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Full MeasureThere's a new documentary called Unseen Crisis about a topic we know all too well. Vaccine Injury. The Covid vaccination campaign opened the eyes of many who had to roll up their sleeves against their better judgement, and often, their will, to work, attend school, and participate in compliant society. Sharyl Attkisson interviewed participants on her program Full Measure. The parallels to autism and vaccine injury are painful reminders for many of us.


This interview is about unrecognized damage from the COVID vaccine and the new documentary, Unseen Crisis,

It’s about powerful forces able to censor any challenges to the official narrative.

It is reminiscent of Anecdotals The Movie, released in 2022.


Sharyl Attkisson: The number of people suffering problems after COVID vaccines continues to grow as researchers learn more about how to diagnose and treat the lingering illnesses.

A new documentary, The Unseen Crisis, examines the stories of some who got their shots, doctors vilified when they tried to help, and allegations that the government has long been quietly treating a select few of the injured.

Vaccine injury victim #1: One doctor’s appointment, I just had what seemed like an inflamed wrist, and the next one I was numb up to my back. 

That was the first time the doctor was like, you have a problem way bigger than your wrist. You need to get your brain checked out.

The next day, I went paralyzed in my right leg.

Victim #2: Seven days after the vaccine, I’d gotten so bad that they placed me on the ventilator for the first time to be able to breathe.

That was kind of the first start of it.

UNSEEN CRISIS: This is a disease that has to come out of the shadows.

Sharyl:  Cindy Drukier is the producer of The Unseen Crisis.

How did you first learn that there was this population of what you’re calling “the unseen.”

Cindy:  Soon after the vaccine rollout there started to be stories emerging, you know, on Twitter, people posting their own stories, or here and there of people who were having a bad reaction to the vaccine.

But the other side of it is what happened when they tried to share about it. Even posting on Twitter, hey, this is happening, or whatever social media, to try to find are there other people who are having the same thing—what do you know about it?—getting censored, getting called “misinformationists.”

Sharyl: Was there an organized effort to make sure when people spoke of this, that they got controversialized or censored?

Cindy: It was so consistent; it could only have been sort of an organized effort.

Why would all the social media platforms silence our stories?

Why would Facebook, when we have a support group and they’re just talking about their own personal stories and trying to get best practices, shared advice, learn more about it, tens of thousands of people get shut down by Facebook? Why?

Sharyl: You said the FDA and maybe others are well aware of these adverse events that are maybe not officially recognized. How do we know this?

Cindy: In the film, one of the people I speak with is Brianne Dressen, and she was in the AstraZeneca trials.

Her condition was so bad, she was sure she was dying. Nobody in an emergency room could help her. Nobody could diagnose it. 

Finally, she got lucky. The National Institutes of Health, or NIH, flew her out to join a small scale study with 22 other vaccine injured, and it changed everything.

Brianne: They flew us out. We were there in person. We were in the state of the art facilities.

They know at a very intimate level what’s going on with this.

They know about microcloting. They know about the nervous system breakdown. They know about small fiber neuropathy. They know about the cognitive issues.

They know all of it. 

They haven’t given that very essential, matter-of-fact treatment to all of the other Americans who stepped up and got those shots.

Cindy: She said, they studied it, and they treated her. They reversed the trajectory of her illness and she got better, a lot better, almost completely better.

And this was very early on.

And their whole point is, if you just say, hey, maybe this is something that happens. You even have to say it officially, but heads up—you might see this in your emergency rooms.

Here’s the test to do. Here’s how you may treat it, then people could get help.

But because none of that was officially coming down, the doctors in emergency rooms didn’t know about it, unless they had put pieces together themselves.

Sharyl: People are showing up at the emergency room or the doctors with stroke and other symptoms and not being asked if they’ve had COVID recently or been vaccinated.

It’s almost being ignored.

Cindy: It is being ignored. That’s part of the unseen-ness because doctors also see what happens to people, other doctors that talk about it and make the connections.

The doctors in the film and other doctors have had their licenses threatened or taken away. They’ve lost jobs. They’re ostracized from the medical community just by talking about it, saying it exists.

Sharyl: What do you think is the bigger message here, based on the things that you’ve learned in making the film?

Cindy: One of them is, hopefully, as one of the people in the film says, “I hope that people just will ask more questions and not just accept everything they’re told.”

I think that we should be suspicious anytime we see this instant shutdown of any questioning, of any dissenting voices, of any other medical opinions.

Hopefully we’ve sort of learned that lesson.



