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Joe Rogan Offers Dr. Peter Hotez $100K To Any Charity for On Air Sit Down with Robert Kennedy Jr

Rogan Hotez Kennedy Tweet
Bada bing bada boom! Pow! Right in the kisser. Joe Rogan has offered Dr. Peter Hotez a hefty donation to any charity he chooses in exchange for going on air with Robert Kennedy Jr to debate vaccine safety. 

We've been writing about Dr. Hotez for years. You might recall his book, "Vaccines Did Not Cause Rachel's Autism" a real stomach page turner. Ironic, I'm writing this on Father's Day.  In 2017, then President Donald Trump (now candidate)announced a Kennedy led Vaccine Safety Commission. It never came to fruition, but the public media response to the very idea was swift. Behind the scenes must have been much worse. Trump instead created Operation Warp Speed. And now, six and a half years later, Trump is running again, and Robert Kennedy Jr. is running in the Democratic primary. Honest to goodness, who could write this script? Hitchcock?

In January of 2017, Anne Dachel covered the rapid press-release journalism that slammed the very idea of a vaccine safety commission. Mainstream Media Response to Trump Kennedy Vaccine Safety Committee in which Dr. Peter Hotez said the following about Robert Kennedy Jr:

"That's very frightening, it's difficult to imagine anyone less qualified to serve on a commission for vaccine science," said Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, and president of the Sabin Vaccine Institute, a nonprofit that works to control, treat and eliminate vaccine-preventable and neglected tropical diseases.

"The science is clear: massive evidence showing no link between vaccines and autism, and as both a scientist who develops vaccines for poverty related neglected diseases and the father of an adult daughter with autism, there's not even any plausibility for a link," Hotez continued. "Autism is a genetic condition."

"Our nation's public health will suffer if this nascent neo-antivaxxer movement is not stopped immediately," he added.

Dr. Hotez responded to Rogan's offer as follows:

Hotez Answers Rogan Offer
Stay tuned.



Thank Laura for sharing.
Jimmy Door has a bunch of video showing the progression of lies Hotez told Amazing and funny when they got to the two boosted

Laura Hayes

Excellent montage of the LYING Hotez.

What a total tool he is! To think, he is the best Pharma can do, along with the likes of Richard Pan from CA. Two pathetic peas in a pod!


"America's medical establishment has beclowned itself." Tucker Carlson


Tucker on the subject of Kennedy Jr and Hotez.


RE: "I am totally sure vaccines have nothing to do with this. I know because I declared it just now, and I'm a scientist," said Dr. Hanz Fritz regarding his recent peer-reviewed paper that was just 10 pages of the phrase "VACCINES SAVE LIVES!" I say, "B.S." But here's a better quote:

"All of us have the capacity to sound incredibly certain. But certainty and accuracy are not the same thing. So I'm just hyper wary of certainty and earnestness and experts. If we've learned anything from this thing [Fauci & lockdowns & toxic injections], it's that the initials after your name don't necessarily make you a genius." - Mike Rowe

Angus Files

Scientists Who Have No Idea What’s Causing Autism Epidemic Also 100% Certain It’s Not Vaccines SCIENCE · Jun 19, 2023 ·

F.F.S. If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.(someone Joseph from Germany)


Pharma For Prison


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Ach for goodness sake ! We will discern from what is tosh from what is important !
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Tough times for the Bee. Our culture is now one big parody.


I didn’t know where to laugh or cry when I read this but maybe its a sign that people are beginning to question everything.

Scientists Who Have No Idea What’s Causing Autism Epidemic Also 100% Certain It’s Not Vaccines SCIENCE · Jun 19, 2023 ·

U.S. — Thousands of scientific experts have come forward to proclaim that while they have no idea what on earth could be causing the dramatic rise in autism among small children, they are 100% totally sure it's definitely not vaccines.

"I am totally sure vaccines have nothing to do with this. I know because I declared it just now, and I'm a scientist," said Dr. Hanz Fritz regarding his recent peer-reviewed paper that was just 10 pages of the phrase "VACCINES SAVE LIVES!" written over and over again in all caps mixed with Ukraine flag and pride emojis. "And that should mean something, because I'm a scientist."

The entire medical community, known for demanding church closures as they attended BLM rallies in the middle of a pandemic and calling the castration of children "gender-affirming care," is reassuring the public they are totally trustworthy and should never be questioned. "Questioning us is fascism," said Dr. Fritz.

At publishing time, scientists had announced that they were no closer to determining the actual cause of the autism epidemic, but speculated that it might be due to homophobic global warming in Ukraine.


Thanks Emma, I enjoyed the Rubin Report. Thanks for posting.

David Foster

Can we set up a GoFundMe for this? I would love to contribute, I'd pay good money to get to see Hotez's ass handed to him. He is such a classic wuss in bully's clothing, let me translate his reply for everyone:

"RFK Jr scares the hell out of me waaaahhhhhh.....!!"


Rubin Report does a good job covering this topic. More details:

Watch Joe Rogan's Face When RFK Jr. Tells Him These Censored Facts | Direct Message | Rubin Report

Angus Files

Hotez knows it,not even an also ran,a complete mis -match Kennedy would have him K.O.`d within 60 seconds.

Pharma For Prison



I am so sorry Maurine you had to go through such, and yet so thankful that you were there to represent the truth of the whole sorry mess.


Hotez thought it was a bet?
That if he loses he has to pay?
And he is suppose to be able to discern the cause of autism when he can't --
Ah, probably more evil and cunning than that. He is probably one of those lying psychopaths. He understands what Rogan is offering, knowing he does not have the real facts to stand on, thus defecting. .

mauine Meleck

This is what dreams are made of. It will never happen. Besides Baylor is one the biggest recipients of government funded vaccine research.
I was one of the fortunate(or shall we say unfortunate) persons who attended a luncheon In Jacksonville Fl where Hotez was the main speaker.It was sponsored by an autism organization. Imagine that. Front row, and I was the first to ask a question. Of course he negated my comment about my grandson totally. However, I did manage to shove my autism poetry book in his hands before leaving. I can't remeber ever hearing such a speech that made no sense. He is so full of himself, much like Fauci.

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