30 Years of Lies: Part One
Autism Tsunami: The Impact of Rising Prevalence on the Societal Cost of Autism in the United States

Potential Modifiable Risk: Metals and Autism

Pick-your-poison-sampleWhat a phrase! "Potential modifiable risk..." We'd call it, "POISON." Below is a summary from SafeMinds regarding our oldest topic, autism and heavy metals. Mercury gets a...mention. It's almost like seeing an old friend, named Nemesis.

In-Utero Exposure to Heavy Metals Linked to Autism and Atypical Neurodevelopment

January 01, 2024

Cadmium and Cesium Shown to Be Particularly Problematic to Development

Researchers from several American universities, including the MIND Institute, have recently measured maternal urinary metal levels during two different time points in pregnancy. The research team then examined the relationship between these levels and their influence on autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or non-typical development in offspring at age 3. This study recruited mothers of children with clinically confirmed ASD who were early in a subsequent pregnancy or were trying to become pregnant. These mothers came from either the Early Autism Risk Longitudinal Investigation (EARLI) or the Markers of Autism Risk in Babies Learning Early Signs (MARBLES) studies. After analyzing the data, the authors discovered that prenatal exposure to metals, especially cadmium, increased the risk of atypical neurodevelopment in offspring. The team also found that cesium exposure was related to atypical neurodevelopment, with consistency across ASD and non-typical development outcomes and time points. The study concluded that public health measures to reduce exposure to heavy metals during pregnancy could be an important preventative strategy for mitigating neurodevelopmental disorders in children. However, the authors also determined that more extensive longitudinal studies are needed to confirm their findings.

Original Study


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Since they are trying to kill us -- not "IF"
Then electric car push for technology that does not work, along with wind turbines makes perfect sense.

Both these things are loaded down with metals. Cesium, cadmium and lithium.
Lithium, that might should have been another metal to test for other than zinc?

The old batteries were bad enough. I knew of a family that ran a farm store and threw the batteries out back, till a nearby creek showed up lead. The EPA when it still worked for the health of people came in, cleaned it up, and charged him. You are not suppose to throw batteries away in the landfill either. They are suppose to be recycled. Can you imagine what is going to happen when those wind turbines gets real old where all those parts are going to end up! Hey, and since no one is buying the electric cars, and they are scrapping them brand new - just how much metals are coming off of them. That is their plan, they never cared if we bought them, they just want them out in the environment among the masses. .


Am I understanding this right? Mercury was not associated with ASD?

They seem to put a big emphasis on nickel and cobalt, but I did not see what they came up with?

They did not test for aluminum, but they did test for zinc. I think they should have not tested for zinc and put aluminum on the list.

In the end they pointed to cesium and cadmium. Over lead?

Anyway; once upon a time here on "Age of Autism" some one said they had read, or their child tested, for radiation in the vaccines. I am unsure how that came about. Radiation, I would guess that would be cesium. I did not think that was true. Why would they put cesium in the vaccines?

Exposure to cesium would come from medical equipment most likely? Nurses, lab techs, and since they throw this stuff away in landfills, then some one that works around trash and landfills. Nurses and lab techs are the very ones to be vaccinated with everything coming and going to though.

But since we have some insane billionaires that has decided to reduce the population, and Bill Gates involvement and all; and Dr. Nehls discussion on Del Bigtree's show - and yes, I have to stop and pinch myself to see if I am not in some nightmare dream wearing an aluminum foil hat

Cesium in the vaccines makes about as much sense as a spike protein as an antigen, when they already knew in a study in 2003 that it involved the hippocampus. What else did Nehls say? Oh and the furrin cleavage helped it through the blood brain barrier, and they put that in the vaccine too.

Angus Files

The sale of Mercury as a health product is interesting ,the Terracotta Army sculptures 200s BCE depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China was chasing eternal life.In his quest he was drinking Mercury there were also puddles of Mercury found around his burial.

Weve got worse Pharma inject it intoMums and babies that arent born yet..but yet its known as the 2nd most toxic substance known to man as the great Boyd Hayley documented many times.

Pharma For Prison


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