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The Defender: Judge Refuses to Hear Expert Testimony on Tylenol Link to Autism, ADHD

Infant tylenolNote: Tylenol (acetaminophen) lawsuits stymied. Will any of us live long enough to see autism allowed in court under any circumstances? The following article is from The Defender, from Children's Health Defense.


Judge Refuses to Hear Expert Testimony on Tylenol Link to Autism, ADHD

The 440 lawsuits brought against Tylenol and generic acetaminophen manufacturers do not have “admissible evidence” to show that prenatal exposure to the medication can lead to autism spectrum disorder or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, a federal judge ruled this week.


Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D.

The 440 lawsuits brought against Tylenol and generic acetaminophen manufacturers do not have “admissible evidence” to show that prenatal exposure to the medication can lead to autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a federal judge ruled this week.

The news comes as a blow to the hundreds of families who filed lawsuits alleging their child developed ASD and/or ADHD as a result of the mother taking acetaminophen during the pregnancy.

U.S. District Judge Denise Cote in the Southern District of New York, who is presiding over the cases, in her 148-page opinion wrote that, in the absence of admissible evidence, the District Court will not hear the plaintiff’s expert testimony.

The ruling “effectively kills” the consolidation of lawsuits, Bloomberg reported. The Defender asked lawyers with four of the main firms handling the cases for comment, but they did not respond by our publication deadline.

The lawsuits allege retailers, including Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and others, falsely advertised products that contain acetaminophen as being safe for pregnant women and did not warn them about the risks posed to fetal development.

Johnson & Johnson’s former consumer health unit, now a separate company called Kenvue, told Reuters in a statement it will move to dismiss the lawsuits in light of the ruling. Johnson & Johnson, the original maker of the Tylenol brand, was not named in the suits. Read more here:

Judge Refuses to Hear Expert Testimony on Tylenol Link to Autism, ADHD


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OH Angus
You are right! There happens to be messed up evil people out there. I am sorry.

Angus Files

Happy New Year to all!


Sorry they are evil,in my opinnion, if they promote vaccines to 12 year olds against parents wills,thats bad and we shouldnt accept it as any kind of new norm.If they are only doing there job,well were all sick of that one too.We complained to the school and the school expalined that she should not have asked when we clearly filled in the vaccine form NO VACCINES in red pen in CAPITALS.The School said sorry.On investigation through the local grapevine,it came to pass that she was the wife of a local GP using her maiden name in school.No conflicts there move on.

Pharma For Prison



Parents must always be vigilant to protect our children.

Home schooling removed that sort of pressure on my children. The state had to accept my religious exemption for them. A minor cannot sign one.


Angus: Teachers and educational nurses are not evil, but brain washed.
It is hard to remember that after all we have witnessed.

It takes a lot of different types of slow vaccine injuries, mixed in with the immediate reactions to finally see it, and then when you see it ; you never unsee it.

Slow poisons are hard to figure out.

Angus Files


The goose stepping SNP political party in power in Scotland have targeted the over 12s as the child has control over the parents, say so,consent.We wrote all over the vaccine consent form NO VACCINES and kept them off school the day the poor kids were being vaccinated(fainting bleeding noses experienced by their friends who vaccinated)just incase.

When my child went back to school the teacher asked them are you sure this is your decision?if it isnt and you really want the vaccine we cant have you vaccinated.How evil is that.

Pharma For Prison




Find the marketing weasle words:

"vaccines are offered" "to help protect" "a decline in vaccine updates" "young people are offered" "some types can cause" "Evidence shows" "vaccine helps protect" "DTP vaccines can help" "Vaccination is a choice, but it’s important that young people and their parents have information from trusted sources to make an informed decision."

ICAN Attorney Aaron Siri tells us how to give informed consent:
6 Questions to ask:
1. Does the manufacturer stand behind the product?
2. Did its clinical trial prove it was safe?
3. Did Post-licensing safety studies prove it was safe?
4. What are the benefits of the product?
5. Can you determine if risk outweighs benefit?
6. Can you trust the people recommending the product?
Get the details:


"Manipulating parents to not give their children Tylenol would certainly kill less children.."

UK Freddie, how many children have been killed by Tylenol?
BTW, no American says "Carry on!" Ha ha!
Just like Americans always eat their pie from the corner opposite the crust first.
Have you read Emma Rothschild's book, Economic Sentiments: Adam Smith, Condorcet, and the Enlightenment?

