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The Ghost of Christmas Future for Autism is Grim

FutureScroogeBy Anne Dachel

A story aired on December 13th on Channel 4 News, London is a warning for everyone in the U.K.

The title mentioned thousands disabled with autism, but it actually only reported on one 28 year old man with severe autism.

Thousands with autism and learning disabilities stuck in mental health hospitals 

More than 2,000 people with autism and learning disabilities are stuck in mental health hospitals across England, despite repeated Government promises to end the practice.

Last month we reported on Nicholas Thornton – who’s been moved to around a dozen inappropriate settings: a safeguarding report on his care shows how poor it’s been.

Our Health and Social Care Editor Victoria Macdonald caught up with him – and a warning her report contains details and images some viewers may find distressing.

I transcribed the news report because it was so concerning to me for one reason.

In the report about this young man in Essex with autism who is being so neglected and mistreated, we’re told, “Nicholas’s care is commissioned by the Essex County Council.”

VIDEO: Nicholas Thornton on a day out in the summer with his mother and brother.  He’s a 28 year old man with autism and learning difficulties, who is currently an inpatient at Rochford Mental Health Unit in Essex, despite having no diagnosed mental health problem. 

He is non-verbal but is able to reply by typing.

When we met them in August, his brother Sebastian read out his words.

It’s like torture that I can’t get away from the alarms and everything.

Now Channel 4 News and the Independent have seen a safeguarding report ordered after concerns were raised about Nicholas’s welfare and care.

It makes for disturbing reading, with allegations that he is not being fed properly and that he is kept in a secluded and locked room with no windows.

We have seen photos that are too distressing to broadcast, but they show soiled linen in the corner of Nicholas’s bedroom, flies on the ceilings and walls and an uncleaned toilet in his bathroom.

His mother said the stench was unbearable.

We’ve also seen photos of Nicholas lying on the floor, he’s fallen out of bed because there are no railings.

This safeguarding report has substantiated the complaints of psychological abuse, and partially substantiated the complaints of physical abuse.

We were able to speak to Nicholas from that room, though it was dark because he cannot bear the light.

Reporter: I know I’ve asked you this before, but where would you like to be?

Nicholas: …Somewhere that understands autism and can be, can meet my needs.

I just need to be out of here, and I can’t understand why I’m still here when I shouldn’t be.

…just keep delaying and making excuses all the time and don’t do anything.

Reporter: Nicholas’s care is commissioned by the Essex County Council.

He’s had 15 placements over the last over the last decade, many of them in inappropriate settings. 

He’s suffered violence and abuse. In one instance a staff member tried to smother him with a pillow.

He also spent 18 months on the general ward of a hospital after Essex’s Council told his then care provider to leave him at an A and E [Accident and Emergency Department].

The Safeguarding reporters found that ‘all parties involved believed Mr. Thornton’s placement to be inappropriate and unable to provide the care he needs.

‘Staff are not specifically skilled to work with autism

‘That he has fallen from bed because it has no rails goes further to show the inappropriateness of his placement.

‘The relationship between Mr. Thornton and the ward staff has broken down and does not appear to be salvageable.

‘He should be placed in autism specific care as soon as possible, and Essex Council should expedite this placement.’

Reporter: Has there been a breakdown between you and the staff?

Nicholas: They never understood me, my needs, autism, etc. anyway, so there can’t be a breakdown when there wasn’t one in the first place.

Sebastian: Every time me and my mum go to visit him or take him out, we’re having to do his personal care ourselves because the hospital aren’t doing it. …

Neither of the organizations responsible for Nicholas’s care addressed the majority of our questions.

Essex County Council said we’re carefully considering the concerns raised and will work with the NHS body and the family to take forward appropriate actions, in accordance with out procedures.

And Essex Partnership Trust which runs the unit said we ensure that all patients are treated with compassion and that we provide care designed to best meet their physical and mental health needs.

The charity Mencap campaigns for people with autism and/or learning difficulties to be moved from hospitals into the community, but they said there are several sticking points….  

A dark future

Over the past seven years I’ve been cataloging stories on the decline of children around the world and the U.K. is nothing short of a disaster when it comes to meeting the needs of disabled children and in educating them.

I’ve literally posted hundreds of stories about severely disabled children without special school places, children kicked out of the education system because the schools couldn’t provide for them, children given inappropriate places in mainstream schools because special schools are full. There are endless waiting lists lasting for years just for a diagnosis of a special need.

They can’t build special schools fast enough, and yet there’s always a shortage of places to meet the “increasing demand.”

The people in charge of all this are the local county councils across the U.K., and they’re doing a miserable job.

Now we learn that the councils also deal with disabled adults.

As this tragic story reveals, no one is prepared to provide for the endless waves of young adults with profound autism aging out of school. This is the future because autism numbers among our youngest children keep increasing.

Nicholas’s story will be repeated over and over, thousands of times in the coming years, just as we will continue to see endless reports of councils neglecting disabled schoolchildren.

Councils always promise to make improvements, but there are just too many special needs individuals for them to deal with. Will anyone ever ask why the numbers never stop increasing?

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


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Angus Files

Emmaphiladelphia many psychos sp[wned from that nazi twisted ideology,Gates and his mates Jonas Salk who wrote The Survival Of The Wisest where he says
"If all the insects were to disappear from the earth, within 50 years all life on earth would end. If all human beings disappeared from the earth, within 50 years all forms of life would flourish."

Thats how twisted and unrealistic the pharma is.

Pharma For Prison


susan welch

Thank you, Anne, for reporting on this traic situation.

