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Fable of Fauxtism

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, our account Twitter.com/AgeofAutism has been opened up to a larger audience. As you can see by the Tweet above, I make a LOT of friends every day.  LOL! We have less censorship. We see a lot more Tweets.  The "autism" in our name directs Tweets our way via some magic algorithm. We've been questioning self-diagnosis and identity neurodiversity for more than a decade. But today, there is a new twist. Autism has been merged with trans issues. The puzzle piece is considered offensive, replaced with a rainbow infinity symbol. If you search "autism trans" on Twitter you come up with a whole lot of accounts and Tweets from folks who claim to be both. I'm not denying anyone's real experience and the problems they face. I have to ask though, how did a DSM IV and V diagnosis become an identity to covet?

Of course, by questioning the autransm, some will brand me a bigot, or anti-trans. I have a trans person in my life. I have known him for 8 years. He is important to my daughters' safety and success. I am fond of him, and grateful for him, as I am for everyone who blesses my girls with kindness and care. I only found out he is trans last year. It did not phase me a bit. I respect and admire him without question. When I first moved to Connecticut in 2006, I frequented a tiny natural food store. There was a sweet young man named Omar who used to help me. He was gentle, tall, lithe and I thought he was gay. He was always kind to my girls as we lumbered through the small aisles. He disappeared, then one day, there he was! Except he was dressed as a woman, with full makeup. What did I know? I said to him, "Omar! It's so nice to see you! I have missed you!"  He quietly responded, "My name is Jasmine." And I said without skipping a beat, "Hi, Jasmine, I'm happy to meet you." She beamed as I pushed my cart away.

If someone is truly autistic and trans, mazel tov. I'm still going to ask WHY this sudden emergence. My daughters, maybe YOUR kids, have 10000000000000000000 needs, right? Funding is scarce. Good schools are crumbling. Adult services are non-existent. Support for those who can work and attend college is spotty. And let's face it, we parent caretakers are getting older and tired. Who benefits from FAUXtism?

DenialDenial: How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our Future

Authors Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted believe autism is new, that the real rate is rising dramatically, and that those affected are injured and disabled, not merely “neurodiverse.” They call the refusal to acknowledge this reality Autism Epidemic Denial. This epidemic denial blocks the urgent need to confront and stop the epidemic and endangers our kids, our country, and our future. The key to stopping the epidemic, they say, is to stop lying about its history and start asking "who profits?" People who deny that autism is new have self-interested motives, such as ending research that might pinpoint responsibility—and, most threateningly, liability for this man-made epidemic.



As long as they aren't physically harming me or anyone else, I don't care about caregivers' gender or race. I care about how they treat and care for those with ASDs and related "differences".

Even though my autism's not "severe" like many adult children mentioned here... my ASD's not mild either. It was its worst ages nine-14 for me, the same time period I attended all my life's short years of public 'school' for about three or four short grades.

Many kids (outside of school, of course) mistook my ASD for "HFA/Aspergers" even though I have a mild-moderate form of I.D. (called "developmental delay" now, in my papers at least). Many "retarded" people like me, don't always "appear dumb" or "act dumb" and therapies, especially since OT and occupational therapies, helped us to type and write what our mouths cannot say.

Bill Bradford

For perhaps 5 or more years now, I have been posting here as "Bill". (I have always used the same email, so AoA admins can check my facts....)....
Now, there seems to be a "new" "Bill"....
THAT'S NOT me, above.... Actually, I haven't posted a comment here in maybe a year or so....
So I'm gonna add my middle name, too....
Bill Bradford....
The whole "trans agenda", IMHO, is just the latest Globalist media propaganda control mechanism....
Witness the "stop oil" folks actually GETTING ARRESTED for daring to interrupt the rainbow parade!....
It's TOO EASY, to find online videos of people doing a poor acting job, PRETENDING to be trans, autistic, Tourette's, etc.... In 2023, "neurodiverse", & "gender diverse"/"non-binary", all, = "COOL"....
To me, cool is sad....


Could be that the next president is going to be McCathy.
Poloski well knows the game. Even as she tore up Trump's speech. She used all of her vote capital right there except for the most hard core Democratic people in this country Well they are needed to hide voter fraud. You got to have some to vote for you, you know.

