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2016 Race Foreshadowed 2024 Hopes

Trump Kennedy "The science is settled.." is doublespeak for "The checks have cleared."  Once  slated to work together, now opponents in the 2024 Presidential race.

By Anne Dachel

This is the story of how our children ended up being sacrificial lambs on the high altar of corporate profit and greed.

I remember back in 2017 the big news was that President Trump asked Robert Kennedy, Jr. to head a vaccine safety commission. That sounded hopeful to many of us.

Here is an example of how it was reported.

Jan 10, 2017, NBC News: Anti-Vaccine Activist Says Trump Asked Him to Head Commission on Vaccine Safety

VIDEO: A member of the Kennedy political dynasty who favors fringe theories on vaccinations over mainstream medical practices says he would lead a new vaccine safety commission under Donald Trump.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. meeting with the President-elect today even as a spokesperson for Trump tells NBC News, “He’s exploring the possibility of forming a committee on autism,” but adds, “No decisions have been made at this time.”

KENNEDY: President-elect Trump has some doubts about the current vaccine policy. He has questions about it. He said his opinion doesn’t matter, but the science does matter.

NBC: That science [is] already settled with every major medical association in agreement, doctors debunking a study that years ago falsely claimed a link between vaccines and autism.

The American Academy of Pediatrics reiterating today: “Vaccines are safe, effective and save lives.”

While the President-elect himself has said he’s pro-vaccine, he’s tweeted repeatedly about what he believes is a link to autism. 

TRUMP: I am totally in favor of vaccines, but I want smaller doses over a longer period of time. …

A second video had Kennedy saying, President-elect Trump was very thoughtful on the issue. He asked me to chair a commission on vaccine safety and scientific integrity. …

The NBC coverage cited Autism Speaks and the AAP to discredit an idea that vaccines were causing harm, especially the claim of a link to autism.

(*It’s important to note that the official U.S. autism rate in 2017 was one in every 68 children, one in every 42 boys. Today it’s one in every 36 children, one in every 22 boys.)

So what happened? Despite the expected media naysayers defending vaccines and dismissing a link to autism, it seemed that Trump would be the President who would wake the world up to reality of the autism epidemic and the corruption, collusion and cover-up surrounding vaccines.

It never happened.

On July 15, 2023, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said this during an interview by Dave Rubin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciDV7EN0wpU

1:00 Kennedy: One of the things I said in my announcement speech in Boston is that the people who are normally put in charge of these agencies, and this is what Trump did too—

Trump came in and he promised to drain the swamp. He put me, named me as head of the Vaccine Safety Commission, and I started that function. I met with Fauci, I met with Collins and was putting together that project. And then when that news got out, Pfizer gave a million dollar contribution to Trump and Trump appointed two Pfizer’s handpicked candidates, Alex Azar to run HHS and Scott Gottlieb, who was a partner of Pfizer, to run FDA.

Gottlieb came in there, did an 88 billion dollar gift of Operation Warp Speed for Pfizer and then left to join the Pfizer board and collect his payoff. That is the swamp.

People come in wanting to change it, but they get intimidated by these big agencies, and they get frightened because the agency can hurt you. If you go after that agency, there’s a lot of top level officials in there who can commit all kinds of civil disobediences that will embarrass the President. So what they do is, they appoint somebody who’s safe.

They look at the agency. They say, I’d like to change that, but I got other agendas. They leave the whole instrument of corruption intact, and they appoint somebody who’s safe.

Ralph Reed once said to me, the guys who get those jobs are the guys who get the joke. 

What I said in my announcement speech, I get the joke, but I don’t think it’s funny.

I’m not safe. My job is to keep the American people safe, but I’m not going to be safe with the status quo. I’m going to be the worst nightmare for the status quo.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



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Fox news which my hubby still watches . Fox News defended him for that statement

Deborah Wasserman Schultz (née Wasserman; Showed herself - Again.

There are so many vile and hateful people up in Washington D. C.: it is really hard to keep up. She was best friends with Hillary, and that alone tells me how crooked she is. .