The future for those aging out of school is precarious if family members are unable to look after them.

With so many of our UK Councils getting into financial difficulties, the future looks bleak.

Your reports shine a light on the challenges and I hope this article can be shared widely.


It's time to revisit these two topics.

They certainly shed light on our current epidemic and foreshadow a dark "solution" if we don't intervene. Were they connected?


"Eugenics was a social theory popular among many scientists, philosophers, academics and writers in the early 20th century...Many governments had experimented with eugenics-driven policies long before the Nazis came to power. More than 64,000 Americans with mental illnesses were forcibly sterilised between the 1890s and 1924. Other countries – such as Japan, Canada, Australia, Sweden, France and Switzerland – also dabbled in eugenics-based policies in the 1920s and 1930s."

"The Nazis believed the state should intervene to improve the health of its society – first to identify its contaminating elements, then to restrict their growth, then to eliminate them. This required difficult and unpalatable policies – but the Nazis justified it with eugenics theories and references to social Darwinism (the ‘survival of the fittest’)."

"The first Nazi eugenics policy, the Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily-Diseased Offspring, was passed in July 1933, six months after Hitler became chancellor. It required German doctors to register all genetically-related illnesses, in all patients other than women over 45. Examples of reportable cases were mental retardation, schizophrenia, manic-depression, blindness and deafness, or other severe physical deformities."

"When the law came into effect on the first day of 1934, the ‘hereditary health courts’ were swamped with cases. In their first three years, the ‘health courts’ ruled on almost 225,000 patients, ordering compulsory sterilisation for around 90 per cent. Sterilisation orders were handed down so rapidly that state hospitals did not have the operating theatres or staff to keep up. The vast majority of sterilised patients were suffering from mental illness or deformity."

"In October 1935, a month after the passing of the Nuremberg Laws, the Nazis introduced the Law for the Protection of the Genetic Health of the German People. This reform was chiefly concerned with preventing marriages which might produce ‘genetically unhealthy’ children."

"The law also allowed the Nazi bureaucracy to collect a considerable amount of information about the racial and genetic make-up of its citizens. Its long-term plan was to compile a racial and genetic blueprint of the entire nation (a project never completed because of World War II)."

"The final, most drastic phase of the Nazi eugenics program was euthanasia. Killing the unhealthy to protect public health had been proposed as early as 1920, by two German writers: psychiatrist Alfred Hoche and philosopher Karl Binding.....In 1936 Hitler told his inner circle that euthanasia was a policy that would have to wait until wartime when it could be introduced with less fuss. By 1939 Hitler was confident enough to authorise a trial euthanasia program. This may have been triggered by an emotional letter, written to the Fuhrer by a Herr Knauer the previous year. Knauer’s baby son had been born blind, intellectually disabled, missing one arm and one leg. Knauer begged Hitler to allow doctors to carry out a mercy killing of his deformed son; after a few weeks’ thought the Nazi leader approved this request." (WAS THIS CHILD EXPOSED TO THALIDOMIDE? It was a NAZI developed drug).....In mid-1939 Hitler ordered a hand-picked group of doctors to prepare a euthanasia schedule for similarly deformed children."

"...What distinguished Germany from Britain or the US was that the political climate under the Nazis made it possible for [them] to put together and implement programs that could not be put forward elsewhere.”

"This memo unleashed Aktion T4: a program to clear hospitals and free up resources by euthanasing the mentally disabled. Aktion T4 was preceded by a vigorous propaganda campaign, intended to prepare the public and lessen sympathy for its victims. Posters depicted cripples and lunatics as drains on the state; they took up valuable resources needed for front-line soldiers and hungry children. Each disabled person, these posters claimed, cost the state 60,000 Reichmarks, a burden carried by the German taxpayer."


Interesting that this book just came out in July....
"The U.S. never approved the drug, which killed perhaps 10,000 children in Europe and caused thousands more to be born with serious birth defects. What really took place in the U.S. in the early 1960s was much more harrowing than we remember..."

"The wonder of thalidomide, created by West German drugmaker Gruenthal, was its initial claims to be an effective sedative without side effects. But the drug had undergone only minimal testing, and when it was given to pregnant women to counter morning sickness, many of them lost their babies or gave birth to severely deformed infants."

"...FDA leaders and managers put their heads in the sand about how widely available thalidomide had been in the U.S. even without approval. This was a disaster in its own right, one the FDA repeatedly bungled its investigation of. To this day the agency’s official position is that only six surviving American children were maimed by thalidomide. The true figure is almost surely dozens, with scores of other miscarriages and stillbirths."

"The U.S. distributor, Merrell, part of what became Richardson Vicks, had skipped animal testing of thalidomide altogether. Instead, Merrell distributed millions of pills to tens of thousands of Americans through “clinical trials”—free handouts offered by more than a thousand doctors, in varying dosages, formulations and colors, for which almost no records were kept."

"The drugmakers depicted here are almost living caricatures of evil pharma companies. Gruenthal employed actual Nazis—one of thalidomide’s key developers had experimented on prisoners at Auschwitz and Buchenwald, killing hundreds. At one point Vanderbes openly wonders if thalidomide was first formulated in the camps. The company did not do serious testing yet hailed the drug as safe for everyone. Thousands of dead or deformed babies resulted in a German criminal case against Gruenthal, which ended without a conclusion in 1970."

Angus Files

And nobody looks to see why there is this tsunami of autism and other disabilities because if they did they would find Pharma pulling the strings of human destruction.

Pharma For Prison

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