30 Years of Autism Epidemic: Part 2
New Substack Euripides To Take Readers Back to the Wakefield Case

AI Test Examining Retinas Correctly Identifies 100% of Cases of Autism

Giant blue eyeAI Test Examining Retinas Correctly Identifies 100% of Cases of Autism

Note:  We've had almost 20 years of "Learn the signs" asking pediatricians & parents to recognize autism in toddlers and young children. To what avail? Now, AI enters the picture. We'd still ask WHAT CHANGED THE RETINA?  Surely we don't have a growing group with genetically "different" retinas? You might remember Dr. Andrew Moulden who focused on the eyes of autistic children. Many of us have used vision therapy.  If this is an accurate test, does the change stay into adulthood? And could this tamp down self-diagnosis?  Thank you to Safeminds for the article summary.


AI Test Examining Retinas Correctly Identifies 100% of Cases of Autism

Application Also Accurately Determined the Severity of ASD Symptoms between 48% to 66% of the Time

A Korean study has discovered that an artificial intelligence (AI) system can correctly identify children with autism by examining images of their retinas. This recent research found that the optic disc area is a significant region for ASD screening and that retinal alterations could be a potential biomarker for the disorder.

Read the FULL ARTICLE here.


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It said that AI got it right only about half of the time on the severity. I wonder if that meant they only caught the severe cases half the time, or they said the ones that not severe were severe?

I wonder if what is going on, that fresher injuries -- the newer, the more recent the injuries has something to do with that.


A retinal scan is the equivalent of getting a digitally stored fingerprint.
Globalists would love to scale this up globally.

"Since each person’s retina is unique, the scan offers security akin to a fingerprint -- only retinas cannot be copied."

And who knew that they have been used to detect vaccine preventable diseases such as chicken pox and malaria:
"Retinal scans are often used in health scanning procedures -- to identify communicable diseases including AIDS, chicken pox and malaria -- and to scan for hereditary diseases including various types of cancers. "
What Are the Dangers of Retinal Scanners?


is it odd that severity didnt have the same level of correlation?
the eye is an immuno protected sight.
wonder who has the patent on this tech.


vulnerable sorry about that. Babies, infants, in the womb are very vulnerable to strokes. I would be a mother of three if not for a DPT vaccine at the beginning of my fifth month . I would say it died of inflammation and a stroke.



That is a lot of made up problems that really are hardly a problem; and then my dear one, you never truly understand, or address what are today's modern, "in the now" real problems are. You are all over the board.

Just in case you don't know Dr. Moulden said that kids were having strokes.
If you go to a neurologist office, you will see tons of literature on the tables explaining how venerable babies are to strokes. They darn well know.


"mantle" and "here"


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green appears to be taking up the mantel to expose vaccine injury:

Join Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene and special guests Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Ryan Cole, and Dr. Kirk Milhoan for a Hearing on Injuries Caused By COVID-19 Vaccines: Part II on Friday, January 12th at 12 PM ET.
Sign up hear for livestream link:

Here are some of the results of Tuesday's hearing with Dr. Fauci:

Lawmakers: Anthony Fauci Admitted Six-Foot Social Distancing Was Based on Nothing
"In Tuesday’s session, Fauci admitted that the six-foot social distancing recommendation “was likely not based on any data,” according to the committee."

"“Dr. Fauci acknowledged that the lab-leak hypothesis is not a conspiracy theory,” the committee revealed, providing highlights."

"...the committee revealed that Fauci “advised American universities to impose vaccine mandates on their students.”"
READ THE REST: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2024/01/10/lawmakers-anthony-fauci-admitted-six-foot-social-distancing-was-based-on-nothing/
This sounds like a plea deal to me. The real crimes aren't mentioned because they have to do with gain of function research. Rep. Taylor Green is the only one who has called this out publicly and would support jail time for Fauci. Looks like the globalist Dems and Rinos are still in charge. Why isn't anyone using RFK Jr.'s book as a guide for prosecution?


"As a person with legitimately diagnosed autism as a child, I hate this epidemic of self diagnosis. Autism is a condition not a disease or genetic condition it can be mild or severe it is not an identity!"

Will, I find your statement quite interesting. What does "legitimately diagnosed" mean? Please be specific. Please define "autism condition" in scientific terms.


The optic nerve and disk are an extension of the brain.

The eye is the unique place in the body where you can see the brain. We are seeing brain injury, not "biomarkers". One of mine has amblyopia along with ADHD. Obviously the oculomotor nerves had damage as well. A year of vision therapy was helpful. To determine the cause of the brain injury, one needs a control cohort that is unvaccinated (including no vaccines for the mother during pregnancy) and has no autism diagnosis. Going forward, one must also distinguish between cohorts who were exposed to Covid jabs in mother's womb in addition to those that got the 6 mos. Covid jab plus the regular cdc schedule jabs.

On another note:
New Yorkers Last: Mayor Eric Adams Forces Students into Virtual Classes So Migrants Can Stay in School Gym

"On Tuesday, Adams announced that the border crossers and illegal aliens would be moved from Floyd Bennett Field, where they have been staying, to the gym at James Madison High School in the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn.

School faculty were told to take important items with them from their classrooms and offices when they left campus on Tuesday.

As a result, James Madison High School Principal Jodie Cohen notified parents, students, and faculty that they would have to go virtual on Wednesday to accommodate the border crossers and illegal aliens and their gym being turned into a migrant shelter."
This does not bode well for special ed students.

Angus Files

Diagnosis is not a problem just the cure and getting acknowledgement of vaccine damage is what the establishment dont want to talk about.

Pharma For Prison



More autism- related junk science!
What if a person with or without autism has his or her eye or eyes removed due to an infection. or other causes such as an autoimmune disease, or a cancer like retinoblastoma. How are we going to measure and compare he person's retinas that are missing in full or in part for diagnosis of any disease let alone using the retinal scan as a form of identification as some smart phones apearently do.
In South Korea there is over diagnosis autism as is the rest of the Anglo sphere it is now apart of. These countries include Japan and the United States and Canada.
As a person with legitimately diagnosed autism as a child, I hate this epidemic of self diagnosis. Autism is a condition not a disease or genetic condition it can be mild or severe it is not an identity!
Everything these days is an identity like "white" or "black" 'gay" or "straight" Jewish" or "Christian" etc.
The most absurd identity claimed by people these days is "Hispanic". This term makes Native Americans and people of mixed ancestry people identify with their colonizers the actual Hispanics from Spain. The term itself as an identity is under scrutiny because the original Basque language of the Iberian peninsula is very different from "Spanish" The Ableism and colorism in the "Hispanic" community and countries including Mexico or Spain and their inability to support the disabled people should be more well known these people includes those with autism.

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