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Sudden Onset Self-Injury and Autism - The Dark Reality

WeepHis name is Connor. His name is every boy and girl name you can dream up. Grandmother feels "She is failing him..."  She isn't.  But we know who did. We know who continues to fail all the Connors of the world. Yesterday, I toured a group day program. If it was a kennel, you'd think twice. Dark secrets are everywhere.  It's up to US to disinfect them with harsh light.  This is why we exist.  Anne Dachel immerses herself in this darkness EVERY DAY. It's like being an FBI profiler for the worse crimes.  Kim

By Anne Dachel

A story from East Peoria, Illinois really impacted me recently. On July 19th I saw the headline, Family still faces tough choices to help 10-year-old boy with autism, self-harming

View the video here.

This is what the video said:

News 25: We told the Goodwin family’s story back in April when 10 year old Connor started self-harming for reasons they can’t understand. They’re trying to chase down the cause of his behavior, trying different methods and medications to keep him safe.

Now they believe he needs a live-in care facility, and it’s another challenge to find one to fit his needs in the state of Illinois.

Grandmother: “We just feel like we are failing him 100 percent, but we don’t know what to do.”

News 25: This has been Carol Goodwin’s life recently. Her 10 year old grandson Connor has autism. He was doing well for most of his life, even attending school .

In just over a year, he started hitting himself on the head leading to bruises and cuts on his face. …

Connor is essentially in need of 24/7 care. His family is looking for a facility that can take him in, but keep finding dead ends in Illinois.

Grandmother: “…They’re full.”

Chuck Hartseil, Consultant, Advocate: “Central Illinois really does not have many residential facilities available within it.”

News 25: It’s at least a six month process to apply to a facility and a long road if you need to seek help outside Illinois. Options are limited in order to get that care funded by the state….

Grandmother: “He can’t be the first one. And if he is, let’s do something to make sure he’s the only one, because if there’s more children out there doing this, then the parents are feeling what we are feeling, absolutely worthless to this child.”


He was doing well? He was attending school?

WHY did Connor suddenly reverse and can no longer go to school and is now continuously hitting himself?

With no answers, the parent’s only recourse is to institutionalize this little boy.

How is the medical community trying to help him?  We’re not told.

This is the tragedy of our time, and it’s only going to continue.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


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L land

In my narrow experience, behavior issues many times relate to undiagnosed medical issues like dental, GI, strep


This is heartbreaking.
This looks like a recent neurological injury.
I agree with your suspicions Marianna. Vaccine status and timing should always be checked in the Age of Covid.

Angus Files

The 6 year olds wearing motorbike helmets to school and at home to stop them doing harm to themselves....it was always there just better diagnosis zzzzzz....

Thanks Anne

Pharma For Prison



So - he was doing okay, in school, until about a year ago. So, what changed around that time?

How much do you want to bet that he took the Fauci ouchie, perhaps to stay in school and continue receiving his services?

So how’s that working out for this poor child and his family?

Not holding my breath for the job / career losses, Nuremberg 2.0 style trials, punitive fines, and jail time / death penalty deserved by all those complicit in the destruction of this innocent generation.

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