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Autism Is Rapacious and Will Bankrupt Education, Social Security and Families

Autism money magnetCheery, yes? And true.

By Anne Dachel

I’m starting to see stories in the news that are a preview of how everything will eventually collapse. This is inevitable.  We can’t have this level of disability among our kids everywhere and not have the cost eventually bankrupt us.

Loss of Brain Trust is about what’s happening in our schools. You can’t have tens of thousands of kids on waitlists for ASD diagnoses, you can’t be building whole schools for autistic students, you can’t have counties in England going into huge deficit spending because of the cost of special education, and you can’t have autism rates at 5 percent of students (like in CA, NI, and Ireland) and not have it permanently change society.

I have long said that it won’t be until the COST OF AUTISM buries us that we’ll finally honestly address the CAUSE OF AUTISM.

Imagine what will happen  in the next few years as more and more and more disabled kids leave school with no place to go. Imagine what will happen as aging parents can no longer care for these adult children.

In 2014 the U.K. officially extended special education to age 25. I’m guessing that was done because there is simply nothing for all these disabled young adults after leaving school. It was Britain’s attempt to kick can down the road.

While I’m mostly focused on EDUCATION on Loss of Brain Trust, I can’t help but notice the stories about ADULT SERVICES and that growing crisis. THIS IS WHAT WILL COLLAPSE THE HOUSE OF LIES ABOUT AUTISM.

We’ve bought into the REALLY BIG LIE ABOUT AUTISM—that there has always been autism everywhere like we see in our children, we just didn’t notice, or we just called it something else.

It’s the perpetual official explanation every time the rate leaps upward.

Of course if that were true, we would have experience dealing with autism. We’ve had IDEA for almost 50 years now, so we would have had these kids in school, even if we didn’t call their disability AUTISM.

QUESTION: If autism has always been here, why do we have to train health care staff, EMTs, police, fire fighters, and teachers etc. to deal with autism?

That question is not allowed.

BUT what can’t be avoided is the coming cost of ADULT CARE. Right now, parents have to shoulder the burden of cost and care for all these autistic children. Right now, autism coverage is mostly about school age children.

ADD on to that the cost of adult services and care. I’m starting to look for these stories as well.

There was a sobering story on July 10th from Longmont, Colorado about a 13 year old with severe autism

CBS Colorado News: Dad abandons son with autism at Longmont hospital and human service workers refuse to take custody

A 13-year-old boy with Autism has been forced to live at UCHealth Longs Peak Hospital in Longmont for three weeks after his dad abandoned him and human service workers told hospital employees it would take months to secure placement for the boy due to a lack of resources….

Madlynn Ruble with the Colorado Department of Human Services said while the state is working to increase residential treatment, it lacks options for children with highly complex medical and behavioral health needs, due in part to a lack of providers.

When I saw the Colorado story, I immediately remembered something similar from Canada that I wrote about ten years ago.

May 3, 2013, Age of Autism Heartbreaking Story: Adult Son with Autism Left to State

It was a story about parents who turned their autistic son, who functioned on the level of a two year old, over to social services because they could no longer care for him.

IF autism has always been here, why aren’t there places for these disabled adults? Why do parents have to drop their children off?

WHY can’t young autistic adults go where autistic adults have always gone?

WHAT does that tell us about autism?

Here’s further proof that society is not prepared for the tsunami of autism that’s coming.

In Sherbrooke, Quebec, they’ve opening a home for autistic adults who have “lighter needs” and don’t require 24/7 care.

On July 5, 2023, in the U.K., a report was published about changes that have to happen in order to care for autistic adults.

On 5 July, a new report called Supported housing for people with learning disabilities and autistic people in England – commissioned from Housing LIN by the Learning Disability and Autism Housing Network, a coalition of more than 20 housing associations – was published with the aim of providing data, information and insight about supported housing for people with learning disabilities and autistic people.

The research provides a comprehensive evidence base of the scale, scope, cost and future need of supported housing. The report sets out clear recommendations that the network firmly believes will help address many of these issues. …

More funding needed

“Our call to government is to support new provision by increasing the level of capital funding and reforming the outdated rent standard that has stifled new public funded provision”

Over 80% of the supported housing provision in this sector is provided by housing associations.

