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Hide under deskLast week, our Anne Dachel prepared a list of questions to pose to VIDS - Vaccine Injury Deniers - as a follow up to Robert Kennedy's podcast with Joe Rogan. You can read it along with a transcript here.


By Anne Dachel

‘We Don’t Have Any’         

When Robert Kennedy, Jr. was interviewed by Joe Rogan on June 15, 2023, he pointed out glaring malfeasance on the part of U.S. health officials.


Kennedy said:

And that’s the problem with not doing real placebo controlled trials.

None of the vaccines are subjected to true placebo controlled trials.  It is the only medical product that is exempt prior to licensure.

I said this for many, many years: Not one of these 72 vaccines has ever been tested pre-licensing in a placebo controlled trial where you’re looking at vaccinated vs unvaccinated kids, looking for health outcomes. Never been done.

Tony Fauci was saying, [Kennedy’s] lying. He’s not telling the truth.  This is vaccine misinformation.

I said to him, “Tony, you’ve been telling people I’m a liar when I say no vaccine has ever been,  none of the mandated  vaccines…none of them have ever been tested in a placebo-controlled trial safety test prior to licensing.”

And I said, “Can you show me one vaccine that has been subject to a safety test. Show me one study that shows that.”

He made this show of looking through… They had brought in from NIH, this big tray full of file folders, and he made a show of looking through that at the time. He couldn’t find whatever he was looking for.

Then he said, “It’s back at NIH in Bethesda, and I’ll sent it to you.”

Well, he never did.

So Aaron and I sued him, sued HHS and said, “Show us one study that’s ever been done on pre-licensing safety testing for vaccines.”

After a year of stonewalling, they finally gave us a letter and said, “We don’t have any.”

They literally don’t have any.

So nobody knows what the risk profiles for these products are. So they’re telling people they avert more harm than they cause, but there’s no science behind that statement. It’s just a guess work.

Joe Rogan challenged vaccine defender Dr. Peter Hotez to come on camera and debate vaccine safety with Kennedy.


The most important question that everyone needs to ask, that has to be answered, is simple:

Where are the double blind studies demonstrating that each vaccine is safe for children?

This is the norm in drug development. One group gets the actual product and another group gets  a placebo, neither group knowing which one they receive. Researchers then study the side effects to see if there’s a problem. In the case of vaccines, something mandated for children to be able to attend school, this is critical.

If health agencies really had piles of these studies, the debate would be over. They could shut Kennedy down immediately. YES, VACCINES ARE SAFE. THESE STUDIES PROVE IT.


This report from 2017 explains how “double blind tests” really work. In the case of the HPV vaccine, researchers included toxins in the placebo group, namely ALUMINUM.

Of the 16 HPV vaccine randomized trials, only two used an inert saline placebo. Ten of the sixteen compared the HPV vaccine against a neurotoxic aluminum adjuvant, and four trials used an already-approved aluminum-containing vaccine as the comparison.

One does not have to be a scientist to understand that using aluminum-containing placebos is likely to muddy the comparison between the treatment and control groups. Critics of the HPV vaccine have pointed to the aluminum adjuvant as the most likely cause of adverse reactions, and some researchers have questioned the safety of using aluminum adjuvants in vaccines at all, due to their probable role as a contributor to chronic illness. The aluminum-containing placebos appeared to provoke numerous adverse reactions among the presumably unwitting patients who received them, allowing the pharma researchers to mask the cascade of similar adverse reactions among the groups that received the vaccines. Although both placebo and study groups suffered numerous adverse events in these studies, there were minimal differences between the two groups.

The similar adverse outcomes in both groups allowed industry researchers and government regulators to claim that the vaccines were perfectly safe, despite manifold disturbing reactions. The Mexican researchers’ meta-review confirms the difficulty of ascertaining vaccine-attributable differences from this mess; the researchers identified only a few indications of “significantly increased systemic adverse events in the HPV vaccine group vs. the control group” across the 16 pre-licensure trials.

If this is the kind of “science” officials have to show vaccine safety, it is obvious why Dr. Hotez is won’t come on with Kennedy. And no wonder the pharma shills in the media are telling Hotez to run away and hide.

On June 24th, the New York Intelligencer published, Anti-Vaxxers Don’t Want a Debate; They Want a Spectacle, by Sarah Jones.   Ms Jones, like everyone else in the mainstream media, assumes there’s no question that vaccines are safe. There no need to be fair and balanced.

Jones’ choice of descriptive words made it clear who was the good guy and who was the baddie. She wrote:

With the presidential candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a noted vaccine opponent, and the popularity of vaccine-hostile commentators like Joe Rogan,

Dr. Peter Hotez, a highly regarded Texas-based vaccine scientist.

Most of all, Jones endorsed Hotez’s refusal to debate with Kennedy.  It’s just too dangerous.

Whatever the personal cost, Hotez is right to refuse a debate, many experts say, because doing so would provide anti-vaxxers like Kennedy with an opportunity to spread their baseless views even further. A debate may also validate the harassment that Hotez has faced.

