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Neurodiversity in a World of Disability

Cui bono
By Anne Dachel

I recently posted 15 stories on Loss of Brain Trust from over three days, July 10th to 12th, and all were about places becoming “sensory friendly” and “neurodiverse.”

They were cheery pieces from the U.S., Ireland, the U.K., about a restaurant, a library, a water park, a hospital, a summer camp, a store and lots of other places, ALL providing accommodations for autism and the other neurological conditions kids are living with today. Everyone was extremely happy about it.

It’s clear; autism is no longer seen as a disability. Kids with autism are just differently-abled and we need to provide for them. Then everything will be fine.

That’s the message

All I could think, seeing these stories, was that there is a master plan here.

IMAGINE that you produced a medical product that was universally accepted as beneficial AND essential, but this product also had serious, pervasive side effects, including one that was highly visible.

WHAT would you do, especially if you didn’t want there to be widespread recognition of the damage?

HOW would you continue marketing the product and keep the profits coming while downplaying the injury?


FIRST OF ALL, you’d get total control of the narrative.

You would ingrain the benefits of this product into the general population: It saves lives and is absolutely safe.

ANYONE disparaging your product would be attacked as dangerous. There must be no dissent.

SECOND, you would have to disprove the damage that resulted from your product. That could be done by using the media to promote phony studies testifying to product safety. The media could also be helpful in discrediting any naysayers.

THIRD, you would have to rationalize product side effects as something else. You could claim the injuries were nothing new, professionals were simply better at noticing them.

FOURTH, you would downplay the damage as merely mild differences from typical people. You could do this by highlighting the resulting condition as something to celebrate. Perhaps even have a whole month dedicated to the damage. An easily recognized emblem could make people feel that we all care about those who have this condition.

FINALLY, you would do everything possible to make people with this injury feel a part of society. NORMALIZE IT! Special accommodations would have to be universally promoted and rewarded.



I think back over the past 25 years and ALL the autism groups I’ve been connected with locally. I’ve known many very desperate parents whose children were not getting help at school and didn’t qualify for health insurance coverage. I have no idea where most of those kids ended up, but throughout it all, I never heard parents demand answers. Mostly they were begging for help, sometimes in tears.

How did my child get autism?  How come I didn’t know anyone with autism when I was growing up?  Those are questions I did not hear anyone ask.

I remember one mom figured that autism was always out there, we just didn’t see it. She told me, “They used to keep these kids at home.”

Being a teacher, I heard others say things like, “These kids come with so many issues from home,” as if autism was still seen the effect of bad parenting.

WHEN health officials, doctors, news reporters ALL tell parents that this condition is genetic, nothing can prevent it, just live with it— most people do.

The corporate interests that control what we’re told are not troubled by the monumental changes autism is responsible for.

And it’s only going to continue.

Earlier this year, on March 23rd the upgrade in the autism rate to one in 36 children was announced.  https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2023/p0323-autism.html#:~:text=One%20in%2036%20(2.8%25),1%20in%2044%20(2.3%25).

There was merely a press release from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that was picked up by a handful of news outlets.

I did not see any official on camera once again declaring the new numbers. There was no press conference. It seems it wasn’t that big a deal.

Whenever there’s a new rate, it’s always attributed to better diagnosing, broader definition, greater awareness. ALWAYS!

AND we’re all conditioned to see this rate, like all the past announcements, to be temporary.

Everyone fully expects one in 30 or one in 25 by next year or the year after.

I did notice that CBS News Philadelphia cited someone from Atlanta in their brief news story.


"A lot of the increase is likely due to changes in practice, improvements in early detection, availability of services," CDC's child development and disability branch chief Matt Maenner said.

Reporter Stephanie Stahl, who wrote the piece, seemed to attribute to increase from one in 44 kids to one in 36 to finding more autism among minority students.

She wrote, “For the first time, autism is being diagnosed more frequently in Black and Hispanic children than in White kids according to a new report released Thursday from the CDC.”

