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Like Pearls Before Swine and H1N1 and Pandemic Flu

When Will Congress Hold Hearings on Our UAP? Unrelenting Autism Prevalence.

Alien puzzleBy Anne Dachel

Is anyone going to be held accountable for 20+ years of non-stop increases in the autism rate with no credible explanation for why these numbers never stop going up? 

I really want to know.

No member of the media will ever bring this up.

So why don’t we ask people running for elected office about the always expanding rate of autism?

Shouldn’t every candidate be concerned about something impacting so many children and their families, especially those running for the office of President of the United States?

Here’s what’s been happening to autism over the last 20 years.

(FYI, Asperger Syndrome, or mild autism, was added in 1994, so “widening the definition” hardly applies.)

In 2002 the rate was one in every 250 children.

In 2004 it was one in 166 children, one in 102 boys.

In 2007 it was one in 150 children, one in 92 boys.

In 2009 it was one in 110 children, one in 68 boys.

In 2012 it was one in 88 children, one in 54 boys.

In 2014 it was one in 68 children, one in 42 boys.

In 2018 it was one in 59 children, one in 36 boys.

In 2020 it was one in 54 children, one in 33 boys.

In 2021 it was one in 44 children, one in 27 boys.

In 2023 it is one in 36 children, one in 22 boys.

Reports from other places are truly shocking. 

California: One in 22 children, one in 14 boys.    

Ireland: One in 21 children, one in 13 boys

Northern Ireland: One in 20 children, one in 12 boys.

Throughout all these increases, no federal health official has ever referred to autism as a CRISIS. ‘Serious public health concern’ is the strongest language I seen when it comes to autism.

No federal health official has ever raised an alarm about autism and demanded that we focus on the environmental triggers behind these continuous increases. If 30 percent of children with autism were progressing normally as babies and then lost learned skills, regressing into autism, shouldn’t we be studying what happened to them?

Here’s a sampling of how little U.S. health officials really care about children disabled with autism.

The updates in the autism rate over 20 years always came with a disclaimer from experts and health officials telling us that the number didn’t mean more kids had autism. We are also to assume that Americans across the population are affected at the same rate as the eight-year-olds in the CDC’s studies, even though no research has been able to find a comparable rate among adults.


Autism disorders are "more common than previously believed," affecting about one in 150 8-year-olds in the 14 states studied, says the CDC.

That's higher than previous CDC estimates of up to one in 166 children….

CDC officials pointed out that the new figures don't represent all U.S. children, or show whether autism is increasing in the U.S.

But the CDC's study was designed to provide "more consistent and reliable estimates," says the CDC's Marshalynn Yeargin-Allsopp, MD.

"Our estimates are becoming better and more consistent, though we can't yet tell if there is a true increase in ASDs or if the changes are the result of our better studies," says CDC director Julie Gerberding, MD, MPH, in a CDC news release.

2009, San Diego Union-Tribune: NEW RATE, ONE IN 110 CHILDREN

Until recently, the CDC had been saying autism occurred in 1 in 150 children. The new CDC estimate looks at 8-year-old children who had been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder in 2006….

The increase may be due in part to better diagnosis and changes in how well records were kept in the study sites, said Catherine Rice, a CDC behavioral scientist who worked on the new report.

“At this point it’s impossible to say how much is a true increase and how much is identification,” she said, in a Friday news conference.

Doctors do not know what causes autism, but have been investigating possible genetic and environmental triggers. Results from the environmental research are still years away, Rice said.

2012, Atlanta Journal Constitution: NEW RATE, ONE IN 88 CHILDREN

At the new 2008 prevalence rate of one in 88 American children, autism costs the U.S. $137 billion a year. It has been estimated that 45% of Americans with autism have an intellectual disability. The lifetime cost for each person who has an intellectual disability related to autism is $2.3 million, Knapp and Mandell estimate.

Why Is Autism on the Rise?

Why the huge increase in autism? That isn't clear. A number of factors likely contribute to the increase, says Coleen A. Boyle, PhD, director of the CDC National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities.

"We know that some of it is due to how children with autism are identified and served in their local communities," Boyle tells WebMD. "We do feel doctors are getting better at diagnosing autism. … But we don't know how much is due to better identification and diagnosis, how much is due to availability of services, and how much is a true rise in prevalence."