The majority of tenants living in supported housing have significant support needs, with over 43% of people receiving over 100 hours a week of care and support.

Over 83% of supported housing tenants require higher levels of ‘specified’ housing benefit and over 58% live in specialised supported housing – which is exempt from the Rent Standard – where there are high levels of care and support and limited or no public capital subsidy.

Demand exceeding supply

Housing LIN estimate that more than 1,800 additional homes are needed each year over the next 15 years – that’s 27,000 individuals – which will require over £340m [$438M] per year of private and public funding. It is clear that even with increased grant funding, the sector requires significant input from private finance and needs to develop a model that supports new provision with private finance that is sustainable, reasonable and provides good-quality, secure housing for people.

The reality is that demand from individuals, their families and commissioners is exceeding supply and if we are going to respond to this need with quality housing and viable funding, things need to significantly change. Our call to government is to support new provision by increasing the level of capital funding and reforming the outdated Rent Standard that has stifled new public funded provision.

Also on July 10, 2023, there was a similar story about the need for adult care.

The Guardian: ‘We were inundated’: creating pioneering homes for autistic young adults

With growing numbers of parents increasingly unable to find suitable, safe and secure residential accommodation for their young adult children – and cash-strapped councils having to pay exorbitant costs when already expensive placements break down – the two are coming together to forge a solution. …

Another parent who is also working on a proposal for their council, who asked not to be named, said: “The current situation [in my area] is unbelievably bad for profoundly autistic adults. We’ve got no choice but to create something ourselves.

"There is no money available and everyone we speak to tells of atrocities of autistic folk being placed in unsuitable settings which then break down and end up costing millions in psychiatric care – plus all the trauma associated with that. We’re not prepared to let our child go down that route,” they added.

Fraser Hardie, the chair of the Autism Centre of Excellence in Cambridge, said: “There is a crisis playing out in this country if you’re autistic. In my county, there are between 30 to 50 children who will need this care in the next five years – and literally nothing for them.”

In 2021 the Health Foundation estimated that turning around the crisis in adult social care would cost at least £7.6bn [$9.8B] in 2022 to 2023, and £9bn [$12B] in 2024 to 2025. …

“This is an area which is generating very significant financial pressure for both adults and children’s social care services. The growing volume of children and young people with complex needs is outstripping the ability to commission arrangements.”

There’s more

July 10, 2023, (UK) THIS: LDA Network reveals need for over £300m [$386M] a year to be invested in supported housing in England

New research by the Learning Disability and Autism (LDA) Housing Network has called for £304m [$391M] of private and public funding each year, over the next 15 years, to deliver the increasing demand in supported housing for people with learning disabilities and autistic people.

July 11, 2023, Learning Disability Today: New research predicts massive shortage of supported housing

New research on the future needs of supported housing for people with a learning disability shows that there will be a shortfall of between 27,000 to 34,500 by 2037.

The report, Supported housing for people with learning disabilities and autistic people in England, was launched by Learning Disability and Autism Housing Network and Housing LIN….

Ian Copeman, Business Director at Housing LIN, said: “We are delighted to have worked with the LDAHN to undertake this research into the scale, scope and cost of supported housing for people with learning disabilities and autistic people. We regularly work with local authorities, NHS organisations and housing providers to widen the housing options available to people with learning disabilities and autistic people. We look forward to the work of the LDAHN and their partners leading to more people having their own home.”...

April 21, 2023, Los Angeles, Spectrum News: Apartment complex for neurodiverse individuals breaks ground in LA

BEVERLYWOOD, Calif. — It’s a question that haunts many parents of children with intellectual disabilities: Where will they live after I’m gone?

A new housing development in the center of Los Angeles will soon provide an answer with the nation’s first residential complex for people with autism, ADHD and other neurodiversities.

 “Unfortunately for this growing population, after high school there are often limited options for learning, employment and housing,” said Eric Schwartz, father of an adult son with an intellectual disability and board member of the charitable nonprofit Cornerstone Housing, which is developing The Village apartment complex in Beverlywood….

According to the California Department of Developmental Services, 75% of adults with developmental disabilities live with aging family members or caregivers. About 70,000 teens with autism turn 18 each year, according to the Autism Institute at Drexel University, but once they become adults, they are often unable to find well-paying jobs and support themselves.

