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To Protect One Another

Vaxxed first signing screen shotBy Cathy Jameson

When Polly Tommey set out on the road a few years ago, she was determined to give families the chance to share their story.   Thanks to Polly and her mobile TV crew, so many people got to do that, including me.  My son’s name, among thousands of others, is on the VAXXED bus. 

Ronan vax bus name

Just a few days ago, I read an article announcing that Polly Tommey would be back on the road again.  She’s determined to help even more people tell their story.  She’s also very fast!  I hadn’t signed up for any alerts, but while prepping this post late Friday night, I saw that she had started documenting stories for the new VAX-UNVAX bus.

Come September… Children's Health Defense’s year-long “Vax-Unvax” bus tour…will travel the U.S. with the aim of raising awareness of vaccine harms by gathering stories from the vaccine-injured.  Updates of the tour and knowing where the VAX-UNVAX bus will be can found on the CHD  site.

The Latest Video, posted July 28th, chronicles a few familiar names.  It also introduces us to some people who were injured by Pfizer and Moderna covid vaccines.  The first story was of 16 year old Ernesto Ramirez, Jr.  Days after getting the Pfizer vaccine, Ernesto passed away. Signing his name on the bus was his father, who emotionally shared, “I do this to honor my son, and I know he’d want me to protect…other kids.  That’s the reason I do this.  We have to protect one another.”

Watch Video of Parents Signing The Bus. Somber. But Always Ready To PROTECT Another.

Have your own covid vaccine-injury story?  Reach out to the bus tour to share it

The first signatures are already on the bus.  With how relentlessly vaccines are pushed, especially those covid ones, I have a feeling that there will be so many more added.  To Ernesto and the countless others we will learn about in the coming months, we are sorry. 

Vax bus first sig ernesto

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


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Gerardo Martinez

Great Article. Bravery and courage so abundant on this site. With you,Ms. Rossie, Ms. Polley, Ms. Teresa, Ms. Hayes and countless others. That is our mission now information. Information to prevent another Vax injury/death. Thanks AoA!

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