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New Substack Euripides To Take Readers Back to the Wakefield Case

Listen and learn typewriterDear AofA readers. For many years, one of our main focuses was the excoriation of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, author of Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and
pervasive developmental disorder in children. You can read John Stone's first AofA piece from November 20, 2008 titled,  A Political Trial in LondonIn early 2004 the media campaign against Andrew Wakefield was gathering pace. In particular, the London Times and Guardian newspapers were increasingly peppered with sarcastic comments  about Wakefield and the MMR-autism theory, mostly coming from people with no direct knowledge of the science  – but who nevertheless felt the spontaneous need to offer an opinion. 

Wakefield was a brilliant, caring, young British Gastroenterologist. His medical career and reputation were sacked more times than Zappe in the Patriot's game last Sunday for putting forth a hypothesis (the bedrock of science) that involved the MMR vaccine. It's critical that what happened to him is never forgotten in the current narrative regarding vaccination. Dr. Wakefield NEVER gave up trying to help children with autism and GI problems. We will never forget his courage.

There is a new Substack called "Euripides," whose author we know well. This Substack will document the Wakefield case for a new generation. We invite you to check it out:

The series documents the deliberate elaborate intentional and systematic fabrications perpetrated by three editors of the British Medical Journal in 2011. These editors publicly accused a doctor, Andrew Wakefield, of committing fraud in a scientific paper published in the Lancet medical journal which implicated the MMR vaccine in causing autism in children.

Five short introductory videos give a comprehensive overview free of charge without a paid subscription.

The full video series available to subscribers provides a detailed account of the history and background and what was done in each of the eight steps. You will also get detailed evidence with quotes from the medical records of the children concerned. The anonymised medical records were read out in public in legal proceedings in England.

IMPORTANT: To allow time for you, your family, friends and associates to subscribe, the first free to view/listen video and audio will be released in a few weeks. Take a free subscription to receive an email alert when content is released.  VISIT THE SUBSTACK HERE.


Angus Files

If the trolls on here think were being shut up a late Christmas present for you, just go put in Google Trends in your search Engine, click Google trends.Then put in Autism and you will see from 2004 Autism is being searched more and more each year especially in the last two years!It seems to be since the woke covid disease theres a huge jump.The strange thing is,that you can also see search peaks in April of each year from 2004?.If anyone cant cast a light as to why April is the most popular month for Autism to be searched share on here please,I would love to know.

Dr Wakefield seems to align and peak with covid,Mercola and trump quite a bit.Be warned if you put Trump in along with anyone else on the planet it upsets the lines because of the high search for Trump.

Pharma For Prison



Cassandra; thank you for worrying about it.
I at the time asked her to explain to me what was the big deal that he used kids at his children's birthday party. We have been BBF forever since grade school, but her view and common sense has always been just a little strange. She made the highest on the college entrance exam of any one in our county - up till that point and many years beyond. And she still needs me to straighten out her view on a great number of things.

What did she say? I don't think she had any thoughts of her own, it was just what every the writer to an article said, the person that was in an authoritative position. I think that is the trouble with a lot of valedictorians. From which most of our medical students are. .

Cassandra, South of England

Benedetta, please tell your friend that it is customary in the UK for an “honorarium” to be paid to anyone taking part in medical research. This may range from a few pounds for a blood sample to about eighty pounds for an MRI scan (my adult child was offered this amount in 2009 but decided to decline the offer) to compensate for loss of income/holiday time. This is budgeted for in the research’s expenses.

Angus Files

In the Record today wonder what this looks like ?sorry,no prizes to any of the readers on here.

Mum's warning as autistic son's undiagnosed eating disorder leads to sudden death
Seven-year-old Alfie Anthony Nicholls, who had autism and was non-verbal, was left severely malnourished after suffering from avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID).

Pharma For Prison



They were fantastic articles.
It helped me explain to a friend that had read enough, but not enough - we all know how that is.
She was stuck on the fact that he had paid money to the birthday kids for a control.

Why did it bother her? Cause this once upon a time valedictorian believe those in authority are always right.

So many people are like that. Dr. Wakefield deserve a hero's welcome and yet decades later here we are.

Angus Files

Dr Wakefield if the world was fair he would be the saviour.All or most of the damage now being seen with children and adults would have been prevented.But the careers and paypackets of a few was more important.

Thank you Dr Wakefield and John Stone for his brilliant writting.

Pharma For Prison


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