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"What RFK Gets Wrong"... Lazy AI Headlines or is Journalism Simply MIA?

Candidate Kennedy and The Really Big Lie About Autism

Big lieNote: Robert Kennedy, Jr. has been a "friend of ours," to use the vernacular, for more than a decade. We sat agog as he spoke about vaccine injury and the cover ups lead by Dr. Paul Offit at an Autism One Conference. (Who remembers?) That said, we can not and do not endorse candidates, because we are a non-profit. Also, we know that our readers span the full political spectrum, and bring valid, important points of view to our comments. I am actively looking for content from Ron DeSantis and other candidates to share with readers. Autism is so far down the list of topics I think the high price of crinoline underskirts is ranked higher.  This is a sin. Autism is going to wreak havoc on our political, financial, social and family systems as the epidemic rages and ages on. Cheerful, yes?


By Anne Dachel

Robert Kennedy, Jr. is a clear threat to the status quo in Washington and elsewhere. There are massive numbers of corporate leaders who don’t want Kennedy’s views made public. Most critical to lots of people is silencing what he has to say about vaccines and autism.

I don’t think it’s just a coincidence that there are endless articles currently in the news about events and places now declaring themselves “autism-friendly” or “sensory-friendly.”

Walmart has joined the growing list of stores, theaters and attractions that offer "sensory-friendly" back-to-school shopping hours for families with autism spectrum disorder or other “neurodivergent” conditions.

The Smithsonian Institution, along with the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City now provide sensory-friendly times.

AMC Theatres around the U.S. offer a regular schedule of sensory-friendly films. This year the White House held its first-ever sensory-friendly Easter Egg Roll.

In Corpus Christi, Texas a barbershop advertises “sensory-friendly services” for customers, much to the relief, we’re told, of autism parents. Cooper City, Florida and Killarney, Ireland announced they are officially “autism-friendly” cities. Many, many others are joining their ranks.

This is intentional. The ideal way to downplay autism is to dress it up as a normal condition that we’re finally accommodating, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing now more than ever.

OVER THE YEARS I’ve written dozens of times about what I call the REALLY BIG LIE ABOUT AUTISM, namely that there has been no increase in autism.

Whatever the current official rate, it’s the same across the population. It’s always been this prevalent. More kids with autism are always the result of greater awareness, better diagnosing.

That lie has to work. Everything depends on it.

IF autism has always been around, but either ignored or mislabeled, then a claim of link between autism and the ever-increasing childhood vaccination schedule can be dismissed.

It doesn’t matter how many studies by well-credentialed scientists we pile up showing massive amounts of damage from an unchecked, unsafe vaccine regiment, they can stack up lots more to show vaccines are safe for every child.

Many people want to believe the official research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Few parents want to consider that this agency is responsible for an epidemic of neurologically injured children.

August 10, 2023, the Anneberg Public Policy Center published a piece on the site entitled, What RFK Jr. Gets Wrong About Autism by Kate Yandell.

Yandell’s writing history shows she’s a strong defender of the safety of the COVID vaccine and the official COVID 19 protocol.

In her attack on Robert Kennedy, Jr. she focused on his views on vaccine and autism, Yandell dismissed any possibility of a link between vaccines and autism, but MOST OF ALL, she slammed the whole idea of an autism epidemic in the first place.

Yandell brought up the 2005 Rolling Stone article on the dangers of thimersoal use in vaccines which Kennedy wrote and which was subsequently retracted.

Yandell cited “multiple studies” disproving any link between mercury in vaccines and autism. She included Dr. Catherine Lord and others with impressive positions all denying vaccine damage.

Next she went on to assure us that all the autism we see in children today is nothing new. She wrote:

Autistic People Exist in All Generations, Despite What Kennedy Implies 

Researchers generally agree that increasing awareness of autism, expansions in its definition and the growing availability of services all have contributed to an increase in diagnosed cases in younger generations. While there may be some true increase in autism, the rise, if any, is less dramatic than it appears.

Yandell challenged the statement Kennedy made on Joe Rogan: I bet that you’ve never met anybody with full-blown autism your age. You know, head banging, football or helmet on, non-toilet-trained, nonverbal. I mean, I’ve never met anybody like that my age.

We were told autistic adults are out there, they’re just called something else, they just haven’t found them yet.

 There is no system set up to monitor autism prevalence in adults, according to CDC researchers….

Part of the increase in autism diagnoses in younger generations comes from a broader and more flexible list of symptoms that define autism. 

