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You'll Get Nothing And You'll Hate It.

Ralphi deserves a chance to thrive

Years ago, when Caddy Shack came out, one of the oft quoted lines was Judge Smails saying to his son Spaulding, "You'll get nothing, and you'll like it." Well autism families are certainly getting nothing. The like part speaks for itself. And so does our Anne Dachel, who continues to expose the hidden truth about the autism epidemic. It's devouring school budgets and devastating families with little to no abatement. It's a Cat 5 hurricane and gaining wind speed. Look at this darling boy. Now tell his Mum he has no placement. She's on her own.


By Anne Dachel

There are so many stories from England about the education system failing an individual special needs child, but there’s always more to them. The boy or girl in the story who is excluded from school or does not have a place because there is no more room represents countless children in a similar situation.

A story from Lincolnshire is just one example.

Lincoln mum outraged as son with autism is denied place at specialist schoolwas published on September 20th.  Here a three year old with autism and a list of other problems and his mother wait for a school place.

A Lincoln mum believes her family has been failed by the local council after her son was denied a place at a specialist education school.

Sharnie Philpot, 30, said she was "floored" after hearing that Lincolnshire County Council would not be offering her son Ralphi a space in a specialist environment.

At the age of just three years old, Ralphi has already been diagnosed with Autism, Global Development Delay (GDD) and is currently under assessment for Pica - an eating disorder where someone eats things not usually considered food.

After being assessed by an educational psychologist, who drafted an Educational Health and Care Plan (EHCP), it was found that Ralphi experiences high levels of anxiety in his current nursery setting.

The assessment also emphasised his need for full-time, one-on-one support, including during breaks and lunchtimes.

Sharnie continued: "We now have to wait up to 24 months for a tribunal which now leaves Ralphi with no place in the education system.

Of course Ralphi’s situation is the result of a school system overrun with disabled children and they’re simply running out of room, despite more and more money being poured into the problem.

So many stories tell us that this is happening across the U.K., but that’s not an answer. Just because it’s a universal problem doesn’t solve anything.

"Lincolnshire, like all other areas of the country, continues to see increasing demand for special school places. In light of that, the council is investing £100m [$122M] in local special schools, which is creating over 500 additional places."

Regrettably, the challenges faced by Ralphi are not isolated to Lincolnshire; children with special needs across the UK have encountered similar difficulties in recent years.

At the heart of the issue is AUTISM

Jake Runacres, Policy and Parliamentary Officer at the National Autistic Society, added: "The SEND system is simply not working for autistic children.

"Families are facing lengthy battles to get the right support for their children, and our research shows that many autistic pupils are being failed by a woeful lack of appropriate school places.

"Nearly three-quarters of autistic children and young people are educated in mainstream schools, so increasing the number of schools specifically for children with SEND is not enough on its own to fix the problem.

Autism advocates in Britain are at the heart of the problem. They look at autism as part of neurodiversity that we simply need to accommodate.

"Every teacher needs to understand autism, and every autistic child needs to get the right support at school. That’s why we’re calling on the government to launch an autism school places taskforce to ensure the right school places and support are available for autistic pupils.

"We won’t accept a world where autistic children miss out on an education, and families are left exhausted and on the brink of crisis."…

"Our survey of parents of disabled children found that only one in three disabled children has the correct level of support from their education setting; only one in seven families had the correct level of support from social care and only one in five has the correct level of support from health services."

Having autism is fine. We just need to do more for those affected.

The truth is autism has paralyzed us; we can’t do anything to stop it from capturing more and more children. Our only recourse is to add more special places.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.

Wuhan bioweapons cover

The Wuhan Cover-Up: And the Terrifying Bioweapons Arms Race (Children’s Health Defense) 

“Gain-of-function” experiments are often conducted to deliberately develop highly virulent, easily transmissible pathogens for the stated purpose of developing preemptive vaccines for animal viruses before they jump to humans. More insidious is the “dual use” nature of this research, specifically directed toward bioweapons development. The Wuhan Cover-Up pulls back the curtain on how the US government's increase in biosecurity spending after the 2001 terror attacks set in motion a plan to transform the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), under the direction of Dr. Anthony Fauci, into a de facto Defense Department agency.

Vax Unvax DebutJoin us in congratulating Dr. Brian Hooker and Robert Kennedy, Jr. and the Children's Health Defense imprint on the huge news that Vax Unvax Let The Science Speak was #11 on the New York Times non-fiction best sellers list this week.  This is important because it tells those who feel they shouldn't question science, "Hey, it's OK to read, and learn and make your own decisions."  It's currently 124 on ALL of Amazon books.  Buy a copy HERE


Angus Files

My own son was refused even although we never put him forward to go to a Special School.The Social Services were asking us constantly and we kept on saying no.Until one day my wife and I thought just so we dont seem unreasonable we went along with Social Work to the school.We met with the head of the school who showed us the sleeping area which was several rooms with awide corridor seperating them and a desk at one end.Whoever was in charge sat at.We said are they locked in?Oh no that would breach safety.Does your child require to be locked in yes we said,and what happens if he isnt she asked?Hes off! where to the head asked ?anywhere.We moved on to the classrooms which all seemed very well.We went outside to the play area.And we asked is there not a fence to keep them in ?Yes thats it over there.Asmall 3 foot picket fence.Will he go over that the head asked.Yes we said and he wouldnt stop either he would hurdle it.The haed asked and what would he do when he gets to the other side of the fence?Keep going and going he wont stop.Oh said the head so hes not only an escaper but also a vanisher.Yes if thats what you call them hes that he vanishes given the chance. The head said well no we couldnt possibly have him here.Social Work appologised for badgering us for 2 years and havent suggested anything since that was 15 years ago.

Plan 2 the parents plan 3 there isnt one.

Pharma For Prison


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