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It's true that people injured by covid vaccines are quietly being treated at home. I know of one case. Funny how research shows, "The use of high-dose intravenous immune globulin (IVIG) plus anticoagulation is recommended for the treatment of vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT), a rare side effect of adenoviral vector vaccines against coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19)." Even funnier they say it's a "rare side effect." Side effects from all covid vaccines are not rare, they are underreported. Just like they silenced people speaking out against the dangers of covid vaccines, they are now silencing those who are getting treated from being injured by covid vaccines. And don't forget the "died suddenly" groups of young men who got MRNA covid vaccines from Pzier and Moderna. Now we see increased STROKES and heart attacks from those TRIPLE vaccinated with MRNA vaccines. These are like the ridiculous Tetanus shots pushed on everyone. A major side effect of Tetanus vaccine is seizures. Yes, SEIZURES. The love of money truly is the root of all evil. It's always about profit over protecting American citizens. Just look at the border....fentanyl being brought in right now, every minute, every day, every week, every month, undetected by people who crossed and were not caught. But make sure you take off your prostetetic leg at the airport and retired vet Granny, hands up, cuz someone needs to frisk you b4 you enter the plane.


Benedetta - I believe you're looking for Dr. Peter McCullough and The Wellness Company. They have the kits. Here's the link He has a lot of good information for detoxing, etc. I'm not sure where it comes from but he seems to be very aware of autism and has been speaking truth since day one of the plandemic. Check out his Substack, good articles, and studies (based on truth and fact), and as a matter of fact when I went there to get the link I saw this new article about the jab and autism
I learned of a new product the other day called Master Peace. If my son were still alive I would have him on it. Dr. Robert O Young endorses it as an extremely promising treatment that was designed for Covid, -as-a-broad-spectrum-antioxidant-for-graphene-.html which means it will treat autism as well. Dr. Carrie Madej was also involved with it.
Here's the video. Good Luck.

High Tea At Aunty Morag's

Benedetta ,do they think we are too busy to be bothered ?
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Runrig -Dance Called America [Live] KARAOKE YouTube

Scolar Commons
https//scolarcommons>cgi.view content PDF
Bliadhna nan Caorach
The Year of the sheep
"The savagery of improvers continues2
See UK Column News 19 January 2024 -well worth the time to watch .
Stakeholder capatilism /follow your nose to find the source of the suppurating stench of it !
The Dark Triad @ UN -WHO -WEF
really good interview on Childrens Health Defense -CHD-TV
Financial Rebellion Land Grab 30x30 and National Asset Companies .
Why does Black Rock want to own is it 8% or so shares in English water with /through United Utilities .
Check out the tapestry in Davos canteen , Interesting wee chappie wearing a little bo peep outfit ?
In terms of basic stocks and sauces does they prefer mint sauce or mint jelly ? with their lamb chops .

Truth seeker

Thank God for people like Sharyl. Microclotting etc…my God they got away with a lot, and really do think many were injected not into the muscle by less experienced vaccine givers. Older people can and did talk about what happened to them as opposed to little babies and toddlers. In some kind of common sense and actual ‘do no harm’ spirit it looks like the WHO is re-thinking the trans insanity that has been done to our children—

Benedetta f Stilwell

High Tea At Aunty Morag's;
I don't know what is going on, but I think it is the Chinese party has a big place at the table at Davos through money. The Davos crowd are the kind of people that will sell their fellow man into serfdom or runrig with out a thought. China wants to reduce their population, Gates wants to reduce the population, all of a like minds sitting there at Davos with power and money.

Texas has shut down the immigrant flow, and Biden is not happen. Now why? .

High Tea At Aunty Morag's

Hey Benedetta And Emma ,ewes are doing just fine !
When and once the penny drops and makes a loud crack onto the floor beside you, then at least you know ewes have "Got -It -In -One !"

Runrig This Day YouTube


Sharyl Attkisson is once again, still staying right on top of things, but would not be able to work for the mainstream news media.

Great clips in the story. We all need to spread them as far and wide as possible.


"Apparently the actual disease works better than the vaccine, cause it took a year and half to get it again."

Dr. McCullough said in an interview that those who did not get the jab, but got omicron and recovered, had the best overall health outcomes regarding Covid 19. No deaths. Thankfully, my family is in that category. My husband devloped a bacterial lung infection about a year ago. The regular doc and urgent care did not give adequate antibiotics and no steroids (even when asked). Finally he went to a pulmonologist (on his own) and was properly diagnosed and given a more powerful antibody and a new kind of steroid treatment. Worked like a charm. You may have to go that route.

I was also shocked that that lady had been treated by the NIH. Why is that knowledge, funded by taxpayers, not available for ALL citizens?


Alright; I linked up with Front line doctors. I wrote down my problem and I made sure I was concise and short.

They said they would contact me by phone in two hours. That did not happen.
It was 189 dollars.
I finally had to call them.
They said they only had to medicines for covid. I though for sure they once had a packet that had antibiotics in it as well as ivermectin.

But it is two medicines for covid, the lady had an accent and as it is I can barely speak English, my self did not catch but the last part of the name flaxin -- neither was ivermectin. No antibiotics.

I thought I was going to have to contact Chase to tell them not to pay them, but the lady was nice enough to say there would be no charge.

So, nothing there.

