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Autism Is A Category 5 in Florida

Hurricane puzzleHere's a question for candidate Ron DeSantis. What are you going to do about the tidal flood of autism in your state?  Children are surging into the system. Meanwhile there are more than 23,000 adults WAITING FOR SERVICES. Florida is a desert for adults with autism.


By Anne Dachel

Aug 25th there was a stunning piece in the Boca Raton (FL) Tribune.

The title wasn’t all that noteworthy, ABA Centers of Florida Opens Flagship Autism Care Center in Boca Raton.   

There was a group photo of the ABA team all smiling, and the story promoted the benefits of ABA autism therapy.

Tucked in the middle was this stunning statement:

“Nearly 5% of children in Florida have autism and we understand that when we make an impact in those kiddos’ lives, we make an impact in their siblings’ lives, in their parents’ lives, in their teachers’ lives. ...

Why are Florida’s numbers so high when the U.S. rate is one in 36? It’s not relevant. No one is interested in where autism is coming from. That was said in passing. It’s certainly good for business if you're providing ABA services. And, now Florida is on a par with California where autism affects one in 22, one in 14 boys. Of course it could go higher like Ireland where the autism rate is one in 21 or N. Ireland where it's one in 20.

Those numbers don't bother anyone either.


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Annie Human made climate change is not true.
Nothing like knowing the truth that vaccines are causing inflammation, and are causing autism and as Bob Moffit says the band plays on.

Nothing like knowing that the best environmental standards have been researched and implemented here in the United States, and now a great evil has taken it over that will be our undoing. they are making up lies of holes in the ozone, and CO2 holds heat and to what end? It is giving tyrants an excuse to further do in and ruin the middle class. Mental health is bad enough in driving poverty with out the added weight of a government against the middle class. Once there is poverty a lot of people are going to find out what real and true pollution really is.

Poor people hang on to real trash, and real poverty means people are not going to waste money on municipals like trash pick up, or landfills. Get ready for the roads and streams to heavily loaded with paper, tires, plastic and so forth. Milk jugs along the flood plains brings memories of my childhood, that I hoped would remain memories.


Human-made climate change & human- made autism are both real. We need to take humanity to a more humane place.

Angus Files

Autism is on the front seat of the vaccine damage carousel.Shouting it out is Age Of Autism.Well done guys.

Pharma For Prison


susan welch

Will, with regards to your question

'Why is age of Autism forgetting about other disabilities....' the clue is in the name of the websit. Check it out.


Neither conservatives nor liberals care about disabled people whether they have autism or some other disability. All these politicians care about are things like Christian Zionism and gay marriage. Why is age of Autism forgetting about other disabilities like environmental factors causing Cerebral palsy or Multiple Sclerosis. Yes, these conditions can be worsened by a rare vaccine reaction. Florida has one good thing, a developmental center which most states did away with their state-run large group homes.

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