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30 Years of Lies: Part One

LieBy Anne Dachel

For at least the last 30 years we’ve been lied to about autism.

I’ve been writing about it for around 20 years, so I’m pretty familiar with all of it.

Of course I’m not alone. There’s a multitude of people who’ve been doing the exact same thing. I know many of them personally.

After several decades of hearing the official fraudulent claims, the general public has pretty much accepted the autism cover-up, after all, why would members of the medical community, federal health officials and the media all be lying to us?

Here’s the scenario

About thirty years ago, as the autism numbers began to climb, there seemed to be a genuine interest in what was happening.

In the early 2000s, there were congressional hearings looking at the increase in autism and what might be causing it. I know people who testified in Washington.

Early on the biggest concern was over a possible link to the ever-expanding childhood vaccine schedule which had tripled in the years following the passage of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. This act removed liability from the vaccine manufacturers (and from doctors) for any damage their products may cause.

The vaccine industry and their loyal subjects at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were right there to assure that vaccines are safe, vaccines save lives, and there was no possible link to autism in children. They manufactured convenient population studies “showing no link” and ignored the mounting piles of research tying an unsafe, unchecked, toxin-laden vaccine schedule to neurological damage in children.

A Brilliant Strategy

The best way to counter any connection to vaccines was to promote the idea that autism is nothing new. It has always been a part of the human condition; we just didn’t call it autism.

IF that claim could take hold in the mind of the public, then the increase in the number of vaccines children were getting would be totally unrelated.

The Big Lie

Back at the beginning of the 21 century and in the ensuring years, every single time the autism rate took another eye-opening leap upwards, there was always someone from the CDC, often in a U.S. Public Health Service uniform to really make it look official, assuring us that finding a higher rate of autism among eight year olds didn’t really might more kids were autistic.

No real increase became the official mantra of U.S. health officials whenever autism was discussed, especially as the numbers continued to skyrocket over the next 20 years.

One in 166 children became one in 150, one in 110, one in 88, one in 68, one in 59, one in 54, one in 44, and currently, one in every 36 children, one in every 22 boys.

No real increase was reinforced with the claims of better diagnosing, greater awareness and expanded definition.

The definition of autism was broadened in 1994, and doctors were credited with getting better at recognizing the signs of autism. It sounded as though the medical community wasn’t responsible to the explosion in autism; they were to be given credit for noticing the increase.

Never a Crisis

A big part of the official propaganda on autism has long included denying it’s really a problem.

No federal health official has ever used the word CRISIS when talking about autism. Serious public health concern is the strongest language used by people from the CDC.

Over the years, as autism went from one in 166 children to one in 36 children in the U.S., we’ve had to make accommodations. Despite being told that there have always been kids like this, few seemed to know what to do with them.

Since 1975 the federal government has required states to provide a free and appropriate education to all children, no matter how disabled, yet teachers still need training to educate these students.

It was more than twenty years after IDEA was passed that schools began to struggle with the growing numbers of special education students with autism and their high cost.


Forces in corporate America, the government and the media have worked relentlessly to normalize disabled, dysfunctional children, starting with the advocacy group, Autism Speaks, created in 2005.

By 2010, Autism Speaks was lighting up places around the world for April 2nd, Autism Awareness Day.

Over the years, Autism Awareness was transformed into Autism Acceptance, with calls to celebrate autism for the whole month of April.

Through it all, autism’s increases have been relentless along with the continuous denial that anything new is happening.

No one seems at all interested in when the rate will stabilize. No one pays attention to the annual or biennial announcement of another leap ahead in the autism rate anymore. News outlets barely cover it today.

The vaccine controversy has been officially laid to rest.

Americans, along with people around the world, now hold as a tenet of faith that the childhood condition with no known cause, cure or prevention called AUTISM, which officially affects 3 percent of children, is nothing to worry about.

The normalization of autism with clever ploys like naming places as AUTISM FRIENDLY or SENSORY FRIENDLY and championing the movement of NEURODIVERSITY is the masterful part of the massive cover-up.

Every April, we read about walks for autism and see news coverage showing us happy, typical-looking children. Every Christmas there are stories about malls everywhere showcasing Sensitive Santas with low lighting and quiet music. No one questions why we weren’t doing this 25 or 30 years ago. We can just feel good about autism.


