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As You AreWe've asked the same question for 17 years as the autism rate has exploded: Instead of building more ambulances, maybe we should prevent the car accidents? Families are now waiting years to get into a hospital based autism center for diagnosis. Anne wrote about a new company that is offering quicker, virtual, online service to families tired of waiting. Virtual Autism Diagnostic Evaluations for Kids Speeding up the process is a good thing. Kids needs the diagnosis to access important services. But.... the name alone "As You Are" tweaks my ire. " We'd rename it, "As You WERE." I poked around the website, I found it noteworthy that of the 28 physicians listed, 25 are female, all of whom appear to be under 50. Make of that what you will.

By Anne Dachel

On Jan 16th CBS Boston, WBZ Morning Mix included a brief interview with the CEO of a new company that promises to reduce the wait time for getting a child an autism diagnosis.

It was a cheery exchange.

CEO of, Kayla Wagner, talked about her company which is now nationwide. They provide ONLINE ASD DIAGNOSES. Kayla talked about the usual wait times, now over two years, to just seeing a specialist for an assessment.

That was described as “really pretty terrible.”

This can now be reduced to a wait of a few weeks, thanks to the experts at

What was so disturbing about this was the cavalier attitude towards autism itself. No one mentioned the current rate, one that shows no signs of leveling off.

The inference was made that we’re just now becoming aware of all the autism out there. “Awareness is definitely part of it, and it’s important.”


Actually this kind of coverage is perfect for normalizing autism.

Nothing was said about regressive autism. Nothing was said about preventing autism.

Autism is now a fact of life worldwide. We all need to accept that any child could be on the spectrum. Concerned parents should have their kids assessed, access services and ask no questions.

Nothing in this interview indicated just how severely autism can affect a child. Everyone was smiling. In the background we could see clips of typical looking children interacting with adults.

The parting words of the WBZ anchor left the audience feeling positive about autism.

I love that there's such a need. You guys have found a way to meet that need, find solutions, as opposed to just the same old way of doing things.

Finding a new way to do, and with the Internet and all these things that makes it possible.

Such a great idea.

While I think Kayla Wagner was correct about a virtual interview showing what the child is like in the home environment, the rest of the talk was frightening.

Autism is now a normal and accepted part of childhood. No one asks why a child has autism, they just do. Numbers can continue to grow, we’ll learn to deal with it.

It makes sense that the marketplace would see this as an opportunity. Anything affecting three to five percent of children (depending on where you live) has the possibility of being profitable. There will certainly be more companies like this coming.

In the scenario presented by WBZ, the years long wait times are blamed on the COVID shutdown. If we can speed up the months into weeks for an ASD diagnosis, everything will be great. Parents can then have their kids accessing services and making great improvement. 

No one is talking about the waiting lists to receive those services or how limited they are once a child qualifies.

There are now huge numbers of autistic children who never used to be here. Schools are not ready for them. Therapy centers can’t provide for them. Something totally new is affecting children, yet no one, even the people who deal with it firsthand, will admit this is the crisis.

This is just a preview of the world we will be living in when all these disabled children become adults and are dependent on the taxpayers for their support and care.

This can’t continue of course. Either this year or next the CDC will admit another increase in the autism rate. They once again will be totally clueless about what’s happening. They will tell us they don’t even know if there’s ever been a real increase in the rate or if doctors are still getting better at recognizing it.

This is what I’ve long called the “really big lie about autism,” the failure of officials to admit that more people have autism.

This is imperative because as long as there’s never been a recognized increase, we can pretend that it’s always been here. The minute we admit the increases are real, we have to find out what’s causing it. That leads right back to the vaccine-autism debate.

The interview we watched on WBZ is part of the cover-up. No one on that morning show was really concerned about autism itself, just about getting a diagnosis. If you have an autistic child, you have lots of company.

The Unmentionable

Personally I have no expertise in what’s going on. I’m just a person who has spent several decades covering how the media reports on autism.

I don’t consider myself a really smart person, but I know who the really smart people are.

All during this peppy interview on WBZ I thought about the future when the cost of autism bankrupts everything.

In 2020, I transcribed an interview of political economist Dr. Toby Rogers, by Del Bigtree.

His words challenge everything we’re currently seeing.

The True Cost of Autism with Dr. Toby Rogers

Toby talked about the FUTURE COST OF AUTISM, something no one speculates about.

Here is some of what he said.

“It seemed to me that with rising autism prevalence, you’d also see rising autism costs to society, and it turns out, the costs are catastrophic.”…

“This is a tsunami of costs that are already here, and yet, government isn’t talking about it. Politicians don’t talk about it. And they continue to be engaged in denial. …

“In 2015, autism cost the United States $268 billion. …And they project that if autism continues at its current rate, that autism will cost the United States one trillion dollars by 2025.

Toby links vaccines to autism

“The first wave of vaccine injured kids are aging out of the school system and they need adult residential care.

“And there is no plan at the federal level or at the state level for how to manage this wave of autistic adults.

“Within six years, autism is going to cost the United States more than the U.S. Defense Department budget.

“This is a tsunami of costs that are already here, and yet, government isn’t talking about it. Politicians don’t talk about it. And they continue to be engaged in denial. ….


In the make-believe autism world of WBZ, getting that diagnosis quickly will solve all the problems. We can all sleep peacefully. Autism is no problem. The money will be there.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



"A way to diagnose autism diagitally. This new techology is BS. This system will lead to more autism and more profits for IT monopolies whom do little to help those with and without disabilites and those same IT companies whose business model of automation leads to massive job loses worldwide."

I have a slightly different take. This service could be used to TRAIN AI to replace the docs. They could also use this as a facial recognition data base. Think Nazi eugenics program. Currently, getting as many claims on tax funded special ed support as possible is being pushed. It seems overall goal is to bankrupt the system while getting as much for themselves as possible. I did not rely on the government at all to help my children.

I suggest you watch this for full clarity of the matter:


Poor Will;
You getting your information from CDC? Perhaps Pfizer? You getting paid to make statements that you don't really know about, or do know and thus getting paid to lie? Does that make it prostitution? Does that make you a ?


A way to diagnose autism diagitally. This new techology is BS. This system will lead to more autism overdiagnosis and more profits for IT monopolies whom do little to help those with and without disabilites and those same IT companies whose business model of automation leads to massive job loses worldwide. If the child is seen in person by a doctor or advanced psychologist before the software does its dubious evaluation then fine.
I have visited my doctors in a Skype or Zoom type technology format. That example of use of the technology in healthcare is a negligible threat to jobs and a neglible threat the patient and doctor relationship because I or someone else is speaking to a doctor or nurse practioner live about know medical issues and geting results such as a renewing a prescription or asking about MRI results.
Autism is over-diagnosed!

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