Candidate Kennedy and The Really Big Lie About Autism
An Anti-Vaxxer’s Sad Lament

"What RFK Gets Wrong"... Lazy AI Headlines or is Journalism Simply MIA?

Rita Skeeter with penNote: Yesterday, The Kennedy Beacon, a Substack publication from the AmericanValues24 SuperPac reported that during his recent Tucker Carlson interview, Kennedy reported that a mentally ill person intruded into his California home and was able to get to the second floor.  Kennedy was turned down for Secret Service protection by Homeland Security, despite his unique place in American tragedy and history. CNN reported I(see below) that Kennedy's dismay at being turned down by Homeland Security was unwarranted. Apparantly granting protection would be tacit admission that Kennedy is a viable candidate with a chance of winning. How is it anyone's job other than the voters to make this decision? President Obama had protection as a candidate because as a black man, he faced a unique danger. Hard to argue with that. Kennedy's father, a Civil Rights leader, was assassinated. Kennedy's Uncle, President John F. Kennedy, was assassinated. Yet "Kennedy just doesn't meet the criteria."

CNN Facts First: Kennedy’s suggestion that he is being treated differently than every other presidential candidate since 1968 is baseless. In reality, the vast majority of candidates in modern presidential primaries never receive Secret Service protection because they are not deemed “major” candidates – and it would be nearly unprecedented for even a major candidate to receive protection this early in a campaign if they did not already have it on account of currently or previously serving in the White House. A CNN review of presidential campaigns dating back to 1980 found that only then-Senator Barack Obama, who faced unique threats as a Black man with a realistic chance to become president, was granted Secret Service protection as early in a campaign as Kennedy is seeking it.

It's almost as if.... nah, couldn't be.


By Anne Dachel

I reported on the Aug 10th story on FactCheck : What RFK Jr Gets Wrong About Autism by Kate Yandell.  My post from yesterday: Candidate Kennedy and The Really Big Lie About Autism

On the Aug 11, 2023 we find the piece, What RFK Jr. Gets Wrong About Autism by Pravin Jadhav

Same title....Coincidence?

Here’s how Yandell starts her piece:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. makes a variety of incorrect or misleading claims about vaccines, COVID-19 and other health-related topics, as we discuss in other articles in this series. But his views on vaccines rose to prominence when he began to advance the thoroughly debunked idea that they cause autism — and he is repeating his claims about autism as a presidential candidate.

The prevalence of children identified as having autism has risen in recent decades, but changes in awareness of the neurodevelopmental disorder and how it is defined play a major role in this increase, as we have written before. There may be some true increase in autism, but there’s no evidence that vaccines are a cause.

Jadhav started this way:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has made numerous inaccurate and misleading claims about vaccines, COVID-19, and other health-related topics. His infamous claim that vaccines cause autism has been thoroughly debunked, yet he continues to repeat it during his presidential campaign. While there has been a rise in diagnosed cases of autism in recent decades, this can be largely attributed to increased awareness and changes in how the disorder is defined.

The false connection between vaccines and autism originated from anti-vaccine groups and individuals who wrongly linked the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination to the condition. However, extensive research has disproven this notion, and even the 1998 Lancet paper that initially supported the claim has been retracted. Kennedy wrote a story in 2005, co-published by Rolling Stone and Salon, where he incorrectly linked the preservative thimerosal to an “epidemic of childhood neurological disorders.” The story was later retracted due to concerns about its accuracy and value.

Yandell talked about the Rolling Stone piece too. She cited Dr. Catherine Lord and David Mandell as experts denying a link. So did Jadhav.

Jadhav’s piece is shorter, but they both focus on Kennedy being wrong about COVID 19 and vaccines and autism and they claim there's been no real increase in the number of Americans with autism.

The wording is a little different, but the message is the same! 

I wonder how that happened.

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"This was Probably done to evade FOIA requests, and if so this constitutes a conspiracy to evade oversight and public records laws. That would definitely meet the threshold of Conspiracy Against The US laws on the books.

And yes, this would/should apply to any elected or appointed official who used fake email addresses for correspondence while in office and then didn't hand them over during any request of records."
James Comer Demands NARA Provide All Documents for VP Biden’s Secret Pseudonym ‘Robert L. Peters’

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