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Like Pearls Before Swine and H1N1 and Pandemic Flu

Groundhog day clockBy Anne Dachel

There were precursors to the COVID Pandemic.

Lest we forget, COVID wasn’t the first international health emergency. Going back a decade or two, we can remember the alarm that was raised over swine flu and bird flu.

In  both cases, vaccines would be the answer.

In 2009, it was the Swine Flu or H1N1.

May 15, 2009, CNN: More Than 100,000 Americans May Have Swine Flu: CDC

While the official tally of confirmed U.S. swine flu cases topped 4,700 on Friday, experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now estimate the true number of infections at more than 100,000 nationwide.

Also on Friday, health officials announced two new deaths linked to the H1N1 virus, bringing the nationwide total to five….

But in a troubling sign that the swine flu outbreak has yet to run its current course in the United States, three New York City public schools were closed Thursday after dozens of flu-like infections surfaced and an assistant principal was in critical condition on a ventilator, according to published reports….

Vaccine manufacturers and other health experts met Thursday at the World Health Organization headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, to plot potential strategies to combat the swine flu virus.

The AP reported that drug companies were ready to start producing a swine flu vaccine, but many questions remain. They include how many doses to produce, particularly in relation to needed doses of seasonal flu vaccine.

The expert group's recommendations will be forwarded to the WHO's director-general, Margaret Chan, who is expected to issue advice to vaccine manufacturers and the World Health Assembly next week, the AP said.

But at least one infectious-disease expert said it was a "foregone conclusion" that drug manufacturers would be told to proceed with a vaccine for the H1N1 flu.

"If we don't invest in an H1N1 (swine flu) vaccine, then possibly we could have a reappearance of this virus in a mild, moderate, or catastrophic form and we would have absolutely nothing," said Dr. David Fedson, a vaccine expert and former professor of medicine at the University of Virginia.

Several years earlier I remember the hype over the deadly bird flu.

Feb 22, 2006, NBC News: Bird flu pandemic is possible, CDC warns

A bird flu virus may mutate to a human form that becomes as deadly as the ones that killed millions during three influenza pandemics of the 20th century.

Dr. Julie L. Gerberding, head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said Monday that scientists believe it is highly likely that the virus that has swept through bird populations in Asia will evolve into a pathogen deadly for humans.

“We are expecting more human cases over the next few weeks because this is high season for avian influenza in that part of the world,” Gerberding said in remarks at the national meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. …

Study already has shown that the virus can infect cats who can then infect other cats, which Gerberding said was “another harbinger” of the possibility of a human pandemic.

“The science here is all alerting us that we have a great deal to be concerned about,” she said.

The CDC chief said her agency is getting ready for a possible pandemic next year….

The government has ordered 2 million doses of vaccine that would protect against the known strains of avian flu. Gerberding said this would give manufacturers a head start on making the shots that would be needed to combat a full-blown epidemic of an H1-type of flu in this country.

February 23, 2006, NBC News: U.S. to test bird flu vaccine as warnings spread

Amid dire warnings of an Asian pandemic, the government is preparing to test an experimental bird flu vaccine and is increasing disease surveillance in hopes of reducing the toll from any eventual American outbreak….

NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci said the vaccine will be tested at centers in Rochester, N.Y., St. Louis and in Maryland and Texas to make sure it is safe and to determine the correct dosage in such groups as the elderly, children and healthy young people….

More on the bird flu “pandemic.”

November 2, 2005, C-SPAN: Pandemic Flu

Dr. Julie Gerberding, head of the CDC was interviewed. Here are some of her remarks.

…We have been concerned about the possibility of a pandemic for many, many years….

If it’s not this time, it could be soon….

One of the things we have to come to grips with is that the federal government can’t do it all. We’ve got to involve everyone in this planning effort, and that includes the local health officials, the state health officials, but also includes the private sector, the health care organizations; I think importantly, people.

There are things people can do for themselves and for their families and in their workplace that can also really contribute to a comprehensive preparedness effort. …

Everyone does recognize that a big investment is necessary. For me personally, this is really a historic time in public health because we’ve been worried about this for a long time. Now we have the attention of our President, of our Congress, really of the while international health community.

I think we can finally get to a point where we can get our vaccine situation straighten and ultimately look forward to a future where we don’t have to be worried about this health threat. …

A nurse from Chicago called in to C-Span to ask Dr. Gerberding a question.

I’m a registered nurse, and I’ve been giving flu vaccines, and I watched the congressional hearings three years ago. I’m very upset to see on the box from GlaxoSmithKline that it’s not even made here. … It’s got formaldehyde and thimerosal, a carcinogenic and a neurotoxin.

Now we’re asked to give it to babies and children. What in the world are we doing? We can’t trust the CDC, because I saw the hearings. … I don’t feel comfortable giving people formaldehyde and mercury. I’m not taking it. …Can’t we do better?

…I was horrified to find out I’ve been injecting people with formaldehyde and mercury.

Gerberding: A couple of very important perspectives here. We actually have four flu vaccine manufacturers supplying flu vaccines this year, and this is a first for us. …

…We have tremendous experience with this vaccine, and we have studied its safety for a long period of time. We have no evidence of any special risks associated with any of these products. …

We’re not concerned about these products and safety. What we are concerned about is that it’s flu season and the best defense people have against influenza is to get their seasonal flu shot. …

These vaccines have to have a preservative when they come in multi-dose vials. The amounts of these chemicals in these vaccines are very, very small, and there are certainly no indications of any health risks associated with them.

Those that still contain thimerosal as a preservative are not in any way associated with autism.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.

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Poor little nurse and the rest of us did not know the half of it.

On the newest Corbett Report; they discuss the lone star tick and reference that we watch a previous episode of theirs about Plum Island, and Lyme disease. The lone star tick can cause red meat allergies. It makes us allergic to a certain sugar found in red meat and all mammals.

To my surprise they had found a medical research paper back in 2005 - I am not sure about the exact year, but it was back around 20 years ago. They were putting this certain sugar -which is a type of gelatin in the zoster and other brands of chicken pox as well as the measles, mumps vaccines.

So the question: Is it really the Lone Star tick causing meat allergies, or is it a way to cover up the result that comes from taking these vaccines.

They are coming for you food supply. They declared war on coal, and now farms.

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