Christmas Eve 2023 from Age of Autism
Filling School Positions Becoming As Difficult as Day Programs and Group Homes

Merry Christmas!

F2638F49-C34C-48E6-A6D2-C3FE023413ECAnother year!  

We hope you were able to surmount the challenges and find peace, love and joy.

Thanks to Yellowstone for the irreverent, yet apropos depiction. Like you, I'm sure, I work at the speed of Buddy the Elf year round, but especially this time of year, to create a warm, safe, traditional, memorable holiday for my daughters. Sometimes, mostly, if I am honest, it’s like shouting way down into a canyon. So why do I do it? Why do you?

So that one day, far off, but not as far as it used to be, they will always hear a faint and familiar echo… “Mom.”

Merry Christmas. XOX


John Stone


Yes, I always thought vaccines were a kind of fake belief system (with only semi-scientific elements) which made them like idolatry - safe and effective but may not so safe or so effective or maybe not at all safe and not at all effective, but a totem. If you know what you are not supposed to criticise you know what is causing harm.


Oh for Goodness sakes. Will is not who he says he is. He is an established liar, and he is giving us advice.

So He is also apparently an atheist.
That too is a religion.
A religion that he has in common with Dr. Plotkin that did not mind testing out dangerous meds on the mental retarded cause , well they were less than human in his eye. Now there is human ingenuity for you, use those useless, damaged people with out mercy. Yes,put your faith, and trust into the worship of human ingenuity.

The first three commandments were really all warnings about worshipping other humans, and their ingenuity. The fourth one was to at least spend one day out of the week reminding yourself about the first three commandments.

#1Have no other Gods before you (like the Dr. Plotkins of the world).
#2 , No graven images (something made from human hands like a vaccine.
#3), Don't take the name of God in vain which really meant that a person does not pretend to speak for God, as in the case of that woman New York governor telling the people that Jesus wants you to take the vaccine.



First we need to stop the childhood vaccines.
Next, we need to take care of our own first, and close the border. We obviously have plenty of taxpayer money for free housing and healthcare for non-citizens, so let's just flip it and give these resources to vaccine injured citizens. Healthcare should be refocused on various promising treatments/therapy/diets that will improve their quality of life. This is the true cost of a national vaccine program.

I think you would be blessed by watching The Muppet Christmas Carol:


Will, the" people in charge" have shut down sheltered workshops all over the country a few years ago and they were actually paying less than minimum wage. However it is also the case with the day programs in my state that the disabled do volunteer work at various sites and work very hard for no pay. So either way it is a lose-lose situation for the disabled population.


What people with autism need as a good gift for Christmas or whatever mythological holiday is affordable housing, health care, and other resources like a sheltered workshop that pays them a fair wage. Age of Autism readers should start such an organization to give those with autism such gifts. Gods from the distant past will not answer prayers only human ingenuity will answer to the payers of money from taxpayers and charity donors in the present.

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