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Tucker Carlson June 22 2023 on the Hatred of Candidate Kennedy

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Anne Dachel has transcribed Tucker Carlson's  Tucker on Twitter June 22, 2023 comments on Candidate Kennedy and Dr. Peter Hotez for posterity. Posterity in this case is not "future generations," but anyone who tries to find the YouTube video, which will surely be taken down soon. Isn't Anne Dachel the GREATEST?

June 22, 2023, Tucker Carlson 6/22/23 Ep. 6

There’s never been a candidate for President the media hated more Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

You thought that title belonged to Donald Trump. Of course, it must. But go check the coverage.

Trump got a gentle scalp massage by comparison when he announced.

When Trump rolled out his presidential campaign in 2015, the New York Times waited until the 17th paragraph of the story to attack him. But as well known as he is, the paper said at the time, Trump is also widely disliked. Then they cited a pool to back it up. That was the attack on Trump. 

Eight years later, the Times attacked Bobby Kennedy in the very first sentence of the story. “Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announced a presidential campaign on Wednesday built on re-litigating COVID-19 shutdowns and shaking Americans’ faith in science.”

Shaking American’s faith in science. Imagine if you’re an ordinary New York Times subscriber reading that over your pre-war rent controlled duplex on Columbus Avenue.

You’d think Bobby Kennedy just declared war on the Enlightenment. “My fellow Americans, I have come to shake your faith in science. Join me as I drag our nation back to the medieval period.” You’d be appalled.

CBS News viewers likely were appalled. In its coverage of Kennedy’s announcement, CBS denounced the candidate’s views as “misleading and dangerous.”

The LA Times called him a threat to democracy.

At the offices of National Public Radio in Washington, a full-blown category 5 hysteria typhoon broke out. NPR devoted an entire segment to savaging Kennedy, not just as a candidate, but as a human being. NPR described him as someone who, for his own perverse reasons, has made “debunked and false and misleading claims that undermine trust in vaccines.”

And who, in his spare time, provides moral support to crazed extremists who “rally under the banner of what they call liberty or freedom.”

People Magazine didn’t even bother to report a single word of anything Kennedy said at his announcement and instead wrote an entire story about how his relatives hate him.  

Kennedy’s younger sister Kerry, the magazine reported solemnly, “does not approve of Bobby Jr.s’ harmful views.” His harmful views!

Bobby Kennedy’s thoughts alone are evil enough to hurt people. That’s been the tone of the media coverage around Bobby Kennedy, Jr. for the past 18 years, since July of 2005.

That’s the moment that Kennedy published a magazine article suggesting there might be a link between the rise in diagnosed autism cases and the ever-expanding schedule of mandatory childhood vaccines.

The day that story was published, Kennedy’s reporting was considered so solid that two outlets ran it simultaneously, Rolling Stone and Salon.com.

Unfortunately, neither one of them understood what they were up against. The Pharma lobby rolled out the most ferocious public relations campaign in memory, and both publications swiftly caved. Both pulled the story and then disavowed it, groveling as they did.

No one in the national media bothered to explain why autism diagnoses had sky-rocketed. If it wasn’t the vaccines, then maybe it wasn’t, then what was it?

To this day there has not been a convincing explanation instead reporters just attack Bobby Kennedy. They’ve called him a lunatic and a Nazi.

Instagram shut down his account. You Tube, just last week, pulled down a perfectly reasonable interview he did with Jordan Peterson, citing “unspecified misinformation,” and so on.

Kennedy became the most censored famous person in the United States. At this point, most Americans have heard a lot more about Bobby Kennedy, Jr. than they’ve heard from him.

He doesn’t get many offers to speak from big platforms. But last week, Joe Rogan gave him one. Here’s some of what he said:

“Why do five of my seven kids have allergies? Of course we know why. Aluminum adjuvants give you allergies. They’re designed to create a hyper immune response to foreign particles 

“And the last category is the allergic diseases: peanuts allergies, food allergies, eczema.

“I never knew anybody with eczema when I was a kid. Asthma, I knew people with asthma, but it wasn’t one in every four black kids, like it is today.

“We went from six percent of Americans having chronic disease, by 1986, we’re starting to add the vaccines, 11.8 percent of kids now, so it’s doubled.”