"While the late president’s legacy is the stuff of history lessons for people of Stansbury’s generation, early scholarship recipients have memories of JFK — and his assassination.

“It was so determinative, that terrible moment in 1963,” says Emma Rothschild, who came to MIT in 1967 to study economics as part of the second cohort of Kennedy Scholars.

Chair of the Kennedy Memorial Trust from 2000 to 2009, Rothschild is now the Jeremy and Jane Knowles Professor of History at Harvard, where she also directs the Joint Center for History and Economics

“Students of my generation were thrilled at the possibility of going to the U.S., of being associated with President Kennedy’s name. Both MIT and Harvard were fascinating places,” Rothschild says. “1967 to 1968 was also a dramatic time in America and world politics. I was so excited to be at MIT.”

Later, as chair of the trust, Rothschild experienced that “sense of awe” again as she met and interviewed scholarship applicants — a group whose diversity has expanded over time, she says.

“They are such amazing young people who are interested in being Kennedy Scholars,” Rothschild says. “That really hasn’t changed.”"

Angus Files

Back on the same old same old...covid no more?

Public Health Scotland launches new campaign to boost vaccine uptake in young people in S1 and S3
Vaccines help to prevent potentially life-threatening diseases such as HPV, MenACWY and DTP

Pharma For Prison


Frederic Chopin

I know y'all have a strong need to blame someone or something for autism. Honestly I look at turning to Tylenol as an improvement. Manipulating parents to not give their children Tylenol would certainly kill less children than not vaccinating them. Carry on!


Yeah that too!
Fredrick Chopin, these two comments are for you.

Not that you really care, or really open to it all. My guess either you are paid probably to come on here and dig and be snarky, or you are just another brick in the wall of our education system. But thanks Chopin for the comment, cause we parents after decades after our tragedy do have plenty of thoughts on the whole sorry episodes of our lives.
Yeah, lots of thoughts, studying, thinking, and dwelling on the whole, heart breaking, sorry mess.


My daughter is in nursing school. She had me read an article that started out by saying it's a myth that vaccines cause autism, then gave no evidence of it, except saying research showed that Tylenol was the real culprit which is what doctors recommend after vaccines. I told her that when a baby/child gets toxic injections and then takes Tylenol afterward, the Tylenol can block the glutathione so the baby or child is unable to detoxify the toxic ingredients as well. So it doesn't take away the culpability of the toxic injection for which there is no liability.


Aspirin keeps down inflammation while Tylenol does not.
Maybe it is a razor's edge.


RIP Henry Kissinger....NOT!

Henry is a product of Harvard University. He mentored Klaus Schwab. Henry was a eugenicist and promoted population control (depopulation). He fled Nazi Germany as a teen and came to the U.S. Why? He was a Rockefeller operative and used America's power and resources to promote the Globalist agenda:
Implications of Worldwide Population Growth
For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests
December 10, 1974

Greg Hill

Since first hearing all this stuff about acetaminophen being associated with at least some of the kinds of physiological brain damage that get lumped together under the rubric "ASD," I've been wondering whether at least some of the statistical association between vaccines and autism might be due to the fact that pediatricians commonly recommend Tylenol as a treatment for the short term side effects of getting the shots. More shots -> more side effects -> more Tylenol -> more brain damage.


Blast from the Past:

Tragedy, then triumph: How Johnson & Johnson made sure Tylenol survived the Tylenol murders

More eye-openers:

USA INC, Nasa War Document Depopulation & You

The End of the World as We Know It with Whitney Webb


If there is any link, it could possibly be with the giving of Tylenol to the baby/young child right after the shots, as per the doctor/nurse recommendation. When I was expecting, doctors would never give or recommend taking ANYTHING, including painkillers, because they knew drugs cross the placenta. My vaccine injured children were not exposed to any medication or alcohol while in the womb. Vaccinating pregnant women is dangerous, especially with an experimental EUA jab.

The Die-Off is in progress:
I Can't Be The ONLY One Seeing THIS? (starts at 8:21)
OH MY! Read the over 2000 comments!

The plans were laid long ago....

Frederic Chopin

So it's not vaccines?

Benedetta Stilwell

Did the companies have to dig out safety studies at least? That would have been nice to let us all mull of them.

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