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94BCBCD7-54FD-4565-88E3-6770765A4593     By Kim Rossi

I do this every so often. I’ll post a simple photo that looks random, run of the mill. Something most folks would ignore and yet, stands out as a glaring catastrophe averted in my home. Feast your eyes on our groovy 1970s bed sheets. Exactly the pattern of my wallpaper, sheets and the desk drawers my Mom also wallpapered some 50 (gulp) years ago. I saw them on Marketplace and couldn't resist getting them for my daughter. That blanket is my older (sorry, Shelly) sister's sleeping bag, covered with Peace, Love and other groovy late 1960s graphics. I call it the "looooovvvve" blanket. I used to take it to the beach in the 1980s to the delight of everyone who saw it.

Now, take a closer look, and imagine me, getting my daughters squared away in the morning and “throwing” or making the beds at a careless clip. Boom. Doom.The remote would have been lost. Madness would ensue. Meltdowns imminent.

These are the small, cluster bombs strewn about an autism home. Liable to ignite at any moment into an inconsolable moment, minute, hour, day or more. 

I returned the remote to the family room, grateful to have seen it.

This is our autism. What’s yours?

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My son has very similar behaviors and everything has to be left in it's proper place according to his mind's order of things, and if you try to move something he will just put it back where he wants it. He organizes his books, CDs, DVDs, and yes, even the remote controls must be in a certain order. (just like Gerardo said). Thank you for posting this about your daughters Kim and all that goes into our lives with our autism adults/children. It is extremely difficult, but you have given all of us readers some comfort in knowing we are not alone.

Angus Files

Get it all below folks.His worst swear word for us just now,or when hes annoyed via a power cut etc is to call us "roast chicken" at the very top of his 26 year old young mans voice.This came about as we decided to change the Sunday roast from roast chicken, to lamb,beef, anything but roast chicken.So for months as we tried to change this was all day every day,day and night roast chicken,roast chicken,roast chicken.We would say stop saying roast chicken and it developed to him shouting roast chicken at us.So in his mind now he must have seen us bothered or insulted ot something, but it stacks up in his mind a way. to annoy and insult the parents.Its not too bad as we think when he shouts ROAST CHICKEN nobody has a clue why hes shouting ROAST CHICKEN and never as an insult or to offend anyone,w can live with it compared to the many other episodes.

Good luck folks.

Pharma For Prison


Gerardo Martinez

Hello to all. All the remotes have to be in a certain spot in the living room. This is not so bad. Orange peels, after he eats his oranges he keeps the peels in a plastic cup. Once i threw them out- oh boy melt down came. Most adults do not understand, but those are his toys. After a few days we exchange them out with fresh peels. If the grown ups still don't get it try this. Every see an adult misplace their smart phone. Oh the aniexty the panic! Frustrations abound! Get the picture- That's our autism, not the Hollywood Autism.
Blessings to all!
G. Martinez


Does anyone have trouble with reducing sugar around their house?

I did it off and on and just for awhile with the help of artificial sweeteners.

Ask me a question on those, I will know them. Ask me about the different kinds, I will know the answers. Ask me about mixing them together to use less of one kind and still reduce the chemical taste of another and again, I can answer.

I have bought books on how to stop the glucose spikes. We have followed the keto diet, low carb diet, protein power, weight watchers (fish five times a week), fasting, and intermittent diets. We've done them all, and have stayed with them; for long periods of times.

Yet; Still! There is this on going, undercurrent - obsession with birthday cake. Which extends to store baked boxes of anything of "Little Debbie" You get the idea. It is like water will always seek a downhill coarse.

What do I do?

L Land

Last time the power went out, the battery powered portable DVD player saved the evening! Thankful it had a full charge.

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