2014, Reuters: NEW RATE, ONE IN 68 CHILDREN

As many as one in 68 U.S. children have autism, a 30 percent increase in just two years, U.S. health officials said on Thursday, but experts think the rise may simply reflect that parents and doctors are getting better at recognizing and diagnosing the disorder.

Experts were largely unfazed by the latest numbers, which they say do not necessarily suggest increasing prevalence.

“It’s not that surprising because as people get more aware, the prevalence has always increased in a psychiatric disorder,” Dr Thomas Frazier, director of Cleveland Clinic Children’s Center for Autism, said in a telephone interview….

Coleen Boyle, director of the CDC’s National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, said while the report does not explain why rates are rising, it does give some clues….

 “It could be doctors are getting better at identifying these children; it could be there is a growing number of children with autism at higher intellectual ability, or it may be a combination of better recognition and increased prevalence,” Boyle said.


About 1 in 59 children in the United States live with autism spectrum disorder, according to a report published today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that tracks autism in 11 communities across the country. That's a higher number than the previous estimate, released in 2016, which found 1 in 68 children in the U.S. have autism….

Experts can't yet tell from the report whether autism is actually on the rise or whether the new numbers are due to improvements in recognizing and diagnosing the condition.

"It's a significant increase," Dr. Thomas Frazier, the chief science officer at Autism Speaks, told CBS News. "Part of the increase is due to the fact that we have reduced disparities both in terms of identifying girls with autism and also African-Americans and Hispanic children with autism. But also part of the increase we are just not sure exactly why that is happening."…

Researchers from the CDC agree that some of the increase may be due to improved identification of autism cases in minority populations. While data shows autism is still more common in white children, the number is growing in Hispanic and black children. …

…"The higher number of black and Hispanic children now being identified with autism could be due to more effective outreach in minority communities and increased efforts to have all children screened for autism so they can get the services they need."


2020, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health: NEW RATE, ONE IN 54 CHILDREN 

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health contributed to a new U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that finds the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) among 11 surveillance sites as 1 in 54 among children aged 8 years in 2016 (or 1.85 percent). This is a 10 percent increase from the most recent report two years ago when it was 1 in 59, and the highest prevalence since the CDC began tracking ASD in 2000….

Rates have been rising dramatically in the past three decades, but researchers do not know how much of this rise is due to better detection or an increase in “true” cases or both. Technical factors that may be contributing to an increase in ASD include increased awareness, screening, diagnostic services, treatment and intervention services, better documentation of ASD behaviors, and changes in diagnostic criteria….

“We need to know how many children have ASD in order to prepare our communities and services systems,” says Li-Ching Lee, PhD, ScM, a psychiatric epidemiologist with the Bloomberg School’s departments of Epidemiology and Mental Health and the principal investigator for Maryland-ADDM.


2021, Waiserman Center, UW, Madison: NEW RATE, ONE IN 44 CHILDREN

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recently released 2021 Community Report on Autism found that the prevalence of autism among eight-year-old children is continuing to increase. The report, which is based on data collected in 2018 by the CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network, estimates that 1 in 44 eight-year-old children were identified with autism. This is an increase from the last report which estimated the prevalence to be 1 in 54. These numbers are based on the 11 sites across the United States that the ADDM Network monitors….

“We feel that likely one of the main reasons the prevalence of autism is increasing is improved awareness,” Maureen Durkin, PhD, professor of population health sciences and pediatrics and a Waisman Center investigator, says. “More and more pediatric specialists are being trained to identify and treat autism. The tools for identifying children with developmental concerns have improved and there’s just greater awareness.”…

“For many years, autism was kind of an invisible issue. It wasn’t really on the radar much as a public health concern,” Durkin says. “Once you see the prevalence numbers from this kind of public health surveillance, you can’t just ignore them. 


New data from the CDC shows more children than ever before are being diagnosed with Autism. However, researchers cautioned that the rise in diagnoses doesn't necessarily mean autism spectrum disorder is becoming more common.

CBS News: CBS News 1 in 36 Philadelphia

A new CDC report shows one in 36 children identified with an autism spectrum disorder in the United States an increase from one in 44 children in 2018…

"A lot of the increase is likely due to changes in practice, improvements in early detection, availability of services," CDC's child development and disability branch chief Matt Maenner said

The truth is, autism can never be increasing. There is too much at stake. There is so much science now linking vaccines to the development of autism that the only thing that matters is the claim of NO REAL INCREASE. 