Yandell wrote about CDC researcher Thomas Verstraeten and how Kennedy misleadingly portrayed Verstraeten’s work

She denied a connection between the increase in the vaccine schedule and the explosion in autism.

Of course there are a number of things Yandell did not bring up in her piece, things like:

In 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act indemnified the vaccine makers from liability for vaccine injury which coincidently resulted in the tripling of the vaccine schedule.

In 1986 the late Dr. Bernadine Healy, former head of the National Institutes of Health, told CBS News that the science hadn’t been done on vaccines. No one had studied to see if a certain subgroup of children were susceptible to vaccine injury.

In 2008 we learned of the case of Hannah Poling where the federal government conceded that vaccines caused this child’s autism  and she was compensated.

In 2011 a study that found 83 cases of acknowledged vaccine-induced brain damage that included autism which was compensated by the clandestine federal Vaccine Court.

IF health authorities can spin the claim that all the autism is nothing new, that it’s natural condition like hair color and left handedness, then vaccines are in the clear.

They can’t deviate from the mantra. This denial of a real increase has been the response of health officials over the past two decades every time they announced an update on the autism rate. I wrote about it recently.

The Undeniable

There’s one thing Kate Yandell can’t do. She can’t explain why so many people have to be trained to deal with autistic people.

My website, Loss of Brain Trust, is proof that society everywhere is being overwhelmed by autism.

I would challenge her to tell us why teachers, first responders, police, librarians, even doctors are having to learn about autism. And since there has been a federal mandate to educate special needs children since 1975, why would teachers today not have a long history of teaching children with autism?

The same goes for everyone else involved with the public. We should all be used to people of all ages with autism.

Why are they building whole schools for autism? Why are there shortages of places for special needs students all over the U.K. and Ireland?

AND THE BIGGEST QUESTION OF ALL, why is there nothing after high school for young adults with autism?

This is the multi-billion dollar question.

Special education is provided up to age 21 in the U.S. In the U.K. it’s provided to age 25. The British government extended it to age 25 in 2014 because there weren’t programs for autistic adults.

IF autism has always been here, why aren’t there all kinds of services already in place for adults with autism, at all levels of disability? Why can’t young adults with autism go where young adults with autism have always gone? Surely we would have had to provide for them even if we didn’t call their condition autism.

Autism Speaks estimates that a million autistic individuals will leave school in the next decade in the U.S.

Autism Speaks lists these facts about people with autism:

An estimated 25-30 percent of people with autism are nonverbal or minimally verbal (fewer than 30 words or unable to use speech alone to communicate)

31% of children with ASD have an intellectual disability (intelligence quotient [IQ] <70) with significant challenges in daily function, 25% are in the borderline range (IQ 71–85). 

Nearly half of those with autism wander or bolt from safety.  

Nearly 28 percent of 8-year-olds with ASD have self-injurious behaviors. Head banging, arm biting and skin scratching are among the most common.

It’s hard to imagine how doctors, teachers and parents could have miss children with these limitations until recent decades.

Within the next few years, more and more autistic adults will age of special education programs around the country. Social services will have to deal with this flood of disabled Americans who will live long lives dependent on the taxpayers.

 I hope Kate Yandell is still writing for when that happens so she can tell us how we’re going to provide for them.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.

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Laura Hayes


Indeed we do need to “imagine” presidential candidates and legislators standing up for what is right and against that which is wrong. And we need a very vivid imagination at that!

I always enjoy reading your comments, Michael. Thank you for regularly contributing here on AoA :)


Laura, I haven't used the word "imagine" in so long, I have forgotten it is even a concept. OK, I am going to imagine that Laura has a one on one conversation with RFK Jr and finds your solid, factual "arguments" persuasive and compels him to unabashedly speaks the truth about vaccines.

I would even contribute to a fund to make that happen. I imagine a lot of people want Kennedy's ear. The D's and Yandell types want his head.

In the current crop of Presidential hopefuls (excluding Kennedy), I can't picture any of them "unabashedly speaking the the truth about vaccines" or anything. Can you imagine Pence speaking the truth about vaccines? He's no Dan Burton.

Thank you Laura and all at AoA for making me think. I wish Dan were here to add his special flavor.

Laura Hayes


In answer to your question, Alliance for Defending Freedom recently pursued a case against FDA-approved chemical abortion drugs:


By illegally approving chemical abortion drugs, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration failed to abide by its legal obligations to protect the health, safety, and welfare of girls and women. The FDA never studied the safety of the drugs under the labeled conditions of use, ignored the potential impacts of the hormone-blocking regimen on the developing bodies of adolescent girls, disregarded the substantial evidence that chemical abortion drugs cause more complications than surgical abortions, and eliminated necessary safeguards for pregnant girls and women who undergo this dangerous drug regimen."

