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The War On Ivermectin by Dr. Pierre Kory & Jenna McCarthy

The War On Ivermectin 2023The War on Ivermectin: The Medicine That Saved Millions and Could Have Ended the Pandemic

By Dr. Pierre Kory & Jenna McCarthy

Big Pharma and health agencies cry, “Don’t take Ivermectin!” A media storm follows. Why then, does the science say the opposite?”

Ivermectin is a dirty word in the media. It doesn’t work. It’s a deadly horse dewormer. Prescribe or promote it and you’ll be called a right-wing quack, be banned from social media, or lose your license to practice medicine. And yet, entire countries wiped out the virus with it, and more than ninety-five studies now show it to be unequivocally effective in preventing and treating Covid-19. If it didn’t work, why was there a coordinated global campaign to cancel it? What’s the truth about this decades-old, Nobel Prize-winning medication?

The War on Ivermectin is the personal and professional narrative of Dr. Pierre Kory and his crusade to recommend a safe, inexpensive, generic medicine as the key to ending the pandemic

Written with Jenna McCarthy, Dr. Kory’s story chronicles the personal attacks, professional setbacks, and nefarious efforts of the world’s major health agencies and medical journals to dismiss and deny ivermectin’s efficacy. Part personal narrative, part scathing expose, The War on Ivermectin highlights the catastrophic impacts of the mass media censorship and relentless propaganda that led to the greatest humanitarian crisis in history.

Although numerous studies and epidemiologic data have shown that millions of lives were saved globally with the systematic use of Ivermectin, many more millions perished. This carnage was the direct result of what Dr. Kory eventually discovered to be the pharmaceutical industry’s silent but deadly war on generic medicines and the corrupt, captured medical and media systems that allow it to continue. For anyone who thought Covid-19 was the enemy, Dr. Kory’s book will leave no doubt that the true adversary in this war is a collective cabal of power-hungry elites who put profits over people and will stop at nothing in their quest for control.

The War on Ivermectin is published through ICAN PRESS, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing. ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network) is a nonprofit organization investigating the safety of medical procedures, pharmaceutical drugs, and vaccines while advocating for people’s right to informed consent.

Dr. Pierre Kory is a pulmonary and critical care medicine specialist and a former associate professor and chief of the Critical Care Service at the University of Wisconsin. Prior to COVID-19, he was an internationally renowned pioneer in the field of critical care ultrasonography, having served as senior editor of an award-winning textbook, Point of Care Ultrasound, now in its second edition and translated into seven languages. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he cofounded and continues to serve as the president and chief medical officer of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (, a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing the most effective treatment protocols for COVID-19. Having coauthored over ten peer-reviewed manuscripts on COVID-19, he is considered one of the world’s clinical experts on both the disease and the role of ivermectin and other early treatments. Dr. Kory is also considered a master educator and has won major departmental teaching awards at multiple institutions in his career. More recently, he became the cofounder and chief medical officer of The Leading Edge Clinic, a private tele-health practice operating in all fifty states that focuses on the treatment of both common and complex chronic medical conditions with a specialization in COVID-19 vaccine injury and long COVID-19 vaccine injury and long COVID syndromes.

Jenna McCarthy is an author, speaker, podcaster, and former magazine editor with thirty years of publishing industry experience. She lives in Austin, Texas.


High Tea at Aunty Morag's

The fab Dr Pierre Kory has the correct temperament and aptitude to be a great Fire Chief/ Fire Prevention Chief Officer! If health boards don't appreciate him it's their loss !
Book Last Man Down ! The Fireman's Story .
The Heroic Account of how Pitch Picciotto survived the collaps of the Twin Towers and led his men to safety .
On the day of the big emergency, because of longstanding rivalry between NYFD and NYPD they were using different communication radio wavelengths and could not communicate with each other .
A vanity disaster in motion !
Example -- Scot Squad - Cameron Miekelson Fire Brigade -YouTube

So if ye need help and ye shout help ye'll get nae help ,so if ye need help don't shout help shout "Fire !" then ye'll get all the help going !
"Ready. Aye Ready ,Aye Laughing !"

See https//
River Cities Reader
Its Time for the great Unraveling 11 April 2022 By Kathleen Mc Carthy

[primo] Covid-19 Commi""SS" ioners in their utter despiration even having to resort to using 1850's style terminology and description definitions !
[ Secundo ] Ivermectin Assessment , dr A Hill a "Dung " deal considered a pony /people anti-parisitic public nuisance and a "Sure Cure !" encroachment on C-19 Vaccine Vanity "Cash Cow " profits , wee lacky-dasical Hill's Commi"SS"ioners Think ? they have the power to determine what are public nuisances , imagine that ! the silly wee sausages !


Thank you Dr. Kory for daring to speak the truth about this life saving drug. I first learned about it when you testified before a deaf eared Congress.

There is also a lab war on our food. FDA is approving CRISPR designed sterile pigs for your dining pleasure:

CONFIRMED The PIGS are being INJECTED and fed to YOU!

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