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Children's Health Defense Reports on Groundbreaking Covid Vaccine Injury Case

Pecking Away


By Cathy Jameson


A few times over the last few weeks I’ve seen 2 or 3 smaller birds flying after a larger black bird.  The smaller birds are adamantly pecking.  Called mobbing, the large bird ends up flying off, getting away from the much smaller and persistent birds.  Maybe the larger bird has tried to mess with baby birds in a nest.  Maybe the larger one is getting too close to where the smaller ones find their food.  The few times I’ve seen thisactivity, soon after I’ve read an article about something that many in our community here immediately thought to question.  Mostly covid-related news or updates, I feel like one of those little birds as I read what appears to be an ‘oops, you were rightto question, dear public – we were wrong’.  Just like those smaller birds working together, we went up against larger forces fighting like hell to protect ourselves and our families.  


Little by little, we’re learning that what we thought would and could happen during the covid years actually did happen.  AndI’m reading this information on mainstream news sites, not in professional journals or behind paywall sites. 


But on sites like Yahoo! News.  


Like this latest admittance:


Chinese authorities have officially maintained a vague stance, meant largely to deflect criticism. Meanwhile, scientists who may hold clues to how the pandemic began — likely sometime in late 2019 — appear to have been silenced.


“Don’t rule out anything.”


It may not seem like much, but Gao was clearly acknowledging that the coronavirus could have emerged as a result of a laboratory accident at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.


While it isn’t a full confession, it’s enough to make me shake my head in disgust. 


I remember when something else made its way back into the news cycle - covid and periods.  For some time in 2021, women were reporting that they were experiencing changes in their menstrual cycle.  


Though many researchers and gynecologists say a causal link hasn't yet been established between the vaccines and the reported changes, it hasn't stopped the worry among some people. And so far, scientists haven't collected much data on whether or how the vaccines might affect a menstrual period.


Dismissed by those they trusted, the women had to wait until Science wanted to catch up with them.  By 2022, much more information could be collected.  That data now showed that lo, and behold, those women were on to something.  The covid vaccine did do something to disrupt their flow, and it did cause breakthrough bleeding


Soon after the vaccines were rolled out to the public, however, people began talking to their doctors about what they were experiencing. Many had noticed that their periods had become heavier than normal. Initially, some clinicians were dismissive, write the authors of a new survey on the topic published in the journal Science Advances. “In media coverage, medical doctors and public health experts hastened to say that there was ‘no biological mechanism’ or ‘no data’ to support a relationship between vaccine administration and menstrual changes,” the authors write. “In other cases, experts declared that these changes were more likely a result of ‘stress.'” But these types of changes are not unheard of: vaccines for typhoid, Hepatitis B, and HPV have sometimes been associated with menstrual irregularities.


That article points out that the women disclosing the information did so in a survey, which isn’t usually a gold standard of collecting data.  While it is not false information, it’s not the kind of data some scientists or researchers can say is truly reliable.  That may be why the article concludes with this response:


Researchers can’t yet say that the vaccine caused these changes—and if it did, exactly how or why. But one theory is that it has to do with how the immune system responds to the vaccine. As the study notes: “Generally, changes to menstrual bleeding are not uncommon or dangerous, yet attention to these experiences is necessary to build trust in medicine.


Right there, though, saying it’s a theory, should’ve screamed: Let’s then actually do the official research!  There should’ve been a pause on distributing the covid vaccine to women at least.  But at that point, so many people were still voluntarily rollingup their sleeves to get the fast-tracked covid vaccine.  Many knew they were taking a risk in opting for the newly rolled out vaccine and opted for it anyway.  Some later lamented being part of the experiment, including those who began to deal with heart issues.  

Again from 2021, those who were treating patients with new medical conditions post-vaccination saw something but opted instead for a wait-and-see approach


Vaccine safety experts are always on the lookout for a range of possible side effects following any new vaccine. Despite the increased number of reported myocarditis cases among young people, Shimabukuro said, no major red flags have been identified.