I think we have to lie to ourselves about what autism is doing to children because what we’re seeing around us is so scary.

IF all the autism is a new phenomenon and we’re doing nothing to stop it, it’s going to destroy everything.

Already the official  rate of one in every 36 children, one in every 22 boys, which came out in March, 2023, is being sidelined by far more menacing numbers.

In Australia, the latest rate is one in every 25 children, one in every 15 boys. This is having a severe impact on their national health insurance program.

In California, it’s one in every 22 children, one in every 14 boys.

In Ireland, it’s one in every 21 children, one in every 13 boys. In the face of this, Dublin is now working to becoming the “First Autism-Friendly Capital in the World.”

In Northern Ireland, it’s one in every 20 children, one in every 12 boys.

One in 20 is also the rate they’re seeing in Florida.

According to official findings, 30 percent of these children have what is now called, “profound autism,” 30 percent are considered “non-verbal,” and up to thirty percent of these children “regressed” into autism, losing learned skills and then showing signs of ASD.

Incredibly, until recent decades, no one noticed that all this has always been a part of childhood.

The autism myths and the increases are now permanently in place. I worry that it’s far too late for the world to wake up and address this as the global 911 it clearly is.

Autism is the future.

(Part Two to follow)

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.

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"Barbara Loe Fisher saw her child react to a vaccine in the late 70's."

Benedetta, Del Bigtree did an in-depth interview with Fisher just this week:

After more research, I found out more details on that Quincy show. It turns out that the other actor that played the doctor had a son with an autism diagnosis back when they were still rare and closer to 4.5/10,000. His real doctor told the actor to institutionalize the son. It didn't go well. He died at 26 from choking. The show appears to be somewhat autobiographical for the actor. There was a push at the time to close institutions and mainstream the "inmates". The actor believed that his son was capable of learning and being more independent and started a special school for the autistic children. He, of course, did not know the cause of autism, and appeared to believe its diagnosis was dependent on behavioral criteria as he was told by doctors. Here's a link:

"Lloyd Nolan was a 20th Century film actor and also a father of a boy named Jay who had autism. Lloyd Nolan was born on August 11, 1902 in San Francisco, California and passed away on September 27, 1985 in Los Angeles. Lloyd Nolan is being named an Autism Light posthumously because of what he did for autism awareness efforts in the 1970's as a celebrity and Autism Father.

Lloyd Nolan's son Jay was one of the earliest individuals to be diagnosed with autism, having received his confidential diagnosis in the 1940's. While Jay Nolan was growing up it was not common for celebrity families to discuss having a child with autism. Jay Nolan passed away in 1970 at the youthful age of 27 from choking on some food. A few year's after his son's death, Lloyd Nolan helped further the national dialogue on autism by sharing with the public that his son Jay had been severely affected by autism and had in fact been living in an institution from age 13 till his untimely death. Lloyd Nolan shared these words in 1974.
"It's important for parents of autistic youngsters to know that this problem strikes all economic, social, and intellectual levels of our society...The amazing thing is that autistic children can hear and understand everything that is said to them, But they are unable to communicate... I haven't talked about my own personal problem and my son because my wife was terribly sensitive about it. But now we've both agreed to work hard to spare other people the hell we went through.""


Thank you Emma;

What a name for a show!
"A Test for the Living"

Planning all along
to put them in public school? What was the reason for that? Not for socialization, or help to the child I am sure;; so what was their endgame?


WEF Prophet Yuval Harari warns us of the coming "useless class":

Grim Outlook for 2024 starts at 2:08


Bennedetta, here is the Quincy show you mentioned. After reading that autism history paper I just referenced for you, this looks like a deliberate attempt to brainwash the public with the unproven notion that autism is only a mental health issue (not brain injury). Pre-planning for the new 1987 vaccine schedule? Hmmmm. Looks like they were also planning to put these children in the regular public school system.

"A Test for Living
Episode aired Oct 19, 1978

A young boy who has run away from a home for mentally handicapped children is found dead. When Quincy performs the autopsy, however, he can find no medical reason for the boy being labeled mentally handicapped. He consults with an expert who suggests the boy may have been autistic instead. Quincy learns of another boy who is about to be committed to the same institution who may also be autistic, and fights to have him properly diagnosed before time runs out to get him into a proper school instead.—TychaBrahe"


"Late 70s we did start hearing about it. "Quincy" starring Jack Klugman did a show on it. I thought it was artistic. Well I know about what it is now."