Related to the above case:

Since not one vaccine has ever been tested or approved properly or ethically, either individually or in the myriad, haphazard combinations in which they are routinely given, perhaps the same approach could be used, vaccine by vaccine, "well baby" visit by visit, and with regard to the recommended schedule in its entirety. The problem is finding willing attorneys.

In early 2017, I wrote the article linked below. Toward the end, I offer up 7 action items, which are still relevant today:

Lastly, speaking the truth is essential. Truth resonates. Imagine if a presidential candidate unabashedly spoke the truth about vaccines, boldly stating that they are absolutely not safe, don't work as claimed, are not needed, and are causing devastating harm in recipients, including children.

Kathy Sincere

I forgot to include a very important point when commenting on Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults. This autoimmune disease is MUCH MORE PREVALENT in persons on the autistic spectrum. Much moreso than the general population. A ticking time bomb that CAN hopefully be diffused with supplements and diet.

Kathy Sincere

Thank you for your last comment to Irena; "vaccine injured, vaccine brain damaged, vaccine disabled, vaccine chronically ill, vaccine infertile, vaccine paralyzed, vaccine robbed of independence, vaccine diabetic, vaccine allergic, vaccine seizure ridden, vaccine sickly, vaccine arthritic, vaccine diapered for life, vaccine life shattered, and vaccine killed." The only two phrases that do not apply to my four vaccine-injured adult children is vaccine paralyzed and vaccine diapered for life.

I'm glad you included vaccine diabetic. Our autistic son developed LADA at age 47! As a retired holistic nutritionist, I never had encountered or read about this disorder. LADA is Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults, type 1 diabetes that emerges VERY suddenly in the 30's through the 50's. Now I understand that it can be tracked and perhaps averted by annual testing of GAD65, a routine blood test. This tests GABA antibodies that indicate pancreatic insufficiency. (Ah..GABA for the brain, GABA for the pancreas). Values should be <5. Our son's was over 250 when diagnosed. If a parent has a baseline and then sees it rising there are things that can help. Of course doctors know nothing about preventative screening for LADA. In fairness, even our holistic PA who we have been going to for years never ran this test. Kaiser did once he was diagnosed - no help at all.


"vaccines have come to market in wrongful, deceptive, and fraudulent ways, and therefore, their immediate removal is a must"

Laura, What legal steps would a President take to accomplish this?

Laura Hayes


“In disbelief” might be a more apt way to describe how I feel when parents of the vaccine injured, vaccine brain damaged, vaccine disabled, vaccine chronically ill, vaccine infertile, vaccine paralyzed, vaccine robbed of independence, vaccine diabetic, vaccine allergic, vaccine seizure ridden, vaccine sickly, vaccine arthritic, vaccine diapered for life, vaccine life shattered, and vaccine killed then go on to state that they are still in favor of vaccines, and/or not in favor of vaccines being eliminated so that the same fate won’t befall other precious children.

Additionally, the point to understand is that there is not one vaccine that should currently be in use. Not one has come to market properly or ethically, and therefore, each and every one must be pulled from the market. It is a simple fact, vaccines should not be on the menu of medical options.

It bears repeating, vaccines have come to market in wrongful, deceptive, and fraudulent ways, and therefore, their immediate removal is a must.


Laura -
I understand your anger.
And yes, I really hope that the Covid vaccine disaster changed many minds.
The fact that many-many more SIDS were averted, and more parents understood that vaccines are killing their babies, and the lack of the deaths among the Amish - all that taught people something.
And I agree that Covid vaccine disaster was actually an IQ test.
Prohibiting "medical" intervention that used to be widely available will go against the grain in many people's minds. Remember why we have lost the fight against SB277 in California? Because tons of idiots still believed that "vaccines eliminated polio".
Parents should be able to choose to vaccinate their babies or not. That is an American way, isn't it?
I am happy everyday that my son is at least alive. How many mothers could not say that?

Laura Hayes


By not eliminating that which should never have come into use, meaning vaccines, as not one has ever been tested or approved properly or ethically, either individually, or in the myriad haphazard combinations in which they are routinely given, and which routinely wreak permanent and catastrophic havoc on recipients, and by extension, their families, millions more parents worldwide will then suffer the same travesty as you: “And I will never forgive myself for vaccinating him.” And possibly the same travesty as your son: “And yes, my son has been vaccine injured, with two disabilities - autism and deafness.” Is that what you are advocating for, a continuance of this vaccine holocaust?

