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AofA 2023 Matching Gift Campaign Has Begun!

Thank you typeNote: 10,000 thanks to Laura and Richard Hayes for their annual matching gift campaign. We're entering our 18th year of publication. I can hardly believe it. Like Laura, I too thought we'd be "out of business" by now. Because the man made epidemic would have been acknowledged and dare I have ever hoped for it - atoned for. Not so. Our goal is $10,000 before November 30. We use secure Donor Box and we accept checks to Autism Age, PO Box 110546, Trumbull CT 06611. EIN-47-1831987


From Laura:

Dear AoA Readers, what a joy it is to connect daily with those whose lives have also been impacted by "autism", a label which many of us believe to be an intentional misnomer for serious, life-altering, debilitating, often catastrophic, vaccine-induced injury. I certainly did not ever think 25+ years ago, once I made the connection between "routine" childhood vaccinations and our son's subsequent loss of skills, development of odd behaviors, and resultant profound disability, that medical "professionals" would still be administering vaccines to children.

It was my sincere, and very naive, belief at the time that once I, along with so many other parents, began sharing what happened to our children after their vaccinations that it would become front-page news, with doctors, government regulators, legislators, the media, and even remorseful vaccine-making companies screaming for an immediate moratorium on each and every vaccine until we got to the bottom of what was causing not only "autism", but the many other new disorders of childhood. How incredibly wrong I was.

Those I now refer to as "vaccine profiteers" refused to hear so much as a suggestion that vaccines were anything other than safe, effective, and needed. They banded together, and in their willful ignorance, prideful arrogance, and for many, full-fledged corruption, began to collectively and forcefully ignore, dismiss, belittle, and malign parents who reported their children's vaccine injury and vaccine death stories, which they had witnessed firsthand. Throwing caution, compassion, ethics, and morals to the wind, they proceeded to add more and more vaccines, in more and more haphazard combinations, to the childhood "vaccination schedule".

They lobbied to further restrict exemptions to vaccinations, and then went further, making laws to eliminate exemptions, and laws permitting children to make vaccination decisions for themselves without their parents' knowledge or consent, and then went yet further, making laws to punish and delicense the rare doctor willing to write a medical exemption for a patient. All the while, those who manufacture, administer, approve, recommend, promote, and mandate vaccines have remained free of accountability and liability, often getting rich, advancing in position, and gaining in power. To date, and to the best of my knowledge, not one person has been held personally liable, been personally fined, been fired, or faced so much as a day in jail for their complicitness in vaccine-induced injuries and deaths, which now affect the vast majority of the world's population, given the widespread and ever-increasing use of vaccines.

Think about that...vaccine crimes committed day in and day out...in every country, in every age group, now including babies in the womb...with no signs of slowing down or stopping...and with no worry of being prosecuted or punished, at least here in the earthly realm.

Thankfully, since 2007, the Age of Autism website has been a beacon of light to those of us whose children have been diagnosed with "autism", and to so many others, who love, work with, or care for someone with autism, whose children have suffered other forms of vaccine-induced injuries, including death, who have suffered their own vaccine injuries, and who simply want to read information that has not been censored, altered, or lied about by mainstream media, medical organizations, and our government. Kim Rossi, Managing Editor, and mother of three young-adult daughters, all diagnosed with "autism", has forged on, year after year, to keep this blog up and running. That is no small task when one is a single mother caring for and managing the intense needs of 3 dependent young adults. To that end, my husband and I are again offering a matching donation campaign to both keep AoA up and running, and to keep our fearless leader, Kim Rossi, encouraged and motivated to continue to make this forum available for those of us who read, comment, and connect here at AoA. Here are the details: $10,000 Matching Donation Campaign, beginning October 30th, ending November 30th All donations made during the above timeframe will be matched, up to $10,000 Donations can be made by check or credit card, with details at the top right on AoA's home page It would be wonderful if we could far exceed the matching amount, enabling and encouraging Kim Rossi to continue on with this important publication Please don't delay, donate today! With deep appreciation for all those who write for, read, comment on, and donate to Age of Autism, Laura Hayes https://www.ageofautism.com/exclusives.html



Laura Hayes

Thank you, Kathy, for your kind words, your donation to AoA, and the excellent work you and your husband have done in the state of Colorado. I love and appreciate your comments here on AoA!


Laura and Richard,

Thank you, again, for your very generous Annual Matching Gift Campaign for AofA!

I am grateful to Kim Rossi for her loving management of this site - for all Kim does and writes. My husband and I are especially thankful to AofA for introducing us to Laura's amazing articles and speeches over the years. Truly informative and inspiring.

A special shout-out to all my fellow Autism parents who contribute/comment on AofA. I read ALL of them.

Donating Now!

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