The Kennedy Beacon: Since When Does the AP Produce Hit Pieces?
Christmas Eve 2023 from Age of Autism

Got Grievances?

Air your grievances here. School won't allow RPM or S2C? Family insists on serving meals your kid can't eat? No day program available? Your in-laws refuse to let you into the house without booster #6? The requisite Wiggles video from 1998 is out of stock in EVERY Goodwill in the country? Your pediatrician fired you? You haven't slept a full night in 11 years? Pile 'em on! We have big shoulders. And a few grievances of our own....  XOX



Watching a brilliant, highly-skilled homeless coalmine-canary aspie vax victim (born in 1966) being destroyed, desperately fending for himself, with no one understanding him and his decades of confounding coping and defense mechanisms. No $$ = no proper treatment.

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