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Ridgefield Connecticut School Board Member Calls SpEd Students Bottom of the Bucket

Sean McEvoyRidgefield school board member sorry for referring to certain students as 'bottom of the bucket'

Guess which students.

By Kim Rossi

This post reminds me of my HuffPo days, when I could pop online and vent my spleen against some dingbat who showed callous disregard and disrespect to my three daughters and everyone with autism. Feels kind of good. It will NOT feel good to Ridgefield school board member Sean McEvoy whose appalling description (bottom of the bucket) of special education students in tony Ridgefield, Connecticut (2 towns away from my home) exposed the dirty truth of special education. From the top, our children are tolerated at best, and as budgets stretch tighter than a toddler t-shirt on Dolly Parton, anger will bubble to the surface. 

Mr. Sean McEvoy proclaims himself on LinkedIn as "The Alton Brown of Networking, with the ability to simply explain complex networking concepts." You sir, are NO Alton Brown. I have met Alton Brown and cooked with him in a class.  Your recipe would be thrown right in the trash.  Allow me to explain a simple concept to you, it's called RESPECT.  Spend a day in any of the special education classrooms in Ridgefield. Drop in on a family at dinnertime.  Try managing a classroom as well as any of your teachers, paras and specialists, most of whom work like dogs to explain complex education concepts to their students.

By the way Mr. Networking expert, according to LinkedIn you attended The University of Bridgeport, just a few miles from my home in Trumbull. Are they still owned by the Moonies? I see their acceptance rate is 73% and they are considered "moderately selective." In other words, they take students in the lower part of the barrel. What a coincidence.

How about asking WHY are there so many students needing special education? Spend a few minutes reading Anne Dachel's Loss of Braintrust website. We have a global education catastrophe growing every day. McEvoy has a point, although he made it in the worst possible way. He blamed THE CHILDREN instead of......


Ridgefield school board member sorry for referring to certain students as 'bottom of the bucket'

RIDGEFIELD — A school board member publicly apologized this week for referring to children who are behind their peers as the "bottom of the bucket."

Parents and other Board of Education members condemned Sean McEvoy's comments, which came during a Sept. 11 meeting where the board and school officials discussed exploring opportunities for gifted and talented children.

The backlash to McEvoy's comments was swift, sparking more than a dozen emails to the school board and numerous angry comments on social media from community members who said the remarks were insulting to special education students.

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Thanks for having my back, everyone! And it's Ms. Rossi, if you please. Bill will always complain. It's what he does. C'est la vie! KIM

Angus Files

" Why is Mrs. Rossi not talking about those examples?!"
Kim has always raised issues from the worst to the funniest.Pay attention Bill and dont get distracted with your pet arguments with yourself.Sean McEvoy out for a pay rise and or promotion no doubt.Earned on how badly he insulted the most vulnerable people of society the damage caused mainly by vaccines.

Pharma For Prison


susan welch

Bill, may I suggest you stop reading AoA. You would do yourself a favour - and you would do us a favour.

Alternatively, if you continue to read the articles on this website, do please post a positive comment about at least one of them. Then I (and possibly others) could believe you genuinely cared about families who are suffering - and not just on here to anoy and upset us.


Bad thought processes leads to bad physical outcomes.



I don't want to hear - not one more time -- not one cause it seems to be your annoying habit to form some silly question about Why are we not talking about some other issues.

But I will answer you why question this time.

Cause bad attitudes, not being called out on your bad processes leads to even worse behavior like sexual abuse or physical abuse.


Kim-Sean's comments that special ed students like ours are "bottom of the bucket" are despicable, callous, cruel and ignorant. It is Sean who is the one at the "bottom of the bucket" for making this outrageous statement. He needs to spend time in a classroom of special ed students, especially those with autism to see the difficulties the students and teachers face every day in trying to teach them in spite of their disabilities. He needs to spend time living with a family with children who have autism and other developmental disabilities to see the extreme hardships and challenges that we face each and every day with no escape. You are right that the real question he should be asking is WHY are there now so many children/adults with autism, learning disabilities and other conditions that were unheard of when we were growing up, when autism was so rare you never even heard of it. We need researchers and pharmaceutical companies to do more research into the medications that can correct and actually cure what has happened to our children as the numbers keep increasing.


Big deal all the man said was something about special education students were at the "bottom of the bucket". I have heard far more "offensive" things from parents and school board members. What about all the profanity and racist words school board members and parents have said to each other over the past decade with these controversies. The special education system is filled with waste and fraud of money it is in trusted with.
There are poor quality Applied Behavioral Analysis some with direct school contracts that defraud Medicaid for hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are physical and sexual abuse of disabled children in school and religious and many other settings. Why is Mrs. Rossi not talking about those examples?!

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