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Happy July 4th, 2023!

Freedom!! A sampling below of what so many of us face while we fight for fairness, equity, equality and freedom.  Keep the faith, friends. Enjoy your day, wherever you are. Even our UK friends. šŸ˜œ

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You must be making bank. You are the perfect pharma "influencer".

You never commented on all that office square footage going to waste. I believe NYC is
housing some of the border crossers flooding the city in unleased office spaces. Tax payers get to foot the bill and bail out the bad real estate investors. Why can't they house autistic adult CITIZENS on the public dole?

Did you watch the video? It will answer your questions about about Kleinfelters and Turners syndrome, very rare birth defects. I think every diagnosed transgender should also be tracked if they also have an autism diagnosis. This is a new and growing phenomenon that should be studied. Are vaccines damaging the brain sex hormone glands? Is some of the growth due to elementary school propaganda influence?

Severe cases of autism don't appear until after 1987. I wonder what caused that? 1 in 10,000 cases of autism before 1986 to 1 in 30 in 2023 is not due to genetics or over diagnosis. As I have said, if psychologists/doctors are that bad at diagnosing, they should be sued for fraud.


Emmaphilidelphia I do not know or care if that person has autism or not you are a absurd women always rambling about transgender and autism. 80 out of 8 million people with autism are transgender so what. Autism is a condition that can be quite mild or very severe that related to social skills and speech delays etc. Autism has very little if anything to do with transgender controversy. I was born in 1990 and diagnosed at age 10 . This decade was when autism was not quite as over diagnosed by it was starting to become slowly over diagnosed in the early 2000s. I was given a diagnosis by a specialized pediatrician not a nominal psychologist who are not a medical doctors.
About the transgender issue, what about Kleinfelters and Turners syndrome. Those conditions render you intersexed and infertile and most patients have mild developmental disabilities. while I am sick of rare violent transgenders, but the more extreme 'anti transgender" violence is much worse like an extreme bigot murdering a "cisgender" or heterosexual person for mistaken them for a transgender based on appearance and behavior. I think there have even been a few victims of this kind of so-called anti transgender violence that had an intersex condition like Kleinfelters.
If you want a more coherent discussion and advocacy related to severe autism, contact the group "National Council on Severe Autism" I do not know of or care for all of their views but still they are a place to start a legitimate discussion.



Words of wisdom for you:
Man and Woman by Godā€™s Design | Voddie Baucham



Do you still claim to be autistic? Were you born before 1986? At what age were you diagnosed?

Do you think this person has autism?

There is plenty of space to house autistic adults. Just need a little remodeling.
Would you like the space station level? Watch out for Musk satellites!


I have made one post on transgenderism based on the interjection in the original post. That is not obsession. Your response to anyone who mentions it is more like an an obsession. The poster had recently also normalized transgender behavior in another post. It is an illness..There are mirrors for sale on Amazon if you would like help. Equity is a code for all this crap. Equality is fine. Equity is a political club and used by uninformed or deviant people.


To: Kennedy,
You like the person named emmaphilidelphia are obsessed on the transgender issue. This website is about autism not transgenders. We need to talk about autism and the lack of support from government and private entities to those with autism and their families There are intersexed people so there! And some have "autism".
What pisses me off is the lack of support to veterans especially minority and disabled veterans who have children or grandchildren with autism.
This 4 of July remember autism veteran's families!


Stop listening to theses idiots about about fundamentals. Men and women are very unique. You reject their science on vaccines but swallow their diatribes about gender. You lose so much credibility. Pandering about transgenders is slickening. Only fooling yourself thing you are virtuous on your own merit. Aiding some ones mental illness is not humane.

Angus Files

Hope you all had a good 4th of July.

Pharma For Prison


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