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The Defender: Judge Refuses to Hear Expert Testimony on Tylenol Link to Autism, ADHD

Filling School Positions Becoming As Difficult as Day Programs and Group Homes

Abadnonned schoolShort version of Anne's article? No one wants to work with children or adults with behaviors. The elderly are different because they can be chemically restrained, are weaker and more compliant. Our kids are strong. Our teens are stronger. Our adults can be dangerous if (when) they have behaviors. A BCBA in my circle had her orbital (eye socket) bones shattered by a sucker punch out of the blue during an outing with client who had not shown aggression for many months. Paras, day & group home staff are NOT entry level jobs. Except they are. They require training. Experience. Knowledge. And commensurate pay.

By Anne Dachel

A good example of how fast our education system is going down came out on December 19th.

It was from the local NPR/PBS station in Athens, Ohio.

The title didn’t sound too concerning. It was, “Athens schools need more help in the classroom, but job candidates are proving hard to find .”

I’m sure many people didn’t go beyond the headline.

IF a reader did look into the story, there was a lot of news to worry about.

First of all, the local school district can’t get classroom aides to meet the needs of the growing special needs population.

The Athens school district is trying to hire more professionals to support students with special needs, but it isn’t getting many applicants.

The additional hires are needed because of the number of students who have fallen behind or have behavioral challenges, or both.

In the middle of the report was this incredible statement: 

For example, the number of second and third graders on an individualized education program, or IEP, is over 25 percent.

The district needs more “intervention specialists” and “paraprofessionals,” but it’s not because there are so many students with learning problems.

No, what’s wrong here is BEHAVIOR.

We’re told:

“I think most classroom teachers would agree that one of the biggest challenges they confront is student behavior,” Gibbs said.

“We’re seeing an increase in really high-end, atypical behavior that can be very disruptive on a day-to-day basis.”

This includes loud and sometimes angry outbursts, and generally just not cooperating with teachers and other students. The district is also seeing more runners: Students who will suddenly take off and try to leave the classroom or the school building.

 The school superintendent can’t explain why this happening.

 Gibbs said he’s not sure why there has been such an increase in behavioral challenges. He noted that more students coming into the district are already on IEPs or have already been manifesting behavioral issues.

More of the mystery

No one can reasonably explain the explosion in autism.  It’s accepted as a perpetual puzzle. And as our schools deal with growing numbers of students with behavior issues, we’ll just continue to scratch our collective heads over it all.


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Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.

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