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Thimerosal: Let The Science and RFK, Jr Speak

OG Autism

06036B91-E5D3-4332-9C9B-3B37D47158CASince our launch in November of 2007, we've covered every aspect of the autism epidemic. Much of it has been unpleasant. There's no way to sugarcoat autistic regression and the travails that follow. Over the last 16 years, there's has been a great whitewashing of autism. Once, a feared diagnosis, now it's handed out like Halloween candy. Knock on the door of a practitioner and leave with a diagnosis and fistful of prescriptions.  There are new horrors on the horizon, for all of us whose children are growing into adulthood.  What's cute at 3, tolerable at 10 and worrisome at 13 becomes life threatening into adulthood. I'm talking about "behaviors." So poorly recognized as desperate communication of pain, frustration, angst, depression, anger, loneliness.

Yesterday, I got a phone call cancelling an appointment we had with our in-home (residential in adult parlance) BCBA. I was looking forward to seeing her. She was in the hospital. Having been badly injured by a client. Something broken, 4 days in the hospital badly.

This is the autism you don't read about on rainbow infinity symbol Twitter/X accounts. This is the autism you don't read about when celebs proclaim their newly minted diagnosis.

This is OG autism. And the "original gangsters" live in our homes.

And so we publish. Autism. And its reality.

Wuhan bioweapons cover

The Wuhan Cover-Up: And the Terrifying Bioweapons Arms Race (Children’s Health Defense) 

“Gain-of-function” experiments are often conducted to deliberately develop highly virulent, easily transmissible pathogens for the stated purpose of developing preemptive vaccines for animal viruses before they jump to humans. More insidious is the “dual use” nature of this research, specifically directed toward bioweapons development. The Wuhan Cover-Up pulls back the curtain on how the US government's increase in biosecurity spending after the 2001 terror attacks set in motion a plan to transform the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), under the direction of Dr. Anthony Fauci, into a de facto Defense Department agency.

Vax Unvax DebutJoin us in congratulating Dr. Brian Hooker and Robert Kennedy, Jr. and the Children's Health Defense imprint on the huge news that Vax Unvax Let The Science Speak was #11 on the New York Times non-fiction best sellers list this week.  This is important because it tells those who feel they shouldn't question science, "Hey, it's OK to read, and learn and make your own decisions."  It's currently 124 on ALL of Amazon books.  Buy a copy HERE



"Autism and ADHD are becoming an excuse for laziness, rudeness, bigotry, criminality, stupidity etc."

So Bill, what is YOUR excuse?


Autism and ADHD diagnoses are both handed out like Halloween candy. I 100% agree with that statement. Autism and ADHD are becoming an excuse for laziness, rudeness, bigotry, criminality, stupidity etc. Schizophrenia diagnoses are also handed out like candy to sexual perverts and murders at the worst and thieving drug addicts at best why? Because most of these diagnosed people are white and upper middle class.
Liberal idiots have extended the meaning of disability to some absurdly minor conditions. This harms those with more serious disabilities or medical conditions and civil rights of African and Indigenous descendent people.


I am so very sorry. There is nothing to be done about this situation.
What needs to be done in a perfect world, or a world fed up is a bunch of high ups of the NIH forced to care for such children and lose their big jobs. There seems to be enough of them working in the government to really make an impact.

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