The Defender: Judge Refuses to Hear Expert Testimony on Tylenol Link to Autism, ADHD
Happy New Year!

It’s OK to Say Not Today

And now an end of year message.  Our jobs (all of them) take a toll. Please know that we SEE you. We might not face the exact challenges that you do, but we surely know how hard you work. Take a break however, whenever you can. A quiet hour is a luxury. A full night’s rest is a miracle. Set your worries aside through exercise, a hobby, a favorite TV show, a good book. Whatever feels calm. Self  care looks different for most of us. Fleeting, like a grateful breath of air before we plunge back under. Or are dragged. Might as well be honest.

We’ll see you on January 2nd. Refreshed? Maybe. But ready to speak out & always help autism families for another year. 



Heard today that only 1.9 million children were born in the USA this past year.

Is not 4 million the normal number ? Any idea of what is happening ?

Angus Files

Hope everyone finds time for themselves,you deserve it.

Pharma For Prison


Paul Picha

Take a break! You are doing great.

Laura Hayes

Well said, Kim.

I am grateful for AoA, and wish all who make up the AoA family a blessed 2024, with times of rest and refreshment.


What insightful advice for all the hard working parents of our special children/adults who require so much care from us. I love a good movie, TV show, a good book and a good night's sleep for helping my mental state stay calm. Thank you for being there all year round as a great support and comfort and source of information for all of us. Happy New Year to Age of Autism editors, writers and readers!


Enjoy your break as well!

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