Jones went on to cite experts who opposed giving the anti-vaccine group any public platform. All they have are lies so there’s no reason to talk to them.

Jones is not the only one in the media saying Hotez can’t risk talking to Kennedy.

On June 24th, t the Houston Chronicle run a story with the headline, Why Hotez is right not to debate RFK Jr.

Time Magazine said this: Hotez is right not to take the bait. Rogan is unqualified to moderate such a debate, and has himself peddled disinformation about vaccines. Debating anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists like RFK Jr. is a fool’s errand, which always backfires, as history has demonstrated repeatedly. These debates give the false impression that there are “two equivalent sides,” and therefore can cause real public health damage.

Members of the media aren’t really interested in this topic. None of them have ever researched evidence in both sides or the glaring conflicts of interest rife in our federal health agencies. None would dare question any aspect of the mantra, VACCINES ARE SAFE; VACCINES SAVE LIVES. That’s why they ignore every one of Kennedy’s claims about vaccine dangers.

It’s so much easier to start out coverage calling Kennedy names and reminding everyone that there are no problems with vaccines, all the experts say so.

NBC News: Kennedy, a once-fringe anti-vaccine activist, has received a warm embrace from some of the most popular alternative media figures. …

An NBC News review found nine videos posted on YouTube this year that are still up in which Kennedy shares medical misinformation related to vaccines and the Covid-19 pandemic. …

WHO said Covid-19 vaccines are highly effective and called for countries to vaccinate at least 70% of their populations.

TIME: Joe Rogan, America’s most popular podcaster, recently called for Professor Peter Hotez, an internationally recognized pediatric infectious disease doctor and vaccine scientist, to come on his podcast to debate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr.), a prolific spreader of medical disinformation.

CNBC:  Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the anti-vaccine activist who’s now running for president, 

Forbes: One of the more vocal figures misinforming the public has been Kennedy. He went on Rogan’s show recently to once again back Covid-19 vaccine conspiracy theories. Kennedy also reiterated the debunked notion that there’s a link between childhood vaccines and autism. 

Vanity Fair described Kennedy as a “raging anti-vaxxer.”

ON June 23rd, the New York Times run this headline on an opinion piece:  It’s Not Possible to ‘Win’ an Argument With Robert F. Kennedy Jr., claiming it’s too dangerous to debate Kennedy.

Los Angeles Times: Kennedy has now paddled back into the American political discourse by announcing his candidacy for president in April on the Democratic ticket. His family connection appears to have brought attention to his campaign; the question is whether the dazzlement of the Kennedy name will be sufficient to blind voters to his history of promoting spectacularly dangerous health policies through misrepresentations and outright lies. …

The dangers from Kennedy’s campaign should be clear. One is that a Kennedy candidacy that gains any real traction alone will increase the political credibility of anti-vax claptrap, which already has more than enough.

What’s missing in all of this is the overwhelming evidence that we are a nation of the sick and disabled. Over half of Americans are chronically ill. Every couple of years CDC officials announce another breath-taking increase in the autism rate, now conservatively at one in every 36 kids (except if you live in California where it’s one in every 22 kids officially).

Our schools are filled with kids who can’t learn or behave as children have always been expected to, yet we’re told it’s all normal and acceptable. Robert Kennedy Jr.’s real crime here is that he’s pointing out what’s happening. That is simply not allowed.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.

Vax Unvax Book Cover Vax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak (Children’s Health Defense) Hardcover – Illustrated, August 15, 2023 by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Author), Brian Hooker (Author)

Based on over one hundred studies in the peer-reviewed literature that consider vaccinated versus unvaccinated populations. Each of these studies is analyzed and put in context of the difference in health outcomes of vaccinated versus unvaccinated infants, children, and adults. Given the massive push to vaccinate the entire global population, this book is timely and necessary for individuals to make informed choices for themselves and their families.



"Now the equally dumb conservatives have their own political agenda that includes talking about and exaggerating the risk of vaccine injuries."

Last I checked, RFK Jr. is running for President as a Liberal Democrat. Neither the Communist Democrats nor the RINO Republicans dare to speak about this. They know who butters their bread.

Aren't you the least curious about how the Autism rate went from 1/10,000 before 1986 to the current 1/20 in California and 1/30-35 in the general population? California is the most vaxxed state. It was only after the passage of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine injury act that vaccine manufacturers gained liability protection for their product. As such, the vaccine schedule has increased exponentially along with Autism.


