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Age of Autism is Aging

Autism RealityNote: we mean the ENTIRE age of autism. Not just us. Though we're getting older too. To quote Fleetwood Mac.

By Anne Dachel

Remember the REALLY BIG LIE ABOUT AUTISM is that it’s nothing new. No matter what the latest rate is, it’s always been that across the population. Autism has never been anything to worry about despite being a condition with none known cause, cure or prevention.

We’ve been trained to be aware of autism, to accept autism and now celebrate it as just another part of all the neurodiversity all around us.

Despite the surreal spin on autism currently, the truth will come out. There’s no way to avoid it.

We’re barely able to deal with growing numbers of children with autism. Now imagine the not too distance future when millions of these children with autism become young adults with autism with no place to go.

Back in 1975 IDEA, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, extended special education services to age 21. Some states are already moving that to age 22. In 2014 the U.K. went to age 25. Having disabled young adults in school with teenagers is happening simply because they don’t have enough programs for them when they leave school.

This is nothing but kicking the can down the road a little. The dark future is still there, ready to overpower us.

Nothing for the adults

A truly heartbreaking story from Ireland shows what’s coming.

(Remember that officially one in every 21 students in school in Ireland has an autism diagnosis, according to this 2022 story. )

On Aug 6, 2023, the story, Families plead for more respite services for adult children was published by RTE.

Here a lone mother with an adult son with autism is desperate about shrinking services and about her son’s future. She and others like her are an aging population with disabled, dependent adult children who will have to be provided for.

VIDEO: Edward Moore is 30 years old. He has autism, and he loves airplanes. He also loves his day service.

Weekend respite offered him independence, but those weekends have been reduced.

His mother, Angelina, is no longer able to cope. Her health has deteriorated and she needs help.

Angelina: His respite has been cutback to two. It was six, and he lives for those.

There’s 500 on the catchment area here for residential, and Edward isn’t even on that list.

What chance has my son got if they’re telling me he isn’t even on a list.

This is a stockpiling crisis. Do people need to fall before they get any help?

Senator Tom Clonan: Angelina and Edward’s situation is just one of hundreds and hundreds across the country, and there’s nothing for them. There’s no support. …

Reporter: These packages are in greater demand than ever before.

Latest figures from the Health Research Board show there’s over 1,700 people need residential care now or within the next five years.

Over 1,300 people require overnight respite.

Alison Harnett, CEO, National Federation of Voluntary Providers: While the shortage of respite unfortunately is a symptom of a much broader and very serious problem and that problem is the lack of planning for residential support needs for people with disabilities over past decades.

For instance in our services which support people with intellectual disability and autism, last year we reported more than fifteen hundred families where the person was supported by a family carer over the age of 70, and more than 450 of those family carers were over the age of 80.

Reporter: The agency said additional services are being developed this year supported by a commitment from government with additional funding. In the meantime, parents like Angelina worried that they’ll die before they see their children in residential care. And at 62 years of age, without further respite for Edward, Angelina doesn’t foresee herself alive into her 80s.

Angelina: I love my son and I give everything with the heart and a half, but I know I’m going to pass and I know he knows it and he’s  looking for reassurance mommy is going to be there for me.

I want to be able to say, look Edward, mommy’s kept her promise.

Why can’t autistic adults go where autistic adults have always gone? There surely are lots of services for them.

I knew an autism dad who questioned staff at the last IEP meeting for severely disabled daughter in high school. He asked what programs there would be for Sheryl when she was done with school.

He was told, they didn’t know, but they were sure there’d be something.

 If there is so little now, think about what’s coming.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.

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Anonymous Autistic

Your hormones have been messed with.
On purpose.
I was there back 40 years ago as I watched what vaccines did to my daughter.
You maybe happy, but it would have been better if you never had to go through it to begin with.


Anonymous Autistic

Since you are anonymous, I have no way to verify your claims. The Lord knows your true identity and needs. I pray he would bless you and give you peace.