The idea behind the Village is to create “a nurturing neighborhood where kindred spirits can encourage, comfort and support one another, make lasting friendships, become independent, empowered and confident,” Schwartz said. “A place where support is readily available. A place where size and scale allow services to be delivered effectively and efficiently.”

In the works for over 20 years, the Village will have 64 apartments when construction is complete, as well as 10,000 square feet of retail on the ground floor. Individuals who live in the building will receive skills training and job placement opportunities and be provided with meals, activity rooms, exercise classes and transit access in a building that is staffed 24 hours a day with security. …

March 2, 2023, CBS New York: Westchester County convent to be converted into housing for adults on the autism spectrum

TUCKAHOE, N.Y. -- A much-needed home for adults who are on the autism spectrum is in the works in Westchester County.

State numbers show the number of people diagnosed is increasing every year.

Government services usually end by the age of 21, and this is one model that could help ease the transition to adulthood.

Kristin Thatcher was smiling from ear-to-ear as she talked about her Staten Island apartment, part of a former convent building that was converted a few years ago for adults on the autism spectrum.

She says she told Cardinal Dolan she doesn't belong in a group home and that she needed her own independent living space when she comes home from work….

"Right now in New York state, there is a tsunami of adults with autism who need housing. They are on waiting lists, isolated and afraid as their parents age and their future is uncertain," said Donna Maxon with ArchCare.

ArchCare, the health care system of the Archdiocese of New York, this week announced it's transforming another convent -- the one at Immaculate Conception Church in Tuckahoe. There will be nine living units, each equipped with a kitchen and bathroom. Applications must be mailed by March 31….

The building is expected to open in 2024.

Members of the media blather on and on about autism awareness, acceptance, and now more and more about NEURODIVERSITY and INCLUSION, all the while pretending that vast numbers of autistic children are nothing new. But in the real world the clock is ticking.

In 2023 the CDC study released their first ever study on profound autism.

The report found that the percentage of 8-year-old children with profound autism among those with autism was 26.7 percent. 

This is the future. The massive cost of special education is nothing when compared to the never-ending price tag for lifetime care for autistic adults. Coming up with housing for high functioning autistic adults who do well with minimal support may make everyone feel proactive and caring, but it’s not reality. There are many thousands of autistic Americans who will live long lives totally dependent on social services and ultimately the taxpayers.

The pretense that all this is nothing new is simply a myth. If we don’t stop the lie, we have no  future.

Anne Dachel Is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


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Dedicated to Bill.

SINACH: The Name of Jesus

Why do you look to broken cisterns when you can drink from the well of living water?

False scientists

For Bill and EmmaPhiladelphia:
this trans obsession by UN/WHO and some governments is really is becoming a concern. Orac on science blogs has truly jumped the shark in using the term ‘transphobia.’ Of course it shouldn’t be a surprise that a pharma backed scientist with no actual children would promote this ideology.
I really don’t care what grown adults do, but since we know
a) most ‘trans’ interested children have comorbid diagnoses (PTSD, autism, anxiety, depression, trauma…)
b) social contagion plays a huge part for adolescents and
c) most any teen is completely incapable of deciding on treatments with permanent consequences (sterility, lack of sexual function…the human brain doesn’t fully mature until around 24 years) it really underlines how astray ‘science’ has gone. Sadly there are now many de-transitioners who feel they were much too young to have made these irreversible decisions. Shame on the pharmaceutical industry and all their media minions for promoting this.



Excellent link.


Emma Philidelphia on the transgenders again. See I told you she was obsessed.
I have not heard of a woman by that name in major autism advocacy groups trying to lobby congress to get affordable and housing health care etc. for those with autism. about the illegal immigrants issue she conveniently forgets it is partially Reagan fault! 1. "Hispanic and Latino" are not "races" the fact that some of these "Latinos" are now of darker skin IE Native American African decent is why there is such an uproar. When these immigrants legal and illegal were White Cubans and Argentines nobody cared Hmm...
Emmaphilidelphia if you cared so much about those with autism why not join National Council on Severe Autism and actually lobby congress and state legislators on autism issues. or start your own group f they are not very good.