What was it that Debbie Schultz did that was so bad seven years ago? Something really bad? Did She help Hillary break her phones? Or was it that one of her staffers that was a Chinese Spy, (another spy not just Senator Fenton, or Santor Swalwell). Was it something to do with money Laundry through one of her Chinese staffers, and got caught?

All I know is that she did something bad, got caught and here she is. Born, raised in New York but a Senator from Florida.

Perhaps States should make it a law that if you don't go to high school, or college, or law school in the state then you can't hold a political office representing the people. They try to get them to live there a while, but it looks like you can't take the corrupt heart out of a New York raised what ever she is.


Evidently, his race is over before it even gets started:

Who secretly recorded RFK Jr's dinner conversation where he brought up people group targeting bioweapon research and associated it with these fatal words: "Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese"? It was posted a couple of days ago on the internet. It did not escape the notice of his sister Kerry (current President of RFK's family foundation) who quickly denounced it.

I just watched Rep. Debbie "There will be consequences" Wasserman-Schultz pull the fatal "anti-semitism" card on RFK Jr. while he gave his testimony today before the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Fed Govt. Of course she mischaracterized his statement and conveniently only referred to "Jews," not "Ashkenazi jews" as he had specifically stated. These are the white European jews, many of turkic descent as are some Chinese people groups. The Sephardic jews are of Mediterranean origin. This is a significant point in RFK's defense, but the good Representative's motive was to get him out of the race and distract us from the vaccine truth bomb he had dropped. I just hope RFK Jr.'s supporters aren't Jan. 6'ed.

Inquision begins at 24:54 minutes https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2023/07/20/watch-live-breitbarts-emma-jo-morris-rfk-jr-testify-on-govt-big-tech-censorship/


Okay Emma;

I did not mean to hurt your feelings. In this day and age it is hard to decern when things matter and when things do not. They were all over Trump for his three wives, and I was at the point that I was sick of men that - I don't know, Bush and his Patriot act, but a good husband, Clinton was bad, he crossed a line of seduction to out right rape, as has Biden. Still to this day I don't know was he crooked or was it really his wife, probably both. Oh, and Carter the Sunday School teacher that if it had not been Ted Kennedy running and splitting the Democrat party he would have ruined this country sooner with policies we have now. So King David was a good king , a man after God's own heart but not a perfect man. Where is the line?

I thing we have to listen carefully to what a man is telling us he believes, and his actions.

JFKennedy Jr's childhood was full of his father's murder.
Go to Cobert report and look up the interview with RKKennedy Jr.s with him when he was promoting his book, "The Real Anthony Fauci", and hear the end of that interview when JFKennedy JR. talks of his father's death. So, through the illness of drug abuse the younger RFKennedy Jr.'s went, along with his wife's. He gave it up and she did not. She committed suicide. It is a tragic and amazing story as well. A drug addiction story, but very unlike Hunter's.

Did you know that Robert, Jack had an older sister that was a bit off. She was very immature for her age. . Perhaps she had autism? Maybe she was. When I read that I think, I thought about me buying my 36 year old son a bubble gun as a joke, cause I intended to give it to a friend's little boy The joke was on me. He loved it and genuinely thanked me for it. He is immature, and yet in some ways he is not. He hides it well. So, back to the eldest daughter of Joseph Kennedy: Rosemary. She was fun to be around, they dressed her up and took her around to see thing and enjoy things and believe me if she was anything like my son - enjoy is an understatement Then the medical people got the ear of Joseph, and he took her in for a procedure with out even telling his wife Rose. They promised him they would help her. .

IT turned out to be a lobotomy and Rose when speaking of her daughter would almost weep. She said it made Rosemary so, so much worse. They had to institutionalize her after that.

I think that Joseph Kennedy had some worshipfulness of the western medicine at that time, and it opened up his eyes, along with his other children. That transferred down to RFKennedy Jr. while others of his family may have forgotten about Rosemary.

I always heard that the money that Joseph Kennedy obtained they always said came from boot legging during prohibition. HE was able to keep that money and make it grow through more legitimate means. He saw the Great Depression coming and got it all out and having some money in the Great Depression was a good way to make more.


