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Survey Says…

Survey Says NoBy Cathy Jameson

I love our quieter summer schedule.  The alarm clock isn’t screaming at us to wake up early.  The kids aren’t rushing here and there.  And I’m able to sit still a bit longer to catch up on some things I’ve had to put on hold.  With the extra quiet time, I’ve started to sift through my email to get rid of old messages.  Every few days, I get rid of promotions that have expired and also delete school notices that are now irrelevant.  In sitting down late last week to get sort through a handful of older messages, I saw that I had a new one.  I made sure not to delete it: 

Dear Cathy,

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, Children’s Health Defense (CHD) experienced considerable growth in its membership, as people sought information about vaccine efficacy and safety, and community support in the face of restrictive government and workplace policies such as vaccine mandates. To our knowledge, little research has been done on the experiences and consequences of these policies for overall wellbeing, especially for people who declined vaccination.

If you subscribe to CHD, you probably saw that announcement, too.  Coupled with it is the chance to take a survey “…to better understand our subscribers’ experiences with vaccine mandates since the beginning of the pandemic. The survey will take about 5–10 minutes to complete.” 

I have friends who knew to be skeptical of what our government was saying and doing early on during the pandemic.  Some had never been vocal about vaccines.  Now, they are being more than vocal.  They’re saying never again. 

Never again will they be duped or talked into taking something so risky. 

Never will they risk their job, their health, or their freedom. 


Early on, when people would ask me where they could look for information about what was going on, I made sure to share the CHD webpage.  Look here for some helpful resources.  Check out what this group is working on.  Read up on who the talking heads are in the news, and also read up on who’s being silenced. The silenced may have answers for some of your important questions.  Early on, and also well into the pandemic, a lot was going on.  For these friends new to the vaccine scene, thing didn’t add up.  For a lot of us, things didn’t make sense.  We knew that the vaccine was too much too soon and way too risky to consider.  So, we talked more.  We educated each other.  It was tough, especially knowing mandates were looming.  It was hardest when family members opted in instead of waiting things out.  CHD remained a go-to source for me.  The louder other people got about this issue, CHD became a reliable source for their family and friends as well.  Some held the line.  Others tried.  Mandates affected everyone – they affected those who took the vaccine, and they affected those who didn’t.  The debates over them, the stress of complying or not complying, the distress over all of it added up.  People lost time, trust, friends, and family over the mandates.  I hope that anyone affected by them will take the time to check out the survey and fill it out.  If you’ve got a few minutes today, here’s the link. 

Children's Health Defense Vaccine Mandate Survery

I’m very grateful that Children’s Health Defense created a place to share our personal experiences.  The data that’s gathered may not change public health administrators’ minds.  But at least the data from we, the people, will be formally collected and documented.  It’s a big task, but one that I believe will bring worthwhile results. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Real Anthony Fauci Number 1 memeThe Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense)

By Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


Over 1,000,000 copies sold despite censorship, boycotts from bookstores and libraries, and hit pieces against the author. Wuhan Cover Up Book CoverThe Wuhan Cover-Up: How US Health Officials Conspired with the Chinese Military to Hide the Origins of COVID-19 (Children’s Health Defense)
From the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Publishers Weekly bestselling author of The Real Anthony Fauci comes an explosive exposé of the cover-up behind the true origins of COVID-19.


High Tea at Auntie Morag's

Thank you Cathy Jameson .We have really good ground work going on in Japan people call it
NAMASWIE correct spelling? meaning doing the ground work !

So much good work going on everywhere !
So for al the hard working health and social care workers take a break ?
Check out the history of your own profession ,and realise the value and worth of your own training knowledge and experience for your own patients !
SEE https//scotlandonsreen.org.uk
The Health of a City
Clip[1] clip[2] clip3[]
Also Highland Doctor Clip
Dramatised account of how healthcare in the outer hebredies was improved after 1912

For any other perhaps a bit tired and jaded Health Care Practitioner ? Oh What !
Good book =Healing Threads Traditional Medicines of The Highlands and Islands By Mary Beith
A Truly Catharthic Tonic Of Laughter !


Great idea!

We need a memorial for the Covid/Covid jab dead.
Perhaps families of the excess deaths could add their loved one's story.

Here's another great interview on the topic:

Excess Deaths & Why RFK Jr. Can Win The Democratic Presidential Race - Ed Dowd

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