Why do five of my seven children have allergies? We don’t know the answer of course, but it’s an interesting question. In fact it’s an important question that deserves an adult answer, not that you should hold your breath waiting to get one.

Bobby Kennedy asks a lot of questions like that. He notices things. Kennedy pays attention to the world around him, and he wonders why it’s changing.

He’s an outdoorsman, a falconer, a fly fisherman. He’s interested in how nature works. He’s curious.

Not so long ago these qualities were considered essential to the practice of science. All scientific discovery comes from observation, empiricism, patient watching.

Without the willingness to put aside your pre assumptions and assess with honesty the things you see and touch and smell, the changes taking place right in front of your face, you can’t do science. You can’t create art either or journalism or theology.

 You have to be willing to notice the obvious, and when they tell you you’re not allowed to notice the obvious, you should be concerned.

Imagine you’re on a commercial airline flight. The plane has just leveled out at 37,000 feet. You’re closing your eyes for a nap, and suddenly you smell smoke. It’s not your imagination. You can see it. It’s starting to fill the cabin. All around you people are hacking and choking. The guy in the next seat has a napkin pressed against his mouth, and he’s mumbling what sounds like Psalm 23.

Clearly the plane is on fire, but almost unbelievably, no one has said a word about it. Not a single person is acknowledging this is happening. Everyone is silent.

SO in panic, you yell for the flight attendant. There’s smoke in the cabin you say, as if she hasn’t noticed. But she stares at you with hard eyes. “Shut up, racist,” she replies. “That’s a dangerous Russian conspiracy theory. Stop spreading misinformation or I’ll call TSA and have you arrested when we land.”

That sounds like a fever dream, but it’s also pretty close to the experience of living in the United States at the moment. All around you, things seem to be fraying and getting worse. Your gut tells you there’s something very bad going on and all the evidence suggests that there is.

But the people in charge won’t acknowledge that. “Everything’s fine,” they scream. “Stop noticing.”

But wait, I don’t remember this many kids having allergies or asthma or eczema or autism, or for that matter, body dysmorphia. And why so many suicides? What’s going on here?

“Shut up. Quit asking questions.” That’s their answer.

But Bobby Kennedy won’t stop asking, and that’s why they hate him. As Kennedy spoke on the Rogan show, a reporter for Vice.com called Anna Merlin was watching. Merlin was so enraged by what she saw that she dashed off an article attacking Joe Rogan’s employer for allowing the conversation to take place.

“Spotify has stopped even sort of trying to stem Joe Rogan’s vaccine misinformation” read the headline. The piece never even described much of what Bobby Kennedy had actually said. Merlin dismissed the entire interview as “a detailed survey of Kennedy’s most dangerously incorrect views, a far too extensive list to outline in full.”

In other words, we here at Vice don’t have time to describe all of Bobby Kennedy’s lies, but trust us, they were lies.

Then Merlin called Spotify to see if she could get the episode censored. Much to her profound frustration, Spotify refused to censor the episode and kept the interview on its website.

So she spent the next several days ranting about all this on Twitter.

People are listening to the wrong thing. Anna Merlin was mad about it.

So is Peter Hotez. Hotez is a pediatrician from Texas who became moderately famous on MSNBC during the COVID lockdown as a Biden shill and a vaccine promoter.

Hotez read Anna Merlin’s piece and huffily retweeted it, effectively, Why is Bobby Kennedy allowed to talk in pubic?

And that gave Joe Rogan an idea, why not have Peter Hotez debate Bobby Kennedy on his show. You claim he’s wrong, why don’t you explain why he’s wrong.

That seemed fair. But Hotez wouldn’t bite, so Rogan offered to give a hundreds grand to Hotez’s favorite charity if he agreed to come on. Soon others made their own pledges, and the pot swelled to over a million dollars. But still, Peter Hotez wouldn’t come.

Instead, he scampered back to MSNBC where one of the channel’s oilier hosts assured him he was doing the right thing by dodging the debate.

Arguing with Bobby Kennedy is morally equivalent to debating a Holocaust denier the host said. No decent person would do that, and of course, Hotez agreed. “Two hundred thousand American needlessly perished because they believed the anti-vaccine disinformation and refused to take a COVID shot.”