IF autism has always affected the human population at whatever the current rate is, then tripling the childhood schedule had nothing to do with it.

It would seem that a comparison of never vaccinated and fully vaccinated children to see if autism was equally found in both groups would solve the matter, but no official has ever wanted to look.

Instead, the people in charge at the CDC take no real interest in what autism is doing to kids and merely call for early diagnosing and more intervention.

My question to those getting billions to run health care in America is simple:


I really want to know.

When will the rate stop increasing? When will doctors finally diagnose all the autistic kids correctly?

Should we just expect any new update in the rate is only temporary? This is clearly the pattern over the last 20 years.

Eventually will it be one in every two U.S. children?

When will every child be autistic?

For two decades the American people seemingly have bought all the lies about autism and its increases.

Now we have to lie to ourselves if we’re going to live with the epidemic of autism.

We have to accept that no increase is real. We have to normalize autism.

We have to pretend that children have always been affected like this, but for some reason, no one paid attention.

We have to train teachers, police, and fire fighters about autistic people while saying that autism has always been here.

We have to be content with the fact that any newborn could end up on the spectrum since there’s no way to prevent autism.

We have to learn to celebrate autism and other forms of “neurodiversity.” 

The people working at any public venue will have to be trained to deal with people on the spectrum. We see this beginning now, and we’re told it’s because we’ve become “sensory friendly.”

We can see what all the neurologically damaged children are doing to schools, now image their impact as adults. How are we going to support all the autistic young adults at the same time there are ever-increasing numbers of affected children?

I really want to know?  

I’d like every politician running for office to respond please.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



Once again, they are NOT protesting about the AUTISM EPIDEMIC....
Guess who is funding them?


W John Martin;
Just one more thing tacked on to the all the adjuvant questions. One more thing that might add on to additional on going inflammation.

There have been plenty of articles written here on "Age of Autism" Plenty of comments.

Written article on what you want us to know, and submit it to the editors. Kim, John Stone, and see if they will publish it.

Or write something in the comments.


Emma when you think about Kentucky; you joked with me that I should be use to un made beds.

Typhoid vaccines were given every fall to every school age child, prior to WWII, and a decade or two after that big war. It all started right after WWI.

How do I know? My Mother told me, that the county doctor with his nurse came to visit their one room school house each fall. they could smell the alcohol wharfing through the air , a long ways before this county medical team actually showed up. THs was done in the Appalachians and the Ozarks only. Typhoid was an on going problem in those areas, because of flash floods rising fast over improperly managed out houses. If only the medical team showed up with information on just how important it was to do your out houses the right way.

My Mother's little red headed friend had seizures every once in a while, during her youth. .

What are the stereotypes that you well know about the Appalachian people?
Do they seem to be similar to the mosaic forms of autism?


" would be so helpful to go back even further, as Gayle suggests, to the 80s and 90s to show even more clearly the exponential and totally unnatural increase in rates in our lifetime."

I had the same thoughts. I also wanted to see a vaccine development timeline to compare. Here's what I found: (This shows how rare it was in early '70's)">"> (Typhoid fever symptoms are similar to what one of mine experienced after age 15 mos. round of childhood vaxes. Same shots as Hannah Poling. They are the same age.)
This is just a start. Many rabbit holes to go down. The flow of events from the headwaters will reveal the truth.

W John Martin

There ought to be at least some individuals within the Age of Autism community willing to work towards a better understanding of stealth adapted viruses and the Alternative Cellular Energy (ACE) Pathway. Published articles on these topics are readily available on the Internet. Interested individuals could then help raise the topic with Federal and State Public Health officials. They could also potentially assist in optimizing the available approaches to enhancing the ACE pathway in neurologically impaired children. Inquiries are always welcomed.