What Stahl did not do was to ask Matt Maenner right out, “WHEN WILL THESE INCREASES FINALLY STOP?”



That’s what I would ask. That makes sense.


How can any rational person continue to accept this nonsense?###

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High Tea at Auntie Morag's

Thank you Anne Dachel, The "Babble-ism " sector need a Plain language Format Translation !
The NHS Greater Glasgow Health Board 1070.s called it "The Cinderella Sector" the frail elderly , learning disabilities /learning difficulties ,psycho-geriatric division ?
Who were the first people tae get slapped with Do Not Resuscitate [DNR] Standing orders from pen-flickers Assessment of Person- Centred Care Plans !
Brains ,Buildings Combustable Cladding , Grenfell Tower London , Lithium batteries cars and power wheelchairs .New technologies with nae Fire Prevention Risk Assessment !

See https//childrenshealthdefense.org
Children's Health Defense
CHD-TV Lyme Disease and Autism with Dr Lee Cowden MD
And Dr ,Cowden Bio - Dr Lee Cowden.com
Click on Resources
Documentary https//thephaser.com/2023/05 stew-peters-presents--the-documentary-final days . By The Phaser May 31 2023

Red Hot Chilli Pipers & Tom Walker - Leave A Light On - Live 2019 YouTube

Anita donnelly

Much of what you cite are legal tactics.
Imagine a court case where someone is kidnapped then brutally murdered and you are in the jury.
What if the defense lawyer said;
-the victim had terminal cancer and were about to die anyhow (minimizing the loss)
--the victim's parents (or spouse) were not paying attention when she got kidnapped because they were fat and old (minimizing the compassion for the bereaved) (blaming the victim)
-- the victim was always doing dangerous things and something was bound to happen to her (minimizing the responsibility --it was inevitable
--the killer really is a great guy and has saved many puppies. And if you lock him up you are killing puppies (exonerating the culprit)
--are we sure she wasn't coincidentally murdered by walking into the knife ? (Blaming the victim)

All are bogus but are techniques used by defense lawyers.

Angus Files

Thanks Anne exact as always.One day the mighty Pharma will fall I hope I see it.

Pharma For Prison


susan welch

I endose Maurine's comments. Thank you, Anne.


Excellent article Anne. Could you research the articles on autism from before 1986? What is their frequency? This would help demonstrate that this is something NEW. Also, check out special ed text books from before 1986. My sister, a special ed major who retired a few years ago, only learned about special ed for Down's Syndrome, NOT autism. She didn't begin to see autism cases in her California school until after 1986. Her Down's Syndrome population almost completely disappeared soon after that time due to the prenatal testing. Even though it could have false positives, doctors convinced mothers to abort these babies. We must always counter the "better diagnosing " response with "how did we go from 1/10,000 cases before 1986 to 1/30-35 in 2023?" Why is no one interested in this EPIDEMIC? Why has the most obvious culprit, vaccines, been ruled out? What other explanation is there? With this many "misdiagnoses" why haven't thousands of doctors been sued for fraud?

This is a very important research paper:

Measles Vaccination Before the Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccine
This involves the JFK Administration.
The early 1960's would have been a good time to invest in Merck and Pfizer. It is interesting that RFK Jr's biggest detractor is his sister, Kerry Kennedy, who is president of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, the family non-profit. They also push vaccines.

Was RFK Jr. not aware of the possibility that his conversation was not "off the record?"
Did he want this "triggering" news to get out, knowing the consequences? He did cite the research paper confirming his assertions, but it is behind a paywall. I know this kind of research was going on in South Africa during apartide. Another explanation for Covid 19 jab reaction frequencies could be related to the discovery that specific lot numbers resulted in deaths, another few resulted in adverse, but not deadly events, and the largest number of lots had NO ADVERSE EVENTS, as if it was a placebo. We already know that lot numbers can be directed as to who they go to...

mauine Meleck

As always, thank you Anne. Your reporting is first class.

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