So really talking to Bobby Kennedy would be a lot abetting murder, and Peter Hotez, MD, PhD, was not going to do that.

But wait a second, you ask yourself, let’s think about those numbers. Two hundred thousand people died because of vaccine disinformation from Bobby Kennedy and people like him?

How do we know that? Is that really science?

No, it’s not science, because we don’t know that. We can’t know that. There is no way to know that.

Peter Hotez’s claim is a political attack posing as science, and he specializes in those. 

Here he is on television during the so-called Pandemic.

Hotez (CNN): “It’s all about mask compliance. That’s going to be absolutely critical because if you don’t have masks, this virus aerosolizes, so even six feet is not enough. It can go 17, 18 feet, several meters.”

Hotez (MSNBC): “What you really have to do is have vaccine mandates in the schools. We should have a rule that anyone who walks into a school over the age of 12 has to be vaccinated.”

Hotez (MSNBC): “This is the nature anti-vaccine movement in this country. It’s somehow married now to far-right wing extremism and white nationalist groups.”

Hotez: “Anyone who’s unvaccinated and has been lucky enough to have escaped COVID, your luck is about to run out.”

Hotez (CNN): “I call it the anti-science aggression coming from Senator Rand Paul, Senator Johnson, members of the House of Representatives in addition to those two senators, are killers.”

It’s all about mask compliance. We must have vaccine mandates for children. Take the vaxx or you will die. 

Anyone who disagrees with me is a white nationalist and a killer and probably an agent of Putin. Do we say probably? Let’s revise that: Certainly an agent of Putin.

Again, here is Dr. Peter Hotez.

Hotez: “We’re starting to see now the same anti-vaccine messages that’s coming out of the U.S., and now we’re finding it in Africa and Latin America. Remember what the other reason we’re seeing this is the Putin government  has, this has been reported by U.S. and British intelligence has been piling on with this whole systematic program of what’s been called Weaponized Health Communications, trying to destabilize democracies with anti-vaccine, anti-science messages and targeting.”

So according to British and U.S. intelligence, anyone who disagrees with Dr. Peter Hotez is a disloyal American working to destabilize our democracy on behalf of Vladimir Putin.

Now, by comparison, never in his life has Bobby Kennedy, Jr. said anything half that demented, but keep in mind, Peter Hotez claims to have a valid medical license. He is allowed to treat patients.

After a while even MSNBC viewers were going to have some questions about a guy who talks like that, and apparently some of them did. As the lockdowns wore on, the population started to notice that many of the core claims the TV doctors were making were untrue.

You’d only need one shot. If you got the shot, you would never get sick. You would never pass the virus to others, and so on. They said these things, as you know, again and again.

Ultimately they were proven wrong, but they never admitted it. They just attacked the people who noticed.

Here’s Dr. Peter Hotez calling for the Biden Administration to arrest anyone who questions the COVID vaccine.

Hotez,(CNN): “The Biden Administration has to realize that anti-science is a killer. Disinformation, it’s not even disinformation. This is an anti-science empire right now, and we need Homeland Security, we need the Justice Department.

“We’ve really got to figure this out. Health and Human Services will not be able to figure this out on their own.”

It’s not a medical problem. It’s a law enforcement problem. They’ve doubted me, arrest them!

It’s a horrifying outburst if you think about it. If you were on tape saying something like that, you’d be deeply ashamed.

But Peter Hotez is not ashamed. He’s become even more grandiose. Hotez has written a self-congratulatory new book called, The Deadly Rise of Anti-Science—A Scientist’s Warning, as if you were a scientist.

Here’s how Hotez describes himself in the book’s promotional literature: “During the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic one renown scientist, in his famous bow tie, appearing daily on major news networks such as MSNBC, NPR and BBC and others.

“Dr. Peter J. Hotez often went without sleep, working around the clock to develop a non-profit COVID-19 vaccine and to keep the public informed.

“During that time, he was one of the most trusted voices on the Pandemic and was even nominated for a Noble Peace Prize for his selfless work. He also became one of the main targets of anti-science rhetoric that gained traction through conservative news media.”

SO here you have a renown scientist, selfless, trusted, going without sleep, self-denying, persecuted by extremists for daring to tell the truth—the Albert Schweitzer of Cable News. That’s Dr. Peter J. Hotez.