You will find this PubMed paper documenting the history of "autism" research quite illuminating. According to this quote the "autism" rate based on the researcher's behavioral criteria was 4.5/10,000 by 1966. This is why few had heard of it or witnessed the condition before 1986. Also note that exposure to toxins resulting in brain injury was never considered.....
"It was O’Connor, J. K. Wing and Victor Lotter from the MRC Unit who designed the first mass survey of an entire population cohort in order to generate a percentage figure for the rate of autism in the general population of Britain. Lotter, the principal author, drew from the Creak working party’s criteria for his epidemiological study but argued that the 9 points needed to be adapted because they were not confined to observations of children’s behaviour but included subjective opinions about children’s feelings."

"Lotter claimed that he had developed ‘adequate behavioural descriptions’ for the condition of autism. These descriptions would encapsulate the symptom of autism, which he understood as a behavioural parameter and not a disease entity. As he put it:

… the adjective ‘autistic’ was used in this study as a convenient descriptive label. It is important to note that the term was not intended to refer only to Kanner’s syndrome of ‘infantile autism’, and in what follows is used without qualification to refer to all children who met the behaviouristic criteria used to select cases. References to ‘autistic behaviour’ are to be similarly interpreted. (Lotter, 1966: 125)

In other words, Lotter’s study was a quantification of the description of ‘the autistic’ within a total population. He reported the prevalence-rate to be 4.5 per 10,000 of the population (Lotter, 1966)."
How autism became autism
The radical transformation of a central concept of child development in Britain

Lezlie Forster

So relevant! Please read and share Dr Toby Rogers post today…1/3/2024.


My adult son with autism was born in 1986 just at the start of the new Age of Autism. He was officially diagnosed at the age of four, but we noticed signs that something was wrong when he was three and was still not talking, spinning, self stimming, and lining his toys up in order on the floor. We of course were devastated to hear that he had this condition that we never heard of and had never seen when we were growing up. Something happened to cause the numbers of children all over the world to increasingly being diagnosed with autism. Meanwhile, the rate of Downs Syndrome, which we saw often growing up, were going down due to a genetic test while pregnant that, if positive, resulted in many women choosing to have an abortion. There is no in the womb genetic test for autism, but if there was one then more women might choose to also have an abortion rather than risk having a child with a serious condition of autism. My son and many others his age who have autism also have epilepsy. We need research into the many causes and possible cures for this devastating condition NOW!


Late 70s we did start hearing about it. "Quincy" starring Jack Klugman did a show on it. I thought it was artistic. Well I know about what it is now.

Barbara Loe Fisher saw her child react to a vaccine in the late 70s.

Oh, and the late 70s I was majoring in Microbiology, biology, and in with a bunch of nursing students as well. They - the big pharma and the CDC, was in with the microbiology chairman, professor at our university. They were up and doing then, paving the road toward 1986. I saw it, I just did not know at the time what I was witnessing. The Big Pharma made my microbiology professor a co owner of a big lab. The CDC stroked his ego plenty as well and they were often teleconferencing ; or having a big conference were they invited in speakers and let the students sign up to come in and listen as well.



Before autism, there was Down's syndrome. I am old enough to remember a girl in my neighborhood with it and a few in my elementary school with it (they were separated into a seperate class). Nothing like the current autism epidemic. My older sister majored in special ed and was only trained to work with the Down's population. No one had heard of autism. This was in the late seventies. This shifted in the late 80's early 90's to a growing population of kids with autism and a shrinking population of Down's kids. Soon, it was exclusively autism kids until she retired a few years ago. Where did the Down's children go? There isn't a known cure. They claim it is genetic. Once they created a test to detect the condition in the womb, the doctors always advise an abortion solution. Most women consent. What will happen to all the children with ASD diagnoses? Will they come up with a way to test for it in the womb?

Depopulation plans have been around for a long time. I will repost these two documents. They explain much of what we are seeing today:
Implications of Worldwide Population Growth
For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests
December 10, 1974

USA INC, NASA War Document Depopulation & You

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