Anonymous Autistic

Emma, What about grown, intelligent autistic adults who consent to this "mutilation" because their brain structures are physically different from non-transgender brains? I am a former de-transitioner and left the detrans movement, because I hated being a girl and had extreme depression and extreme, painful menstrual problems from being a girl. I want to be a man, and I have a male brain structure. I am also intersex (hyperandrogenism since age 18). I don't want to be 'cured' of my identity nor have a feminized brain anymore after having major depressive disorder from estrogen and progesterone, my brain requires androgens to function properly. It was horrible beyond words and estrogen makes my depression, ASD traits and obesity out-of-control. I have so many traumatic memories of my 'girl screams' and other girl-related autism issues, I want God to turn me into a man in this life and the next. I never want to be a woman or female ever again. I'm so sorry you think being transgender is innately "evil" but I can't keep living a painful and physically debilitating lie as a 'woman' as I have a male brain. I don't want God to 'detrans' me ever again after I 'detrans''d myself as a teen and it backfired. Banning and age-restricting consensual, informed HRT therapy is not "sanity/common sense" but a death sentence for us. I want God to turn me into a man forever. I'm sorry you think forced 'detransition' is ethical or doesn't violate patient rights. (I'm not Bill/Will but a completely different user).



Will there is nothing "liberal" about a child with autism or on the spectrum who cannot read or speak or fails to be able socialize. Some on the spectrum have ADD or ADHD.

These children and their parents are hurting. No one actually wants this disaster in their lives. Your comment is callused and indifferent. This mother in this story is a hero that needs help so that her fully grown son can survive. Are you a spine specialist too? People that are in their 6th decade of life often have spinal stenosis. Look that up.

Susan excellent comment


Psychiatrist Explains Why Autism and Gender Identity Are Connected
Also read the comment section.

This info makes it evident that "gender affirming surgery and drugs" are nothing but a moneymaking eugenics program to mutilate/sterilize autistic/vaccine injured people.
The brain injuries mess with sensory perception and much more. This can result in a sexual identity handicap. Read the comment section by autists.
Autism/vaccine injury is now off the charts, so it makes sense that "gender dysphoria" is too. Their confusion is heightened with the brainwashing "trans" public school curriculum.
Sick. Thank goodness I home schooled mine.
The President promotes this evil.


Check out this autism prevalence map for 2023. It shows the U.S. rate at 1 in 124.

"Tracking the rates of autism around the world is a significant challenge for several reasons. First, there are no specific, uniform criteria for assessing and diagnosing autism. It cannot be confirmed with a blood test, brain scan, or any other objective exam. It has to be diagnosed through expert clinical observations of a person's behavior. Secondly, even if there were a straightforward yes/no test, many nations lack the resources to conduct assessments. Thirdly, many nations do not track or report their autism rates."

How can this "genetic" mystery disease be increasing exponentially? Globally?


I just watched Netflix’s The Reason I Jump (Sorry if I’m late to the party & it’s already been discussed here). There are some good things about the film. Love and care and understanding were definitely resounding themes which I thought was nice, and believe it or not there was actually some depiction of when autism is not a beautiful, magical, erudite existence complete with super powers. A documentary focusing on the sheer extent of the situation is definitely needed.

Even after all this time it still astounds me that so many believe autism’s causation is just one big mystery.

susan welch

Will, you may take autism stories with a grain of salt. However, despite the fact that you seem to deny hardship, very many thousands of amilies are struggling when their children age out of school. Because there are now so many young adults who are unable to cope on their own, sercies are dwindling.

You are, presumably, young and therefore do not remember a time when almost all young adults left school and secured jobs. This is how it was until 1990s whether you believe it or not. I was at school in the late 1940s/1950s and this problem did not exist. Very few people had even heard of autim of special needs.

Perhaps you shoulld do a little research?


I see our government denying the problem even when the parents die off and the adult with autism ends up as another homeless statistic. And the state will be fine with it. They will just collect more federal dollars to “fix” the homeless crisis. And they found a way to hide the autism crisis. Is that cynical enough? I have very little hope the government will fix this since they are a major player in the problem…


Not just the definition of "autism' but the definition of disability in general is so liberal that the terms "autism" and "disabled disability" means almost nothing too me. Now former alcoholics and supposed back injuries are diagnosed as disabilities and the patient may be considered "disabled enough" to be eligible for SSI and SSDI. I feel sorry for the persons and their family who are significantly disabled. I take many "autism" related stories with a grain of salt.

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