What is a Mann...Act?

MTG brings the receipts...and photos.

Watch: Dems Lose It as MTG Begins Displaying Images from Hunter Biden's Laptop
And you wonder why your party/government doesn't care about helping your vaccine injured or ending the "epidemic". They are too busy covering things up.

Angus Files

Thanks Benedetta Stilwell musch appreciated.John Stone got me onto American politics as he said many moons ago,along the lines of American politics are more interesting than Brittish.Hes right of course far better.

Pharma For Prison



"There is not much that we don't know, and not much in your links."

Really? There is quite a bit there. I didn't know any of it. This one man connects them all. He seems to be a forerunner of Hillary's social media hit man, David Brock. He connects with the Kennedy nonprofit and the Fauci driven AIDS epidemic money machine. The Kennedy clan has been involved with pharma/vaccines from the early days. Where did all the money come from to fund RFK's non-profit? RFK Jr.'s family has a lot of baggage. RFK Jr. seems to be a sincere convert from Dem corruption. But can he stand against it alone? Does he own the copyright to all of the bibliography/footnotes in his Fauci book? Could it be used in a court of law against Fauci? Why didn't he just bring the case himself? And then there is his former drug addiction and previous wives drama. Again, he seems sincere in his repentance from that, but it can be used against him as a Presidential candidate. I have been wondering if the widely advertised "co-cain" find at the White House isn't a deep state warning to both Biden and a "future President Kennedy". Look at all of the false accusations orchestrated by Hillary against Trump. She already told him not to run. I consider my research to be vetting a candidate. Trust, but verify. Vote, but put your faith in God.


Thank you Angus; I try. Keep in mind I am just a peon and there is plenty I don't know. I am going to tell you though; that all of the bloggers from the UK are so knowledgeable about so very much going on world wide than me, or most Americans. I have been some what humbled and impressed as well. John Stone knows so much.

Thank you Emma for the links I looked over them.
There is not much that we don't know, and not much in your links.
I think you are suspicious of Robert F. Kennedy Jr? IS that correct?

Growing up we liked Nixon and was sorry when he lost to President Kennedy; Jack.

What were we hearing was through a filter, I think. Don't get me wrong; when Jack was killed, I cried a lot and was upset.

I think the deep state has been filtered information to the Democrat base just like that about Trump.

And according to Tucker and I believe him, that Nixon too ended in a mess because he crossed the deep state and had nothing to do with wire tapping . I didn't see much going on about "wire Tapping" "Spying" on Trump by Obama's administration > Deep state is the one that makes a fuss that is listened to then

Well in the world we live in we can become jaded.
Keep this in mind:
"By the fruits of their labor you will know them". Fruits looks pretty good in RFKennedy Jr's orchard right now.


The DOJ has indicted Trump today.

They have indicted 16 Republicans up in Michigan for trying to over turn the 2020 election.

We might not have Trump either.

Arizonia's real governor has not given it up yet, she might be in danger as well.


@Benedetta Stilwell

This man has quite an interesting history:

Angus Files

Many thanks Benedetta Stilwell for your in depth explanation.Its all politics but its the people who suffer.

Pharma For Prison



Hoping for a Kennedy run against DeSantis .
Trump stated a desire for "freedom cities"; sounds very Schwabian.

Benedetta Stilwell

Bannon "War Room" Said they thought it would be a great idea for Kennedy and Trump to run together, on the same ticket. If Kennedy loses.

But really guys there are people behind all our leaders running the show.

Angus mentions the coal fields. Way before Biden Angus there was the War on Coal;

The Appalachians switched over when Al Gore - the carbon credit master planner ran against Bush. Yeah that far back.. All Gore was going to be quick and shocking like Trudeau of Canada. Bush slower.

Under Bush the CIA did okay. That worked out really well. Sigh. Under Bush those agencies that had over sight over the finance were all watching hours of porno instead of doing their jobs And the War on Coal slowly began.

Hillary made a big mistake campaigning in the Appalachians when she ran against Obama. She had been caught saying they were going to put coal out of biz. She was confronted by a blue collar worker that had just lost his job and no way to support his family. She looked really bad.

