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Can I helpCathy helped a friend of a friend who admitted she had been harmed by her Covid vaccine. Our autism advocacy has expanded so far beyond our own children. It's a judgement call when you hear the stories of injury - say something? Keep quiet? Cathy was guided by her conscience to help a woman whose choice did not turn out the way she had been told.

By Cathy Jameson

As a believer I know that sometimes God puts me somewhere when I was meant to be when I thought I was supposed to be somewhere else.  That’s happened to me quite frequently.  When it does, I either quickly learn something I didn’t think I needed to know, or I get to help someone I never expected to help. 

The other day, that happened again. 

I was supposed to be in a completely different place when I ran into a friend’s friend.  We’ve waved to each other before the last 6 or so years but have never had any interaction beyond a polite hello.  That day, while walking past her and saying my usual hello, I added, “I haven’t seen you here in awhile.”  She hadn’t been around, she told me, because she’d been in the hospital for several months.   I said, “Wow, I had no idea.” 

She said, “Yeah, it was from the Covid shot.” 

I had somewhere I needed to be, but I also needed to hear more.  Should I pry?  Should I ask personal questions that could make her uncomfortable or that could make me sound like a jerk?  Would she share intimate details with me like how, when, and dear Lord, what happened??

She would.

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Since I was supposed to be somewhere else, I made sure to ask broad questions that any complete stranger would think to ask.  But I also asked the question that every concerned citizen and freedom fighter wanted to know:  was this hospitalization the result of a mandated-for-work vaccine? 

It was.

The anger I felt toward her situation was great.  I know other people within my family and within my small circle of friends who also were trapped – get the vax or get fired.  It was an awful time back when those mandates were new.  It continues to be an awful time for some, like this person I happened to run into.

With a serious heart condition, which didn’t exist before, this person suffers.

With an uncooperative boss, who forced this upon this person, this person suffers.

With minimal documentation in the medical record, because I asked if the reaction was recorded, this person will suffer much longer.

If you know someone who had a reaction, immediate or otherwise, from the covid vaccine, what did they do?  Besides seeking medical attention, did they pursue legal action?  If they did, how was that received?  If they fought and won, who helped them achieve that victory?  For the military folks out there, do you know if anyone was able to opt out of the vaccine?  If no and if they, too, are dealing with a reaction, what recourse do they have?   I am hopeful that the recent US Navy SEAL group that fought like hell to avoid what most people could not helps set the stage for other workers here in America.  I have a bad feeling that what this person is dealing with will be something they carry the rest of their life – the serious heart condition, the potential for strokes, the denial that any of this was the result of the two vaccines they were forced to get (yep, despite an immediate reaction to the first one, the mandate included being full vaccinated which meant getting two vaccines).

I wasn’t supposed to be walking through the room I walked through last week when I saw this person.  My eyes lit up when I saw them because it had been a while since our paths had crossed.  Parent to two kids who know my kids, I left the conversation sharing that they’d be in my prayers and to please call me anytime.  “I’ve been there myself,” I shared. 

“Vaccine injury is real, and it can be very difficult to manage.

It can be even more difficult to manage especially when people don’t believe it happened. 

Reach out anytime because I know what you suffer is real. 

It’s real, and it never ever should’ve happened.”

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


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Jeanne J

Del Bigtree's ICAN organization has a section on their website for if you believe you have had a vaccine injury. They try to provide you with resources, both legal and medical. ICAN has also won a suit, brought on by members of the air force, related to the covid vaccine mandate. Go to for info.


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I recently read that Jennifer Aniston cut ties with "Friends" who refused Covid shots and now friends actor Matthew Perry who bragged about his covid shot is forever cut from this world


"For the military folks out there, do you know if anyone was able to opt out of the vaccine?"

Here's a great article on that topic:

Army Scrambling to Get Back Soldiers It Kicked Out over Biden’s Military Vaccine Mandate


The University of Kentucky is so proud how they mandate vaccines that they make all their employees wear great big badges that say they had their flu shot.

The doctors for the most part, staff and nurses are so dedicated and nice that it makes me have all kinds of mixed feeling of rage, sorrow, disgust

They are able to get really good people to work there and they treat them this way.

It is a psych war, and the ones that planned this policy are evil people.

Some day, oh, some day they will be accountable.

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