Response to: "The liberal idiots of California love over diagnosis autism for political clout and "victimhood". Now the equally dumb conservatives have their own political agenda that includes talking about and exaggerating the risk of vaccine injuries. The Liberals of California and their "equality cult" have shut down Intermediate Care Facilities and Developmental Centers that used to care for the serious disabled because these facilities were "isolating and dangerous"
YES, you are correct. Conservatives are asleep at the wheel while crazy liberals who have never spent a day with anyone with severe autism think that shutting down ICFs and other institutional care homes are the answer, without ensuring IN HOME respite care services and supports are in place to care for our most vulnerable populations at HOME. Look, we all know that money is what governs these crazy decisions, many ignorant people who think they are advocates for disabled argued that shutting down institutions were the answer, only to discover that it was a complete shit show and disaster, to the tune of many people killed when they were forced out of institutional care into so called group homes. One kid with autism was placed in a nursing facility. There, she was doped up with Klonipin 24/7 to the tune she lost her ability to walk. From there, the nursing facility, the one she was forced to live in as an "alternative" to institutional care, kept drugging her up with antipsychotics, benzos ...NOT because she needed these drugs, but because they were CHEMICAL RESTRAINTS used to keep her in bed 24/7 because they were NOT enought people at the facility to provide her with needed 1:1 protective supervision. TRUTH> REALITY. Deal with it. Solution: GIVE parents enough respite hours AT HOME to adequately deal with their children of any age instead of forcing parents to give up their children at any age to these dreadful homes with inadequate staffing and abusive caregivers who aren't watched. You want change? Then mandate laws where ALL group homes must have video surveillance to ensure the vulnerable people in there aren't ABUSED sexually and physically. Oh, you think that's too much? Wake the heck up already! You are on camera everytime you're in a grocery store, government building, a 7/11, library so get over your self righteous selves and think about those who NEED protection.


Bill is Pharma missing the good old days when parents were naive about vaccines could be made safe and thus be greened. I think you are a big pharma whore, being paid big bucks.

And we all can just draft people to take care of the disabled. What possibility could go wrong.
Socialized medicine that the conservatives did not like, now how is that going for the Canadians? The latest I heard they are eager to help you die if you are depressed, or sick, or poor. Most poor people are poor because they are sick either mentally or physically. So maybe it was not just grandma they wanted to help shove off a cliff, but every body. except the billionaires. They will get them through 250,000 one way titanic tours.


Aaron Siri lays out an open and shut case on the state of vaccine safety on today's The Highwire



You stated in a previous post that you have autism. Were you born before 1986?
How old were you when you were diagnosed?

A close relative worked as a special ed teacher in a California elementary public school from 1978-2021. Her college training only prepared her to work with Down's syndrome children/adults. Schools were not training for autism therapy back then because the need did not exist. She did not encounter autistic special needs children until after 1986. Then the population began to rise exponentially. At the same time, her Down's syndrome population virtually disappeared. This is because around that time a prenatal test for it became routine and doctors pushed abortion if it was positive. Mine was positive and I refused that "remedy" because I am pro-life and I knew that the test could produce false positives. Well, my child did NOT have Down's syndrome. At any rate, your theory of "overdiagnosis" has been debunked many times over. An increase in autism from 1/10,000 to 1/20-30 since 1986 has to come from some outside cause. It can't be genetic, and if our doctors are so inept at diagnosing autism, then they all need to be shut down and investigated for criminal activity.

David Foster

Some great information about the creative "placebos" used in vaccine safety studies, from Aaron Siri's substack:

Check out what Dr. Profit has said...reminiscent of the stupidity emanating from Dr. Pan's mouth:


the liberal idiots of California love over diagnosis autism for political clout and "victimhood". Now the equally dumb conservatives have their own political agenda that includes talking about and exaggerating the risk of vaccine injuries. The Liberals of California and their "equality cult" have shut down Intermediate Care Facilities and Developmental Centers that used to care for the serious disabled because these facilities were "isolating and dangerous". The Conservatives hate the idea of 'socialized medicine" which includes taxes on the wealthiest 1% to pay for those state ran disabled care facilities so those Conservative politicians went along with the plan. The proper care of the serious disabled of any kind not just autism is more important than talking about rare vaccine injuries or the transgenders a topic you love to ramble about. We need a national volunteer service like Israel and that country's Sherut Leumi. These voluntary services include caring for the serious disabled in Lui of military conscription.
PS revive the "Green the Vaccine" movement and let us get away from anti vaccine extremist.

Angus Files

A horse and carriage can be driven through the safety studies Pharma conduct as everyone on ere has shown over the years. Professor Exley with his aluminum studies, Boyd Hayley Mercury, Dr Wakefield ,Dan Olmsted the list is never ending.

The only safety conclusion that the Pharma arrive at is ,its nothing to do with vaccines.

Pharma For Prison


"Every couple of years CDC officials announce another breath-taking increase in the autism rate, now conservatively at one in every 36 kids (except if you live in California where it’s one in every 22 kids officially)."

Wow! I didn't realize Cali is now admitting 1 in 22. Of course, they led the way for forced childhood vaccines by passing laws removing opt outs. Never forget that before the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was passed in 1986 (granting pharma liability protection), the autism rate in America was 1 in 10,000. I was 10 when they introduced the first measles vaccine. I never knew anyone with autism in my K-grad school classes. I did not grow up in fear of "vaccine preventable childhood diseases". I do remember mothers making sure their child was exposed to these mild diseases when other kids had a case.

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