A billionaire like James Pitzker is like Gates.
They don't give money away. Some one has opened up the coffers of the tax payer and throwing it toward Pitzker, basically money laundering tax payer's money.

Hey his uncle or what ever Pitzker was the governor of Illinois, leading it all back to government is funding it.
Gates acts like he is giving all this money away for vaccines and yet he himself says the vaccines has put more money into his pockets than every before. How can that be? Gates if giving all this money to WHO, well whose money is it really to begin with.

I suspect it is all money laundering just like all the parasitic, predator Charity foundations did to Haiti. Clinton and Gates were big in getting the worthless and unusable cholera vaccine to the Haiti people. All involving charity money given away to buy vaccines; bought from the CDC.

All of them are in it together.



Your link about the transgender empire movement; made me think back on an interview that Dr. Mercola had with Journalist Celia Farber who is the author of “Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS.”

I listened to the interview and it was very interesting.

In the very middle of this interview: 21:37

Faber talks about why did they pull off the shelf the ATZ drug they used for Aids and use that? It had been a deadly cancer treatment drug that they became afraid of it back in the 60s. They were using this toxic drug on a disease/illness that involved immune devastation, with a chemo drug that further devasted the immune system.

The key Celia Farbe said to getting it to be used for Aids, and by passing safety : was through the activists movement "Act Up" It fit hand and glove in with big pharma, Fauci, CDC desires. She is looking into who was funding that movement at this time. She strongly suspects it will lead back to big pharma, Fauci, and the CDC itself. This violent movement was a tool to tear down the safety wall that was built by the tragedy of thalidomide.

Peter Staley leader of the "Acts Up" movement was invited right on in to CDC by Fauci and they are now very good friends. This movement was militant and violent and Fauci is sharing drinks with Peter Staley. They were Fauci's henchmen, not a grass roots organization but astro turf as Sharyl Attkisson's term.

This movement, was the beginning of the transgender movement, still connected to the government.

Laura Hayes


Somewhat related to the information you provided on what is going on in Seattle public schools…in this 13-minute video, Chris Rufo gives some history of the “transgender” movement:


Tell me again why our government can't afford to house/care for adults with autism?

‘Unimaginable’ for Biden to Open Obamacare to Illegal Aliens with 25 Million Uninsured Americans
"The House and Senate Republicans write:

HHS states in its proposed rule that this expansion intends to make hundreds of thousands of previously ineligible illegal aliens now eligible for various healthcare programs like Qualified Health Plans, premium tax credits, cost sharing reductions, and the Basic Health Program. The Department estimates that this expansion will cost more than $100 million in its first year alone. [Emphasis added]

By providing health insurance to DACA recipients, this policy further burdens programs intended to serve U.S. citizens and simultaneously encourages more aliens to enter our country illegally in the hopes of receiving similar protection and services. Unfortunately, this approach appears to align with the open-borders agenda advanced by your colleague, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, with hundreds of thousands of aliens apprehended trying to enter our country illegally every month. [Emphasis added]

The Biden Administration’s decision also undermines the promise made by President Obama that the Affordable Care Act would not provide healthcare coverage to illegal immigrants, which reflects just how radical the current administration has been on immigration issues. [Emphasis added]"


Why is there no money for housing adults with Autism?

Report: Massachusetts Spares ‘Millionaire Destinations’ from Taking in Illegal Aliens

"The Healey administration has released a list of the 28 cities and towns where it is spending millions on hotels and motels for thousands of handout-demanding illegals arriving from the Third World. [Emphasis added]

Oddly, however, almost all the ultra-affluent suburban communities most loudly committed to celebrating diversity have thus far been unable to provide suitable free housing for the new non-working classes.
[Emphasis added]

The illegals are not being sent to, among other millionaire destinations, Cambridge, Brookline, Newton, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Chatham, Swampscott, Newburyport, Wellesley, Dover, Sherborn, Amherst …. Do you begin to get the picture? [Emphasis added]"


John Martin, MD, PhD there is that too isn't there.

Is it these viruses, or is it the adjuvants that weakened the immune system, that compromise the immune system. Getting strep again and again is a sign of a comprised immune system. PANS is a sign of a compromised immune system. Aids - is it all about just the virus or is it about unhealthy life style choices?