Still, the higher-than-normal incidence is worthy of further scrutiny. The CDC will hold a meeting of its Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices on June 18 to further look at the evidence and assess the risk of myocarditis following vaccination.


Not only did they want to wait and see, in the same breath they wanted to continue to jab, jab, jab:


Until definitive links are made, health officials overwhelmingly recommend Covid-19 vaccinations for everyone ages 12 and older.


It takes years to conduct long-term research on vaccines.  Some of that didn’t seem to play a big part of Operation Warp Speed.  Friends and extended family members of mine regret pushing some of the known red flags aside when they got it soon after it was made available.  That’s why I still read up on covid-vaccine news.  It’s why I still share disturbing articles of whats come to light.  It’s why I keep pecking away at typing these kinds of posts.  The last thing I want to do is write yet another post about what could’ve been prevented but sadly wasn’t. But peck away I must.  And peck away I will.  

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


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Marla is no dummy. Perhaps her daughter will take on Chelsea....


DPT causes irregular break through and heavy periods too.
I and my daughter has been there on that one around 30 years now.

Some body up high had to know and then laughed and said, "It works" Time to give more to the masses.

DPT causes miscarriages too.

Yeah they knew.

They know, they know, they know, but they don't care, they don't care, they do it on purpose, intent, the mean to, they planned it, the strived toward it.

Now an interesting tidbit I noticed on the red carpet interviews for the new movie "The Great Awakening" Marla Maples is among vaccine safety!
Well, I was told that Trump's first wife said she was just a show gal, and beneath Trump or herself?

I suspect it was her influence that caused Trump to say he thought there was a connection to vaccines and autism. IT was her influence that caused Trump to fly down to Florida and talk with Dr. Wakefield and other leaders of the vaccine safety movement. Perhaps it was the influence of Marla Maples that helped Del Bigtree, Bobby Kennedy, and Lawyer Siri get a meeting with the big heads of the these National federal government health tyrants.

So, hats off to Marla Maples. She was not below on the right way of thinking, but above them all. Way to go.


"It takes years to conduct long-term research on vaccines. Some of that didn’t seem to play a big part of Operation Warp Speed."

Here's Trump's recent statement on Covid 19 jabs:
Trump understands the power of the Globalist controlled pharma. His strategy was to hold firm on no mandates. He did little to promote the jab (Although he is required to do so according to the 1986 vaccine law), but did promote HCL, ivermectin, and monoclonal antibodies until Fauci shut it down. Roll out of the shots was a done deal and was through the DOD. Bottom line is that I never worried about being forced to get the jab under Trump. Everything changed the minute Joe Biden took office. One of my sons had to quit his job to avoid getting the jab. My spouse would have had to quit if they hadn't allowed him a religious exemption. Access to monoclonal antibodies was shut down and hydroxi and ivermectin were shut down and demonized by the White House. Many died needlessly. Both Kennedy and DeSantis have come out strongly against the jabs and hope to reign in HHS. But will they have the strength to do so? America is a debtor nation. We are controlled by the owners of the Federal Reserve. Their power over the large corporations is being demonstrated in plain sight in real time. When one controls currency, food and natural resources, everyone else does your bidding. Vote, but put your faith in God.

G. Edward Griffin is featured in the new documentary, THE GREAT AWAKENING. https://thehighwire.com/thegreatawakeningpremiere/
He is famous for his book, THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND, which gives the historical account of the founding of the Federal Reserve in 1913. It opened my eyes years ago to the economic warfare being waged against our country. Andrew Jackson is the only President who fought this banking cartel and won. Under his presidency is the only time America was debt free. Americans didn't learn their lesson and returned to their economic chains after passage of the Federal Reserve Act. Now that system is coming to an end. One cannot print money out of thin air forever. Of course, the same cartel has CBDC waiting in the wings. They will never willingly lose their power.

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