Thanks Emma for the link.
He is some head of a PR firm. What an impressive sounding job. Autism is awesome with a new set of abilities that comes with each problem just like magic. Reminds me of Darren's life was Samatha in "Bewitched"

High Tea at Aunth Morag's

These numbers of children affected with very specific issues -problems- difficulties is truly mind boggling.
A neighbour has been waiting 7 years to be allocated a suitably qualified practitioner /support worker
to assist with Care Plan Coordination and Person Centred Planning Essentials For a 13 year old .
No ongoing assessment =No obligation for providers of services to offer specific support , no support will be provided without an assessment of needs evaluation first being carried out = failure on top of injury disaster. Assessment of ongoing atrocity urgently needed !
This family was directed towards ,
Helen Sanderson Associates .
HSA -Person -Centred /Personalisation /Consultancy
A Dream -A Plan -A Map ! using Reverse Reset Goal Planning Utensils Essentials !
Captain Sensible -Happy Talk [singalong version ] YouTube

sarah i

Thank you for compiling this data. When possible, it would be so helpful to go back even further, as Gayle suggests, to the 80s and 90s to show even more clearly the exponential and totally unnatural increase in rates in our lifetime. It is getting harder to find numbers pre-2000 but that is an essential part of the tragedy. I was a middle school teacher in 1995l; 165 kids in my pod and none with autism.


Thanks Anne, is there a financial breakdown of just how much is billed to insurance companies for vaccines at each well baby visit ?

As we all know, no one never sees these charges on any medical bill.


The increasing huge number of cases of autism since my son was diagnosed at four in 1990 is staggering. This is a huge tragedy for our children/adults getting such a rare diagnosis that was once 1 in 1,000. We never saw anyone with autism when I was growing up in the 50s, 60s and 70s and the first time I ever heard the word was when the movie Rain Man came out before my son was even diagnosed. The families of the victims of this illness-disease-neurological-medical condition are left to pay the price to try and care for their children as best they can for the rest of their lives. We need pharmaceutical and research companies to do clinical trials on medications that could have the potential to reverse and cure this terrible disease process NOW. Time is passing quickly and the rates will continue to increase if this is allowed to continue at the current pace. Please read Dr. Michael Goldberg's book "The Myth of Autism," published by Skyhorse Publishing!


Don't say autism if you want to win in that vaccine court.

You say instead a fancy name for brain swelling.

Swollen brains come from swollen inflamed blood vessels leakind and bleeding.
Vaccines swells the brain, by swelling the blood vessels.

Such blood vessels are going to leak if not burst open. .
This bleeding in the brain and how it effects people all depends on which, and where the blood vessels leaked and bled, and how much.

It is back to the article on Age of Autism: "Inflammation Highway"

My brother-in-law recently had two brain bleeds on the top of his brain. He now has two cysts there. During the bleeding he was not able to talk or dress himself. He was ealier out shoveling snow with his neighbors' this winter, during a record snowfall in the California mountains.

HIs two brain bleeds have now become cysts. Those cysts are in the same place as what showed up in the MRI of my son when he was 12 or 13.

Cyst- what is that - well they are fluid filled. AND that fluid can be blood. Now what is this crap where they looked at autistic brains and they are the same as everybody else's? Said to all the parents at an autism parent meeting back 3 decades ago.

What is this ringing of the ears they all are talking about with a reaction to covid? Yeah, if cysts are in a certain area of the brain; it can cause ringing in the ears. A brain bleed.

What was that about frozen brains of children with autism all ruined from a freezer break down, what were they trying to hide? Brain bleeds and cysts. That simple. Looks like all of that would be hard to hide with MRI. It has been managed though.

It is pretty simple. We knew it would be.

Brain bleeds near the hypothalamus and we got mitochondrial disorders, thyroid, even confused gender stuff.

But do carry on with vaccines as they cause bleeding in the brain.

stomach problems; keep looking at the GI track when it is in the brain, like they did my mother.

This is insane. Or evil.


We know why Cali now has the highest state rates- Sen. Pan's vaccine mandate laws.
Is San Diego one of the highest rate cities because of all the military bases?

Anne, here's a San Diego news article to add to your Hall of Autism Shame collection:
"As about 1 in 22 local 8-year-olds are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, a new children’s book advocates acceptance"

Angus Files

Theres a new party in the UK,Reclaim UK which will talk about vaccination.

I see here in the UK referrals are approximately rising 36 percent per year.

Thanks Anne.

Pharma For Prison


mauine Meleck

Thanks Anne, as always. I saw in the San Diego paper that it's 1 in 9 boys(8 year olds) there.

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