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The Real RFK Jr.: Trials of a Truth Warrior Nominated For Plutarch Award

Real RFK Jr Book CoverPlease join us  in wishing luck to Skyhorse Publishing and author Dick Russell on this prestigious nomination for a Plutarch Award for best biography. Named after the famous ancient Greek biographer, the Plutarch is awarded to the best biography of the year by a committee of five distinguished biographers from nominations received by BIO members and publishers. The award comes with a $2,000 honorarium.

As an aside, we have been writing about RFK Jr for more than a decade. Please don't confuse our keeping up with his work and even complimenting or congratulating him on his work with an endorsement as a Presidential candidate. We do not and can not endorse.  We know our readers come from all walks of life. Left, right and center. Thank you.

Note from Author Dick Russell:

Dear friends and colleagues,

I've just received some exciting news, that my latest book - The Real RFK Jr.: Trials of a Truth Warrior has been nominated among the finalists for the Plutarch Award, given annually for "best biography of the year."

And I wanted to let you know a little about why I decided a year ago to write it. I've known Bobby Kennedy Jr for more than twenty years, when I was putting together my books "Eye of the Whale" and then "Striper Wars: An American Fish Story." We were both activists in protecting the habitats of the amazing gray whales and Atlantic striped bass and went on to collaborate on other environmental campaigns. Bobby wrote the introductions for two editions of my book exposing the fossil fuel corporate giants most responsible for climate change.

Once he began speaking out about public health concerns, a lot of people who he'd worked closely with for years shied away from him and his views were suddenly no longer welcome in the media. During the pandemic, Bobby was kicked off Instagram and labeled an "anti-vaxxer" who spread misinformation. I knew from many conversations with him this wasn't fair or true, that he was an advocate for safe vaccines and a foe of government agencies being captured by the very corporations they're supposed to regulate.

So, I decided to write a book that would chronicle his remarkable environmental achievements over forty years as an environmental lawyer, as well as tell the real story of how and why he became such a powerful advocate for children's health. I also wanted to provide an honest picture of the trauma he'd experienced following the assassinations of his uncle and father and how he managed to find the moral courage to become the leader he is today.

In the course of my research and writing, Bobby and I sat down together for many hours of interviews, and he granted me access to his intimate private journals. I also spoke with many of his friends and associates, to gain insight into his character. This wasn't part of a campaign effort, because he didn't decide to run for president until I was almost done with the book. Now I'm hoping that readers will get a stronger sense of who he is and realize that he's the right person to heal the divide in our country and bring people together in a way that his forbears sought to do.

I'm pasting the link to Amazon here if you wish to order a copy, would welcome a review posted if you so choose, and be really glad to hear your thoughts.

Best wishes to you all,

Dick Russell


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