The fact that a partisan buffoon like Peter Hotez can describe himself this way with a straight face and the backing of a publisher, makes you despair for the country’s future.

But don’t despair. There is hope.

Hotez will never debate Bobby Kennedy, Jr., but it doesn’t matter.

Kennedy has already won.  He’s more honest than Dr. Peter Hotez, and that’s obvious to anyone who’s paying attention. 

A new Economist poll shows that Kennedy is more popular and far less hated than either major party front runner. After almost 20 years of being silenced, Bobby Kennedy, Jr. is being heard, and why wouldn’t he be?

Kennedy’s theories about vaccines may be right, they may be partially right, they may be utterly wrong. No one’s proved it either way.

But what we can say with certainty is that America’s medical establishment has beclowned itself for all time. Its official positions on vaccines, psychiatric drugs, puberty blockers, reassignment surgeries—a long list of other politically fashionable priorities, have no connection whatsoever to legitimate science. It’s all effectively witchcraft.

At the annual meeting of the American Medical Association in Chicago last week, for example, delegates issued a statement attacking the body mass index as a tool of racist exclusion which has caused historical harm. Next year they will denounce thermometers and stethoscopes.

They’re insane. Compared to them, Bobby Kennedy is a mainstream figure, and people understand that. That’s why he’s winning, and you know how he’s winning by how his critics are doing.








It is a lot of work Anne, and shows a lot of dedication. You have not tired - and it makes me ashamed that I have tired and weakened.

High Tea At Aunty Morag's

Thank you Anne Dachel. Three million smackers now in the cap-in-hand collection potty,that would be a great start for families living with the impacts of autism and other conditions /labels in the learning disability /learning difficulty sector .See,
Helen Sanderson Associates
Person -Centred Thinking Tools/HSA/Consulting /Training .
see The Daily Sceptic
Article Science Comes Out against Debate
By Noah Carl 23 June 2023
They are petrified of an informed public it's a tie-breaker conversation as well ! The true information can't be hidden behind a mask either !
We Are The Ovaltineys TheOvaltineys YouTube
Ovaltineys Concert Party "The Leage of Ovaltineys "YouTube
The History of The League of Nations Wikipedia was a big flop they could not achieve their even basic aims and objectives .
Excellent summary to listen to at
Technocracy News and Trends
Technocracy Rising Interview Patrick Wood Parts 1 -3
There is no eggs in Ovaltine any more ? just the same as no vaccination in a gene therapy injection ?
Septic semantics, we can offer them a trauma teddy ! many shapes and styles in Original Harris Tweed , hand stiched with healing threads !

Cherry Misra

Echoing Maurine meleck. Thankyou Anne and a thousand thanks for the existence of Age of autism which has never conceded following the truth



How about

I'ts always good to frame positively.


Amy Paul That can not be done.
The parties have long since set rules to keep people from crossing over.
I can see their point.
Maybe every one crosses over from one party just to vote for some one that the party they left - can win against.


Emmaphiladephia, there's probably some line between free speech and harassment. Personally I'm thinking about getting a T-shirt made--"Take Your Pronouns and Shove It" just to see where that boundary is. I'm pretty sure in Oregon it will be considered hate speech.

Amy Paul

I think we should all register Democrat, even if we aren't, just so we can vote for RFK in the primary. I fear that if we don't help, that's as far as his bid will go. I also fear that if he does somehow win the Democratic primary, he'll be assassinated, because the powers that be will never permit him to attain office.

Angus Files

For posterity .It makes sense why the Sumerians were writing cuneiform on clay tablets maybe that's what they were reduced to.

Well done Anne thanks.

Pharma For Prison


susan welch

Yes, Anne really is 'the greatest'

Thanks to all of you at AoA.


Tucker delivers.
He needs to have an alternative platform, though.
Musk certainly has Globalist leanings as evidenced by his array of companies; they all fit like a glove into the Global NWO One Belt, One Road agenda.
Recently, Musk said he would consider the terms "cis-gender" as heterosexual slurs and Twitter would penalize those who used them to harass. This is not supporting free speech, which includes the right to offend/be offended. Beware, Tucker.

mauine Meleck

Terrific. Thanks, Anne.

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