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The MAPS 2023 Functional and Translational Medicine Conference

Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs Fellowship

MAPS logoNote: Many years ago, my daughters' pediatrician expressed frustration that her toolbox for autism was "empty." MAPS provides education to physicians specifically for children with complex special needs.  Share their info at your next pediatric visit, your doctor might surprise you with his or her interest. Let's hope.


Since 2012, MAPS has been dedicated to healing complex issues in our pediatric population such as ADHD, ASD, neurodevelopmental delays, asthma, autoimmunity, gut issues, immune dysfunction, and many other chronic pediatric conditions. The level of mastery that MAPS fellows (FMAPS) achieve in the field of complex pediatric conditions makes them among the best-prepared practitioners in this field.

MAPS is the only CME accredited pediatric Fellowship in the country. We offer a dedicated program to empower practitioners with an online portal, alongside two in person conferences annually. The information and knowledge you will gain from our education will allow you to better serve your patients, offering a more positive outcome for them and their families.

Our Fellowship consists of seven courses, taken both in person and online at your convenience. Our Foundations and interactive Clinical Courses do require in person attendance at one of our yearly conferences. Then, the additional five courses (Immunology, Neurology, Environmental Medicine, G.I and Nutrition and Metabolism) are all able to be completed online. Each of these courses offer the attendee CME credits.

Today’s complex disorders require a new understanding of the role inflammation, toxins, mitochondrial dysfunction, etc. are playing. Today’s patients need physicians to obtain new strategies, new diagnostic tools, & new perspectives. MAPS deliver these from leading clinicians & researchers.

We welcome you to become part of the answer in healing these complex children, with MAPS.

For more information or to speak to someone in our organization, please scan the QR code or call us at 562-329-4746.



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