If I live through the weekend there is a nurse practioner over in another town, and there is that chicken antibiotic I keep in the freezer for the chickens. Just kidding well kind of .


Some body give a good link to get ahold of a good covid kit with antibiotics and not just ivermectin. I need to buy four kits for the next go around


That last link you sited, they are lying.
It is regular old bacteria infection.


How about that part where they flew out a vaccine injured woman to the NIH.

They know at a very intimate level what’s going on with this.

They know about microcloting. They know about the nervous system breakdown. They know about small fiber neuropathy. They know about the cognitive issues.

They know all of it.

Yeah they know, and not just about the covid vaccine.

How many years has all of us thought, Oh, if we could get them to understand what is going on, it is real.

Well they did understand, they just did not care.


What Emma says that Old Fauci was up to is right on the nose when it comes to evidence that I myself can see.

We have covid right now. This is the second time for us. Apparently the actual disease works better than the vaccine, cause it took a year and half to get it again. Last year I saw people getting covid with in a few weeks of receiving the vaccine. Some of them died.

I am a lot sicker than I was the first time. Last night I could not breath, I was struggling. A few days before I came down with it, I had itchy eyes that were pink. Not swollen though. It has tried it best, and done a great job getting into my chest. It is in the chest of all of us.

The first time around ; we all pretty much had an antibiotic at the very beginning cause we all started out with a secondary infections . Two had strep, two of us had pink eye, and one I am pretty sure had a stash of antibiotics from dental procedures.

This time around Urgent care gives the test and tells us not to go back to work for five days , shoves us out the door with no antibiotics, and they will send us a bill. I am not paying it if I am dead.

I have a stash of antibiotics, which I already gave one whole bottle to my son who was really sick.
Last night I got out the second bottle, and with a nebulizer with real medicine (I have that too) not the hydrogen peroxide mix, although I have that too, I think I am going to be okay, unless I have to give that antibiotic to my husband. I think I going to have too. HE went to urgent care this morning and came back with nothing except a diagnosis. which by the way, we have plenty of test old and new. Emma's comment. Real interesting.

They are planning murder. I don't know how to stop them?


There's a chart for that....

Large spike in graph of renal failure deaths occurring on and after Nov. 2 when government started "certain" financial awards to hospitals for a certain Covid treatment:
Starts at 1:50:10 through 1:54:14



Was Fauci's "countermeasure" work inspired by the 1918 Influenza Pandemic?

Bacterial Pneumonia Caused Most Deaths in 1918 Influenza Pandemic
Implications for Future Pandemic Planning
"The majority of deaths during the influenza pandemic of 1918-1919 were not caused by the influenza virus acting alone, report researchers from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health. Instead, most victims succumbed to bacterial pneumonia following influenza virus infection. The pneumonia was caused when bacteria that normally inhabit the nose and throat invaded the lungs along a pathway created when the virus destroyed the cells that line the bronchial tubes and lungs.

A future influenza pandemic may unfold in a similar manner, say the NIAID authors, whose paper in the Oct. 1 issue of The Journal of Infectious Diseases is now available online. Therefore, the authors conclude, comprehensive pandemic preparations should include not only efforts to produce new or improved influenza vaccines and antiviral drugs but also provisions to stockpile antibiotics and bacterial vaccines as well.

The work presents complementary lines of evidence from the fields of pathology and history of medicine to support this conclusion. "The weight of evidence we examined from both historical and modern analyses of the 1918 influenza pandemic favors a scenario in which viral damage followed by bacterial pneumonia led to the vast majority of deaths," says co-author NIAID Director Anthony S. Fauci, M.D. "In essence, the virus landed the first blow while bacteria delivered the knockout punch.""

Did severe Covid 19 patients end up with bacterial pneumonia, treatable with steroids and antibiotics, yet only given Remdesivere and a ventillator?

"COVID-19 occurs when the virus gets into the airways and attaches to receptors on the airway walls called ACE2 receptors. In most people, the density of ACE2 is highest in the upper airways, including the trachea (windpipe), pharynx (throat), and nasal passages. Because of this, the infection and symptoms are largely confined to the upper airways.1

But in some people, there is a high expression of ACE2 in the lower respiratory tract, including the larger airways known as bronchi and the smaller branches called bronchioles. In these people, the infection can migrate and establish an infection within the lungs, leading to pneumonia."

"How Common is COVID Pneumonia?
A study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal evaluated the medical records of 70,288 people hospitalized with COVID-19 in the United States and reported that pneumonia was the number one complication overall, accounting for 27.6% of cases."

"How COVID Pneumonia Is Treated"
(Two of the options are:)
"Antibiotics: To prevent or treat a secondary bacterial lung infection"
"Corticosteroids: Including steroid drugs like dexamethasone to reduce lung inflammation"

"Antiviral drugs: LIke remdesivir"
"Mechanical ventilation: A machine that takes over breathing for you when you can't"
Were also on the list. Many doctors and victim's loved ones have wondered why they were almost exclusively used.

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