It was under Obama that the Appalachian area returned to the days of "The Great Depression"
Seemed to me that a lot of people in the rest of America could not stop worshipping Obama long enough to care. Well those Appalachian people just needs to leave you know. It is their fault. They are really dumb, backward, and not really part of us. That was the attitude.

Those environmental surcharges really stuck it to the Appalachian people, Obama tagged those onto their electric bills and fleeced the Appalachian people was such a huge amount that he felt guilty. Oh come on, these kings of the Iron thrones don't gave guilt.

Obama gave money back, not to the people, but to their local governments.
Our own money was used to bribe our own elected officials to be against the people. I think our area got a baby slide in the city park. City Park? In a town, not a city -- a town surrounded by farms, and forest.

Rebecca Lee

Even if he doesn't become president. at least more attention is brought to the fact that the emperor has no clothes. Slowly, slowly the pressure builds up until some little kid calls out the truth and everybody suddenly sees it.


Benedetta, Trump will be my default if no other choice is left to me. It would be appreciated if Trump said to the American People--"These are not Beautiful Vaccines". It would be an honesty he so far hasn't found the courage to admit. Are there some in his circle (and you know the types) that just won't let him come to those terms--enablers?

Angus Files

Thanks Anne
I watched a video on You Tube about West Virginia Alapahchiens coal country.Biden has shut all the coal minning down its only industry.The area once totally blue is now completly red as Trump is seen as pro-coal.Its a tough line to walk but heres hoping Mr Kennedy suceeds.

Pharma For Prison



Thank you Ann for bringing this interview by Dave Rubin to our attention.

The future seems to hold a lot of hope right now.

--- and yet heavy in the air that the bad guys will continue to win. Kennedy just told us that the Democratic Party is full tyrants, and scum right now. The Democrat party has not even been in contact with him.

In this interview, Kennedy thinks that Trump sold out for the tiny amount of a mere million dollars that Pfizer donated to him? I know that Kennedy knows a lot more than me by trillions, but I think that second reason that Kennedy brought up is much more likely. It was more about intimidation that big pharma and federal agencies can muster. Plus really my friends on Age of Autism; these federal agencies are backed up by the good will that the public have for vaccines, and the environment.

How much do you all think that good will has eroded away ?

For vaccines well, just this past week I was able to discuss with my old school mates, all about getting the shingles shot

Even after covid they still seem to have all the faith in the world in vaccines. One of us just came down with shingles., and they want to avoid it. However: they were so much more open to information than they ever were before covid, and of course I supplied it. Thank goodness I knew enough to supply it. That was a miracle itself, really.

Kennedy may not become the Democratic nominee. It would be nice, but if he don't we still may have a way out of this .

The end game is to win over all these evil federal agencies. So, if the time comes we need to be at peace with Trump. He knows about the environmental scam and fought against it. He thinks it is a joke that is not funny. He did a lot toward that and then it was all reversed by Biden. This environmental scam has been a thorn in my side for years , where as the vaccine scam has been a thorn in my heart. He did a lot on the vaccines at first, but in the end he failed.

Trump just said the other day in an interview that he really did not know the people in these federal agencies as well as he needed to know them. . But he sure knows them now. He knows Sessions, and Barr for sure and I am pretty sure he knew in the end who Fauci was. These are professionals and very good at their game. I see that after I found out who Pence really is just this past week in an interview that Tucker Carlson did with Pence. Pence turned out to be a warmonger, and stated that he is much more concerned with the people of Ukraine than our own people here in the US. Did you all catch that? I thought I knew what Pence stood for, his attitudes after listening to him campaign and the debate between him and Kaine in 2016. Professionals and good at it.

No, I am not forgetting the comment that Trump made when there was some booing about some statement he made about the vaccines just - what a year ago? And he said that the booing came from a small , fringe group.

Are we small? Are we a fringe group? Are we just a few names on a bus?

Trump's second wife that he does have a child by don't think we are a fringe group.

Trump is not my first choice, but I think he is a candidate that we might be able to persuade and not with much difficulty after all that he and our nation has been through.

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