
Aluminum In Humans

Safeminds: Acetaminophen and Language Delays

Infant tylenolFrom Safeminds. How many of us were told to dose our babies with Tylenol at every well visit? And how many of us would give our lives to only have had our kids suffer a langauge delay? From Safeminds:

Acetaminophen Use in Pregnancy Associated with Language Delays in Toddlers

Each Use of the Pain Reliever in 3rd Trimester Tied to a Two-Word Reduction in Vocabulary

A study from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign has investigated the link between acetaminophen use during pregnancy and language outcomes in early childhood. The findings revealed that increased acetaminophen use, especially in the third trimester, was associated with modest decreases in language development. The study accessed data from the Illinois Kids Development Study involving 298 two-year-old children. Sex-specific associations were observed, with increased acetaminophen use late in pregnancy showing language delays primarily in male children. This research suggests that the second and third trimesters might be critical periods of neurodevelopment sensitive to disruptions by prenatal acetaminophen exposure that could impact auditory structures and pathways essential for language development. The most significant finding demonstrated that each use of acetaminophen in the third trimester was associated with a nearly two-word reduction in vocabulary in two-year-olds. Despite the small sample size, the associations with increased frequency of acetaminophen use and language delays were notable. The study emphasizes the importance of considering the timing and frequency of prenatal acetaminophen use for minor aches and pains when considering language development outcomes for offspring, especially in males.

Original Article

Original Study


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Professor Exley has his little blog, and sends me weekly emails.
Lately he seems a bit down that his work on aluminum showing up in the brain is slowly being forgotten. Like Tylenol to autism/ fluoride is to Exley . Fluoride he says is not the problem. Fluoride just lets more of the aluminum to accumulate; and is a way of side stepping the real problem; aluminum which is also in the water.

Further, DR. Exley was some what agitated about the Brian Micheal Nehls interview by Del Bigtree over at the Highwire. Now I am all confused, is the Spike protein worse than aluminum? Is aluminum being there in the hippocampus, and the spike protein just adding insult? Which is it spike protein, or aluminum?

Once upon a time a Russian psych student made up a game for his group of fellow students. Two were chosen to be where wolves and the rest - 12 or more people played the villagers.
The two where wolves would pick a villager and he was dead (out of the game) . Then the villagers were suppose to pick a person that they thought was the where wolf . The meditator would come back and tell them if they were correct in picking the where wolf or an innocent villager, but who ever was picked was out.

The thing the game showed surprised me but almost always those two people that were the where wolves, that were in secret agreements with each other, won almost every time against the larger group of villagers.

Secrets against the public suddenly does not sound like good odds in us winning. We have been fighting forever against the notion of genetics. For that reason Dr. Francis Collins is among the most high of evil in all of this.

Now there is an attempt to point to other than vaccine environmental triggers.

Meanwhile this villager has to guess not that it is the vaccine, but what is in the vaccine. Was it the mercury, the aluminum, maybe they put Tylenol in those vaccines? I heard they put radiation in them.


Maureen, I agree.

Now that Americans have awakened to the fact that Covid 19 jabs can cause harm, it opens the door for them to question the childhood vaccines as well. This sudden emphasis on acetaminophen given during pregnancy, in my opinion, is a distraction from the real cause. As I have said before, up until the early 2000's, doctors would never prescribe any medication other than prenatal vitamins for pregnant women. I was told not to take any pain meds (Tylenol) as well, and I did not. Yet, one of mine could not talk until he had several years of intensive speech therapy beginning at 3.5 years old. They should do a retro study of moms that took nothing during pregnancy and had children with delayed or no speech. Also, what about the videos of the healthy normal children BEFORE their 15 month shots, who then regressed into autism. I think someone is deliberately muddying the waters.

Kim for Maurine

Good morning, Maurine. You are correct Those brave days are gone for most all of the orgs. That said, if we can help women understand that ANYTHING during pregnancy can cause harm and that language delay, developmental delay and the dangerous A word ARE NOT GENETIC and CAN BE PREVENTED by their actions, that's progress for every product that harms. If this moves us AWAY from neurodiversity and genetics - that's progress. I too am saddened that so few will mention vaccines. We've paid a steep price over the years. I have James' aluminum series on my radar to present this week. Great minds! KIM

mauine Meleck

I don't know. Somehow Safe Minds discusses everything but vaccines. Check out James Lyons-Weiler and his newest work on the effects of aluminum in vaccines and other sources.

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