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A Picture Says A Thousand Words, A Thousand Pictures Scream

7094E662-8230-4D1B-B15F-CA3A8B179E76By Kim Rossi

Yesterday, at 6:15am, I woke to the sound of my daughter's bed moving around the floor. Uh oh! The Exorcist, you might worry? No.  We couldn't get that lucky.  There's no priest to call with autism. I knew instantly that she was looking for one of her dozen papers. And that my morning was fully underway.

Many years ago, she started requesting screen shots of YouTube videos. Mostly classic Sesame Street, Elmo's World, Blue's Clues, Between The Lions and Jay Jay the Jet Plane. Think PBS Kids back in 1998. Printing full sized photos was costing a fortune in ink. A smart, young staffer suggested I copy the photos into WORD, shrink them, and then print them much smaller. "GREAT!" And then, autism took over. The idea worked SO WELL that my daughter began asking for more, and more, and more. They serve a purpose for her. There is an order that you or I can't see.  And she KNOWS when she is missing one paper, and often when a single, tiny photo falls off.

And we're back to the bed moving around her floor.  "Where's the cat? Where's the cat?" Sometimes I can find the 1/4" square with tape on the floor. Mostly I have to pray she can give me enough information to find the video clip and print a new picture.  Yesterday, I got lucky. Buy a Power ball lottery ticket lucky. She said, "Cat. Sesame Street. Moon." AH HA!  That's "Hey Diddle Diddle" from Sesame Street with Edgar Turtle who plays the banjo! Sure enough, I pulled up the video, she smiled and said, "CAT." Cat-astrophe averted!

Few people understand the level of detail it takes to help an autistic person. Most AofA readers know. Tell me something only you can do for your child. And how you hope to translate it for someone else.

And the dish ran away with the spoon.



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Thanks Kim..You do what only Kim can do. Make me feel. All the comments were relevant. Benedetta, you kicked it off. Thank you.


That particular video has played probably 1,000 times in our house. So glad you could figure it out for her.


Teen With Autism Sings Like John Mayer

This young man could not speak until aged 10. He learned by memorizing and singing songs. An encouraging story:


Kim, I can completely relate to the experience you had with your daughter. My adult son with autism has gone through so many phases of needing to find an old toy, book, puzzle, stuffed animal that had been misplaced over so many years. We even had to buy old VCR Sesame Street and Disney tapes that he once had so he could watch them again. The only one I could find on DVD was Christmas Eve on Sesame Street. We moms care so much about our sons/daughters happiness that we will go to any lengths to keep them in their comfort zone. We need unending patience, and a love that never waivers for our precious and special children. God Bless all the autism moms and dads.

Kate C

Now you’ve done it! First thing in the morning, making me cry, over a young woman seeking comfort, and a mom doing everything she can to provide it.


She said, "Cat. Sesame Street. Moon."

I find your daughter's seeming obsession with these pictures to be quite fascinating (of course, I am not the one having to manage it). I thought she was nonverbal. Yet she could say words connected to the pictures. Does she have verbal words for all of the pictures? Is this her way of keeping a vocabulary that she can reference? The picture collection appears to bring some order to her world. Does she ever use the pictures to communicate with you? Bless you for accommodating her. This is obviously a very important part of her thinking.

Before my son was able to talk, he would have screaming meltdowns. He also pointed to communicate and had an obsession with turning light switches on and off, and had to push the elevator floor buttons and turn on the dishwasher. He was also adept at working puzzles at an early age. Does your daughter have any interest in drawing pictures?

Thank you for sharing your slice of life.


For decades they have known and did not care.
If justice ever comes from mankind to these people - slow as it is, and has allowed more people to be trampled into the dust well; Death is too quick, life long prison would never be long enough.

When a hurt is so deep, and so harmful, and so bad ; only God can truly punish and bring justice.

But I would love to see human kind try to do their part.

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