Just because “there are so many parents who still believe in vaccines” does not mean their use should continue. That which is devastatingly harmful, including to the point of sometimes causing near-immediate death, yet is marketed as “prophylactic”, which time and again fails to do what it claims to do, and which contains ingredients not needed by the human body, and worse, which poison and derail it, needs to be stopped. Common sense, which seems to have flown the coop, dictates that. The excusing, justifying, and accepting of that which should not befall children must stop, today.

Frederic Chopin

Laura I'm curious if you believe in germ theory or have any sort of understanding of immunology. And do you think vaccination eradicated smallpox and rinderpest?


Laura - I disagree.
There are so many parents who still believe in vaccines.
Prohibition on vaxxes is not the answer.
From where I stand, we should make vaxxes optional, but definitely restore the liability for vaccine manufacturers / repeal the NVIC act.
And yes, my son has been vaccine injured, with two disabilities - autism and deafness.
And I will never forgive myself for vaccinating him.

Laura Hayes

Jill in MI,

Thank you for your excellent comment.


For those who missed this article on AoA from a few days ago, there are some comments posted there that are pertinent to what is being discussed here:

Laura Hayes

“Autism and the Really Big Lie That Kennedy Is Going to Do Anything About It” is an alternate headline that could be run. The way to stop the Autism Epidemic is to eliminate the cause, and as parents across the world continue to report, the cause of their child’s autism was vaccines. So, until Kennedy unequivocally states that his first order of business, should he become President, will be an immediate moratorium on each and every vaccine, the Autism Epidemic will continue in earnest.

Immediately and forever banning vaccine mandates could be another first order of business, so at least the parents who know to protect their children from vaccine harm can do so without any repercussions or losses of freedom. However, that won’t protect the children whose parents don’t know.

“Additional testing” of vaccines, which I have heard Kennedy promoting, is most certainly not the answer. All that will do is ensure that more innocent children will be harmed.

We are nearly 35 years into the Autism Epidemic. We know how to stop it. We need to state what it is going to take at every single opportunity: No More Vaccines. The vaccine paradigm needs to die the death it needed to die far more than a century ago. Vaccines have never been harmless. They have never "worked" as promised. And they have never been needed. Health does not come by injecting heinous, toxic, and poisonous ingredients into a human being, at regular and frequent intervals, now beginning in the womb, numerous times throughout critical periods of development, and continued until the grave. That fact should be a big duh, yet the big lies about vaccines continue.

Why is it so hard for the adults in this world, who are to be the protectors of children, to say and do what is so obviously needed?

Greg Hill

As I said in a comment on CHD's "Defender" last week:

"Any candidate for any political office (federal, state or local) who pledges to support repealing or nullifying the NCVIA will have my vote for sure. We desperately need to go back to the time when Big Pharma companies were legally held 100% liable for the injuries and deaths that any and all of their products have been proven to cause."


"Social services will have to deal with this flood of disabled Americans who will live long lives dependent on the taxpayers."

Don't assume those in charge will have such good will.
Aren't they now giving Covid 19 jabs to pregnant women?
Didn't they add it to the CDC children's recommended vaccine list?
Remember what happened to the Down's syndrome population....

Jill in MI

This just gets really old to hear the same old, same old - better diagnosing, better awareness. My daughter is now 30. 30!!! Way back when -- my pediatrician (who had a PhD in immunology from Univ of Michigan) said that in med school they were told that they would probably never see a child with autism because it was so rare. So doctors back then must have been really dumb? Oblivious? Teachers from 30 years ago were also oblivious? I remember the numbers from 1996 -- 3 or 4 children out of 10,000 were diagnosed with autism. So now it is (according to the CDC) 1 in 36 and make that 1 in 22 for boys -- wow! No increase at all - just finally noticing the kids that bang their heads; are non-verbal; are wearing diapers, etc, etc. No worries here. I used to think that the mothers of new babies would stand up and say - enough. Too may vaccines. But fear trumps listening to mothers of vaccine injured children. They should be sh** scared of Autism!!! They either think you are a crackpot or that nothing like that could ever happen to them. They are listening to the people in the white coats and stethoscopes. I really don't know what it will take Maybe the Social Security people will stand up and say - we will run out of money because of all the adults with autism now accessing money from Social Security. Don't they wonder where all these people came from? What about the court system? Don't they notice how many more adults with autism are in court to receive a disability designation when they turn 18?? When will we get to critical mass? I want to see the vaccine program get taken down in my lifetime. I am sorry that Bob Moffitt did not get to see it. Sorry for the ramble. This just gets old.

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