Here we are; we don't know the answers, but if people are working with these viruses, then there are people that should kno, but they are not talking.


Oh it was in front of the Pennsylvania state senate that Kirsch was speaking.
He brought up the Amish.
Dan Olmstead's work continues to influence those that came after him.


No surprise. This is Bill Gates' home turf:

Seattle public schools will offer 'gender affirming care' to students as young as 11 years old at no cost - as critics say it's a 'whole new level of awful for schools to be involved'
"Documents obtained by Parents Defending Education (PDE) this week reveal health centers at Meany Middle School and Nova High School are allowing students to 'conveniently' seek the treatment on-site and for free.

Nova Wellness's website does not specify what is meant by 'gender-affirming care'. The provider for the two centers, Country Doctor Community Health Centers (CDCHC) claims to offer hormone therapy and sex-change surgeries for adolescents."

Will this replace special ed spending for students with autism?


The situation facing parents of children and adults with autism is a tragedy. The CDC, NIH, AMA have failed to confront the harsh realities of the growing numbers of people who have been diagnosed since the 1980s and the numbers keep going up and up and up with no end in sight. I am terrified for the future for my son when we are no longer here to care for him. We need research from independent pharmaceutical companies and private investors to pursue clinical trials on several candidate drugs that have the ability to reverse and correct the damage and imbalance in the brains of people affected with autism. There are trials that are going on now with several drugs in different phases with the object of applying for FDA approval for the use of these medications to correct the core symptoms of autism. This is our only hope and I pray every day that the time will come soon when we have access to these drugs in my lifetime for the sake of my son and all those affected by the devastating diagnosis of autism.

W. John Martin, MD, PhD

Unfortunately, the autism communities have disregarded the positive virus culturing that I had previously performed on blood and cerebrospinal fluids of children with autism. The viruses being cultured from such children were derived from regular viruses but differed in not normally evoking an inflammatory response. The immune evasion mechanism is termed stealth adaptation. It is attributed to the loss or mutation of the genes coding for the relatively few virus components that are normally targeted by the cellular immune system. The research encountered political difficulty when certain of the cultured stealth adapted viruses from patients with other neurological and psychiatric illnesses were unequivocally derived from the viruses that commonly infected the monkeys used to produce polio vaccines. Public Health officials have been able to avoid this topic by arguing that others have not reported similar findings. Moreover, the further clinical culturing of stealth adapted viruses was formally prohibited in 2002 as placing the Nation’s Health in “Immediate Jeopardy.”
Stealth adaptation extends beyond the loss of some or more of the originating viral genes. There is also the incorporation of what I refer to as "renegade" genes. These can be derived from cellular genes and also from other microbes, including bacteria. As shown in published articles, several patient-derived stealth adapted viruses continue to transmit monkey cellular sequences. among humans.
A greater awareness of the research on stealth adapted viruses by the autism communities will likely have the beneficial effect of facilitating treatment trials and removing the official deniel of the existence of such viruses. This could be a more constructive approach for those with autism then reciting the growing severity and social consequences of autism and related illnesses. I would be pleased to assist individuals willing to convey information to State and Federal Governmental officials relating to stealth adapted viruses.

susan welch

Thank you, Anne. Another incredible article laying out so clearly the impossible situation governments have allowed to happen because, as you say, they have 'kicked the can down the road'.

I am sure you are right that it cannot continue. The house of cards must surely collapse soon. Maybe then, at last, they will have to look into the cause of the massive increase in numbers.


Who is Kirsch talking to?

My son was pretty severe when he was 8 years old. I pray that most of the 8 years old of the 26.7 percent can become less severe. Still my friends the world we knew has long since slowly eroded away.

People being messed up about their sex has been steadily increasing as well.
What in the vaccines do that?
Aluminum I think causes high inflammation, so is that just another thing that it can do?
Or has extra stuff been added to the vaccines like they did for Kenya woman, with that growth hormone?

The world we grew up; I grew up in is gone. It is already eroded, and it is not coming back.
That crazy religious leader of the World Economic Forum is right about we have been hack, it is the rest of us that have not caught on to what that really means.

mauine Meleck

Excellent rreview, Anne, and absolutely terrifying.

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