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Bright Early Mornings Just Got A Bit Dimmer

Bob Moffitt
AofA regulars will recall that our first comment almost every day came from Bob Moffitt.  His last comment was on March 21, 2022, after an illness. Bob's wife Barbara broke the sad news that he passed away on Friday. I so appreciated his keen insights and loving care for his family. Always. Rest in peace, Bob. I know St. Peter "approved" you right away. My condolences to the family.




I'm so sad. Bob was amazing. Condolences to his family. RIP autism warrior grandpa. You will be missed. ❤️


I really miss his comments. He was great!
For Bobby: I am so very sorry for your loss.
I am very sorry for our own loss of your Father's voice.


Kathy- Thanks for the kind words and the reminder of his often used line and yes sadly it still applies…

Kathy Sincere

I so enjoyed Bob Moffitt's comments every single morning! I worried about him when he no longer did so. I am closer in age to Bob than most AoA readers. He inspired me to be more active in our cause and always speak the Truth, however difficult that may be.

Linda - It was heart-warming to read your comments about your father-in-law. How wonderful that he was such an activist! I was at the CDC protest rally in Atlanta in 2015; I wish our paths had crossed and I got to shake his hand.

My heart-felt condolences to Bob's family, and may God bless you in all eternity Bob. Unfortunately, as you so often wrote, the BAND STILL PLAYS ON......


Thank you for all the wonderful comments about my father-in-law, Bob. Our family is very appreciative. He greatly enjoyed reading AoA and commenting first thing in the morning.

He became a great advocate from the moment I came back from my first DAN! Conference. At the time, congressman/Doctor David Weldon was fighting for our families and my father-in-law assured me he would fight the fight too while I focused on the biomedical interventions I had learned about at the conference. He spent years writing letters, challenging reporters who would just regurgitate statements rather than investigate, and marching in DC, Atlanta and NYC.

Mmom- I think it was at the CDC. He went there with his brothers who also became active in our cause.
He went to Washington DC with me several times, as did my mother-in-law. They also traveled to Albany many times.

John Stone- He loved interacting with you and appreciated your wisdom.

Laura- Thank you for sharing the link to his article. He was grateful for all you did for our kids.

Kim - Thank you for everything. He had great respect for you and all you do every day.

Thanks again.
-Linda (4Bobby)
A grateful daughter-in-law


I am so incredibly sad about the loss of such a loving, wise, & kind, human being! Mr Moffitt’s comments were often times the highlight of my day!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!

Jeanne J

I, too, have missed Bob's early morning and on target comments. May the Lord comfort his family through this difficult time.


I protested with Bob at the CDC (or maybe it was NIH). He was a stand up guy. Miss you, Bob, thank you for your service!

Angus Files

So sorry to read this.Rest in peace Bob watch over us and if you can, keep us right.Condolonces to all Bobs family and friends.

Pharma For Prison



We've lost another good one. Carry on Bob.

susan welch

My sincere condolences to Bob's family.

I, too, loved reading his comments and have missed them over the last year or so.


John Stone

Much missed. I found this from a note I wrote to Bob in 2017:

“You know, you are about our best reader, priming the comments every morning - of course, I am up early in London and hate it when there are no comments for the new posts. So, everyday it lifts my morale when I see you are up too. Thanks for everything.”

Thanks for everything Bob!


Laura Hayes

I have missed Bob Moffitt’s comments since that last one Kim reprinted above. I was no doubt one of many who looked forward to reading Bob’s daily comments on AoA. He was a treasure, and he will be missed.

In 2015, Bob wrote an article for AoA. Treat yourself today and have a read:

Sending my condolences to Bob’s beloved family. Glad his path crossed with so many here on AoA, including mine.


I’d been wondering why he hasn’t been posting for a while now. Sincere condolences to Barbara and the rest of his family. Eternal rest grant unto Bob Moffitt, oh Lord … 🙏🏼


I have missed Bob's excellent thoughtful comments.
My condolences to his family. He was a true AOA warrior.

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