The War On Ivermectin by Dr. Pierre Kory & Jenna McCarthy
President Donald Trump's Agenda 47 Includes Autism & Epidemic Illness

Worth Viewing

Watch the videoBy Cathy Jameson

I watched this documentary The Great Awakening 2 soon after it was posted on YouTube.  I couldn’t watch all of it in one sitting though.  That’s not because it’s a terrible film.  Quite the opposite.  I couldn’t get through it because it was the last week of school.  So much was going on, including prepping for the third of three graduations for us.  My schedule has been packed for three weeks straight.  But this film was so captivating I kept trying to watch it.

I started it while waiting for my daughter’s bus Monday afternoon. 

I continued to watch it while making dinner Tuesday evening. 

I squeezed in a few minutes while getting ready for work on Wednesday.

I finally got to the end of it Friday evening.

During a less busy week I’d have written a response to what I watched.  That’ll have to wait.   Until then, I’d like to share the link here.  Long-time readers will surely recognize some of the people featured.  I liked that I recognized quite a few being interviewed.  If you’ve got an hour and 42 minutes to spare, I’d love to hear what you think of it.  Fair warning, some of the film dives into topics we don’t normally bring up here on AofA, but there are plenty of others – like COVID, like vaccines, like Fauci and the “greater good” – that we do discuss frequently. 

One day this week, while I ease in summer vacation, I’ll hope to rewatch this film from start to finish any without any interruptions.  Let me know if you get the chance to do that also.

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


The War On Ivermectin 2023The War On Ivermectin
Dr. Pierre Kory

Ivermectin is a dirty word in the media. It doesn’t work. It’s a deadly horse dewormer. Prescribe or promote it and you’ll be called a right-wing quack, be banned from social media, or lose your license to practice medicine. And yet, entire countries wiped out the virus with it, and more than ninety-five studies now show it to be unequivocally effective in preventing and treating Covid-19. If it didn’t work, why was there a coordinated global campaign to cancel it? What’s the truth about this decades-old, Nobel Prize-winning medication? The War on Ivermectin is the personal and professional narrative of Dr. Pierre Kory and his crusade to recommend a safe, inexpensive, generic medicine as the key to ending the pandemic.

Real RFK Jr Book CoverHere's a great Father's Day gift idea. The Real RFK Jr Trials of a Truth Warrior from Skyhorse Publishing is available NOW for pre-order. It's already #1 on the Amazon best sellers list.

By Dick Russell

An epic biography filled with drama, conflict, and surmounted challenges.

The Real RFK Jr. is an intimate biographical portrait examining the controversial activist's journey from anguish and addiction to becoming the country's leading environmental champion fighting government corruption, corporate greed, and a captured media. Written by his longtime colleague Dick Russell, the biography also exposes the misconceptions and explains the rationale behind Kennedy's campaign to protect public health.

Provided exclusive source material, including access to Kennedy’s unpublished writings and personal journals, the author conducted dozens of interviews with him as well as numerous friends and associates. Russell delves into everything from Kennedy’s sometimes death-defying river rafting adventures to his pioneering legal cases against polluters such as Smithfield Foods and Monsanto, while founding the world’s largest water protection group. The Real RFK Jr. also examines Kennedy’s pursuit of the truth about the assassinations of his father and uncle, the wrongful murder conviction of his cousin, and the false narratives around the COVID-19 pandemic.



New Yorker:
Where do I apply to become a migrant border crosser?

Mayor to cut seniors' meals ... to pay for illegals' free motel stays
Library hours, day care also on the chopping block

"The city comptroller has revealed already 37 hotels have contracted directly with the city's agency for "homeless services," and are getting paid $230 a night at the Night Hotel in Times Square and $311 a night at the Holiday Inn Express in Brooklyn."
Will this affect Special Needs services?

High Tea at Aunty Morag's

Fantastic documentary ,I hope they do more of the same of a" factual time capsule information education " because it's not on the essential menu in schools or the NHS !
The Daily Sceptic News Round Up 7 June 2023 By Jonathan Barr
Article -Choked to death by hospital guards for wearing a mask too low .
Writing in the TCW .Defending Freedom . Paul Stevens marks the third anniversary of the death of Stephanie Warrinier ,she died of brain injuries consistant with asphyxia ,aged 43 , after an altercation with security guards who said she was wearing her mask too low . Withered wisdom quickly becomes fully de-sensitised, savage brutal swine !
Further back in the time capsule see.
The Schiller Institute
Schiller Institute - The New Dark Age- The Frankfurt School and "Political Correctness "
By Michael Minnichino .
Article reprinted from thewinter 1992 issue of FIDELIO Magazine .
Watch Billy Connolly "Smudge their NUDGES " does not miss "The behavioural Beige Sector and hit the wall behind them !

Billy Connoly -Pollitically Correct - Was it something I said YouTube

"SGALLDAIREACHD !" Swear Word Alert ! Not appropriate bad-language for young ears under 12 years ?


Cathy, thank you for posting the link to this important film. I watched it when it premiered on The High Wire. I took the time to watch it again today. So glad I did. This film has so many layers that it is hard to get it all in one go.
The Great Awakening and the documentary, What is a Woman?, are both well worth American citizen's time to watch. Much of the information in the film is something I have understood and researched in the past. Yet, to see it presented in documentary film format all in one place is very powerful. Some of us have been awake for a very long time and are happy to see a growing band of brothers and sisters in the battle.

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