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Protective Instinct Bred Out

Blind faithLast week, I commented on an issue on "X" with the following: Morning. Many have had their protective instinct bred out of them by Children’s Services, pediatricians, schools. It’s safer & cooler to say “yes” to everything. Toby Rogers ran an article on his Utobian Substack that follows the very same track. "Self-preservation is the most fundamental instinct. The urge to protect your children from harm is an even greater impulse, imbuing parents, particularly mothers, with superhuman powers to confront aggressors." How is it that people are so willing to put themselves and worse, THEIR CHILDREN, in harm's way?


The Horrordumbor Civil society has descended into madness

We are living in the most horrifying era in human history:

  • During the time of King Herod, parents knew to hide their children or flee (because of course — the King wanted to kill them).
  • During the Holodomor, the Ukrainians knew they were being starved by the Soviet communists and those who could fled or fought back.
  • During the rise of National Socialism, the Frank family knew they had to flee Germany and later hide from the fascists marching through the streets of Holland.

Now people just watch TV, absorb endless propaganda 24/7/365, and drive themselves and their families to their genocide appointments. They feel great about the people poisoning them as they get sicker and sicker, all wealth drains out of their extended family into the pockets of their tormentors, their bodies and minds deteriorate, and they eventually perish.

Self-preservation is the most fundamental instinct. The urge to protect your children from harm is an even greater impulse, imbuing parents, particularly mothers, with superhuman powers to confront aggressors. Yet for a huge percentage of the American people that’s all gone now. We live in a nation of zombies who go from watching TV on their couch to Taco Bell to the doctor’s office for more poison and then repeat the cycle all over again. (Or they go from listening to NPR to bicycling to work at a nonprofit to eating a kale salad before stopping by the doctor’s office for more poison and then repeat the cycle all over again.)

I just want to take a moment to note how profoundly strange and unprecedented this all is.

Please read Toby's full article HERE.  It's free, and you can subscribe if you'd like.


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Paul Picha

How ironic, right?... we the fighters did the heavy lifting-- we lost employment/careers, relocated to unknown and far away places, we suffered with and lost relationships-- all to refuse participation in the horrible genocide.

Now it is we who suffer (again) as we observe the kill off.. while the sheep refuse to confront the enormity of what has been done-- and scramble to find their place in the 'new normal.'

Toby, nice article thank you... and Merry Christmas to everyone here.

Paul Picha
Lexington Kentucky

Laura Hayes

Great intro by Kim, and same for the article by Toby Rogers (the 2 paragraphs at the beginning, under the bullet points, sure hit the nail on the head).

I was reminded of 2 previous articles of mine:

“Here Is What I Don’t Understand” (printable)

“The Baby Food Is Organic…the Shots Are Not”

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