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Autism Reality"We really just want to make sure people celebrate the uniqueness of autism and the beauty of autism and understand more about it."

Autism has been whitewashed beyond hope. But those of us with children with the diagnosis know the dark truth. Teachers know. Adult providers turn individuals in need away... because they know. And doctors and pharma know. Age of Autism has always, and will always shout the truth. Just as long as we can. Please consider a donation to our annual matching gift campaign. Unlike autism numbers, we've stalled a bit and need your help. Thank you.


By Anne Dachel

There was outrageous autism coverage from Fox31 in Denver on Nov 12th.

It was dismissive and insulting. I know too many people struggling with children severely disabled with autism. This coverage makes no mention of any of that.

CDC data suggests rise in autism diagnoses in children 

 Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests an increase in the prevalence of autism in children.

Suggests? We’ve have 20+ years of soaring, unexplainable increases in autism.

 About one in 36 children were identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in 2020, according to the CDC. This is up from one in 44 in 2018 and one in 150 in 2000. It also shows prevalence among different groups of individuals is now relatively similar. 

The reporter on the video calls the one in 36 rate “new data.” That rate came out in March, 2023.

Dr. Amanda Kelly is the president and CEO of Firefly Autism, an organization in Colorado that provides support and services to those with autism and their families. 

“We really just want to make sure people celebrate the uniqueness of autism and the beauty of autism and understand more about it,” Kelly said.

Data from the CDC suggests autism rates have been increasing steadily for more than two decades, as shown in a report from USAFacts.

Kelly said it could be attributed to the increased awareness and improved screening for autism. 

When will the increased awareness and improved screening finally arrive at the real autism rate?

Should we expect that we’ll all reach California’s rate, one in every 22 children?

Or will it be Florida’s rate, nearly one in 20?

Dr. Kelly is not alarmed by all the autism.

“Really the answer is that we continuously learn and grow in terms of the sensitivity of the diagnostic process and awareness and education of people in the community,” Kelly said. “So what we always say is those individuals were always there, it’s just that they weren’t being identified as being on the autism spectrum before.”  

She said the organization has also seen a rise in the number of teens and adults being diagnosed, but early identification is key.

While Dr. Kelly wants us to ‘celebrate the uniqueness of autism and the beauty of autism,’ she can’t explain why doctors and educators never noticed all the autism everywhere among our children until the last 25 years.

She can’t explain why doctors are still learning to recognize autism.

Once again, via the media, the CDC is reminding everyone that there is no known cause, cure or prevention for autism. It’s just tough if it’s your child. No one really cares why your child has autism.

It’s time you learned to ‘celebrate the uniqueness of autism and the beauty of autism.’

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.

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Kinda like celebrating the uniqueness and beauty of breast cancer.
No one for the Cure......

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