My thoughts are that she resigned under what kind of pressure and by whom?
Yes, I know she had a personal crisis going on with the health of her husband. Now, how did the third person in line to being the president have a crazy man break into her home and hurt her husband?

Biden is under pressure right now with Hunter and being the big guy.
That leaves Harris. The cocaine packet. Oh please, why report on one of many? I have no doubt. Last night I saw some little short news report that there were only two exits on the West Wing that leads to what ever. One of those exits is where the vice president parks her car.

Tucker Carlson had plenty to say about McCarthy, and his corruption. Senator Gatz, now back from his battle with a serious, but fake attack on his character along with the few Republicans that are not RHINOS did not want McCarthy. Yet, McCarthy never stopped, he wanted that position in the House really bad. The agreement finally was that they can get rid of him when ever he shows his true colors. Such an agreement and effort! Was he looking to be president all along.

And the games in Washington D. C goes on to make sure they continue on their quest for us to have nothing but be happy.

1 in 35. I am having trouble getting some stone layers to fix my parents home. It is terrible high, but the old guys are wanting to retire and there are new guys. Soon I will have no money and the property tax will take all that I have.


Some body look into the Brazil thing on autism numbers, since BILL has decided to use it as a comparison for America on autism rates.
Brazil where they wanted to hold the Olympics, but had to make an effort to clear out the trash from their water ways that had flowed in from the nearby slums. So it was a big effort. Some athletes decided not to even compete if they had to be in that water.

Brazil, where every poor, pregnant woman was coerced into taking a DTaP and the next year there were a huge number of babies born with anencephaly. But it was that darn zika virus that had been endemic every where for a long time that caused it and not that DTaP. . CDC got on the TV and as they joyfully scared everyone they also showed that they knew how to pronounce the mosquitos that carried the Zike virus, aedes aegypti. As they rolled that name off their tongue so many times it became just silly. Aedes aegypti is not able to survive in the more cooer climates of the northern limits of the tropics like Florida. Never let a good crisis go to waste, make them afraid.

Let us compare the two. YEs, let us do that Bill.
Apparently the United State tyrants that have taken over our country through shaded forces like the CIA has thrown the election in Brazil too. They have protested, they have rioted but their leader that was for freedom is gone and they head off the way of Venezuela. And I am so very sorry because there is no counting of autism or anything else going on in Venezuela as people try to leave in search of food and medicine. .

High Tea at Auntie Morag's

Frankfurt School Critical Theory ,Critical Race Theory and Critical Gender Theory.
The caustic cauldren has been dropped on a unsuspecting public from a great height !
The Daily Sceptic
Article "Parent's fury after school hid autistic daughters trans hormone use "reports the Mail

Dr John Money and the sinister origins of gender ideology
5Feb 2023 by Lauren Smith
Simply Psychology
David Reimer and John Money gender re- assignment? 12 April 2023

Fashions have changed over what is considered valuable "Salvage "over the past one hundred years !
Whisky Galore Compton MacKenzie or
Chewin The Fat All Sock Puppets Sketches YouTube Swear Word Alert! responsible adult guidance required for age group 12to 16 year olds !

Check your letters for style over substance at ;

Diversity Style Guide - Helping Media professionals write with accucracy and authority . Oh What 1

Angus Files

Its as if were playing rock, paper, scissors but with a twist trans, autism, feminism ? Trans trumps it all, and dont forget it...

Even the Just Stop Oil protesters that have been strangling London to death for years now,because the Police are scared to arrest them, Well the oil protesters, got shown where they rank in the game...arrested.

Just Stop Oil protesters disrupt London Pride over ‘polluting’ sponsors


Pharma For Prison




In a previous post you claimed to have autism. Were you born before 1986?
At what age were you diagnosed?


I partially agree with this article. The trans gender movement has little to do with autism and Age of Autism seem finally ready to admit autism is over-diagnosed. Sadly, many legitimate "autism parents" face harassment from many people and most of the harassers are not transgender advocates but people who blame that parent for the child's condition and those people who claim the parents are lying for money and attention about their child's condition.
I wonder what the diagnostic criteria for autism in the United Brazilian States. Brazil is a federalized country made up mostly of European immigrants and also slave decedents that speaks a European language and is very large and in the western hemisphere. This is the only other country in the world comparable to the US in terms of that country's historic facts. Autism seems rare in Brazil thanks to "conservative" diagnostic criteria.

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