An Epic Biography Filled with Drama, Conflict, and Surmounted Challenges.
Professor Mottron Disputes Northern Ireland Autism Rate

From Ryan White to the Biden White House

9E319CCB-91B8-445F-B98F-79BB68CC77FCWho remembers Ryan White, a boy with HIV who had to fight to attend school? Ryan's law was passed in 1990, to prevent discrimination against people with HIV. We call them Human Beings. I saw a Tweet yesterday, Princess Diana shaking the hand and hugging a man with advanced AIDS at a time when people with AIDS were considered the lepers (more on leprosy in a moment) in the 1980s. The photo was scandalous.

One of the lighter moments a President gets to preside over is inviting winning athletes to celebrate their prowess. I think President Trump made the news for serving Big Macs instead of fancy food, didn't he? He sure knew his audience.  The 2023 Biden White House discriminated against the College Athlete Day participants who were not vaccinated for Covid. They had to socially distance and wear a mask. That makes for a nice photo op, doesn't it? Photographer says, "Hey you in the mask, can you scoot over a bit to fit in the shot," and a White House staffer screams, "Stay away!!!"  ( I made that up.)

Unvaccinated, healthy, vigorous, successful college athletes were made to drink from a separate water fountain. And I do not bring up Jim Crow law horrors glibly. That WAS America. Blacks lived in a parallel America. Separate and unequal. Whites praised the vile treatment. People with HIV AIDS lived in a shameful America. Isolated. Feared. And people without a Covid vaccine are still being subjected to a discrimination condoned and encouraged by the Medical Community, Public Health and those at the highest levels of government. The President of the United States.

Oh, the Leprosy mention? The CDC has worked hard to end the stigma of this biblical scourge. People with leprosy who are being treated with antibiotics can live a normal life among their family and friends and can continue to attend work or school. But your healthy, under or unvaccinated students can NOT. Remember this. Forever.


College Athlete Day’ At Biden’s White House Means Mandatory Masks, Social Distancing For Unvaccinated Guests

Masks are back at the White House.

Even in 2023, well after all available evidence has confirmed that masks are completely ineffective at stopping COVID, the Biden administration just won’t quit.

President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden are inviting national championship teams from NCAA Division I, II and II to the White House on Monday.

Both men’s and women’s teams will be honored by the administration for their accomplishments.

Unless they’re unvaccinated, of course.

Beyond masks, unvaccinated guests will be punished with “social distancing,” combining multiple disproven pseudoscientific restrictions.

Fox News acquired a copy of the COVID protocols, and they are unbelievably absurd.

“Masking Guidance: Fully vaccinated guests are not required to wear a mask on the White House grounds,” the email states [bold font in original email]. “Guests who are not fully vaccinated must wear a mask at all times and maintain at least 6 feet distance from others while on the White House grounds.”

It’s hard to imagine a less justifiable set of policies than this. But it makes perfect sense coming from a COVID extremist administration that promoted Dr. Fauci and got every major policy question wrong.


The War On Ivermectin 2023The War On Ivermectin
Dr. Pierre Kory

Ivermectin is a dirty word in the media. It doesn’t work. It’s a deadly horse dewormer. Prescribe or promote it and you’ll be called a right-wing quack, be banned from social media, or lose your license to practice medicine. And yet, entire countries wiped out the virus with it, and more than ninety-five studies now show it to be unequivocally effective in preventing and treating Covid-19. If it didn’t work, why was there a coordinated global campaign to cancel it? What’s the truth about this decades-old, Nobel Prize-winning medication? The War on Ivermectin is the personal and professional narrative of Dr. Pierre Kory and his crusade to recommend a safe, inexpensive, generic medicine as the key to ending the pandemic.

Real RFK Jr Book CoverHere's a great Father's Day gift idea. The Real RFK Jr Trials of a Truth Warrior from Skyhorse Publishing is available NOW for pre-order. It's already #1 on the Amazon best sellers list.

By Dick Russell

An epic biography filled with drama, conflict, and surmounted challenges.

The Real RFK Jr. is an intimate biographical portrait examining the controversial activist's journey from anguish and addiction to becoming the country's leading environmental champion fighting government corruption, corporate greed, and a captured media. Written by his longtime colleague Dick Russell, the biography also exposes the misconceptions and explains the rationale behind Kennedy's campaign to protect public health.

Provided exclusive source material, including access to Kennedy’s unpublished writings and personal journals, the author conducted dozens of interviews with him as well as numerous friends and associates. Russell delves into everything from Kennedy’s sometimes death-defying river rafting adventures to his pioneering legal cases against polluters such as Smithfield Foods and Monsanto, while founding the world’s largest water protection group. The Real RFK Jr. also examines Kennedy’s pursuit of the truth about the assassinations of his father and uncle, the wrongful murder conviction of his cousin, and the false narratives around the COVID-19 pandemic.




And last but not least, the flying cars are here!

FAA Approves World’s First Electric Flying Car for Testing

Better do your long distance travelling now. Airlines for the plebs will be a thing of the past. You will be lucky to catch a ride on the 15 minute city electric puddle-jumpers.


I saw Biden on the news saying such nonsense. EPA was created to get the air clean and here they are saying they should put something in it for our own good.

At first they said it was chalk dust like stuff and now they are saying it is aluminum particles. Global warming, please they know that story is a lie. They are putting stuff in the sky to reflect a hologram.

Meanwhile; Pay no attention to digital money, tracking and credits slavery but look at rumors of life that comes from an impossible distance of light years is here. After Hollywood has put out enough stories about it to get our minds ready. Didn't Orson Wells prove that when he put out a radio program that we had been invaded and so many believed it. A government of crooks couldn't over look that little gem.



Rip Van Winkle Joe
They've already been doing this for years:

White House Examining Plans that Deflect Sun’s Rays to Cool Earth
"The congressionally mandated report released by the Office of Science and Technology Policy shows the research team has been examining “geoengineering” methods to keep the sun rays from accelerating global warming."

"According to the report titled “Congressionally-Mandated Report on Solar Radiation Modification,” the types of geoengineering methods the Biden administration is looking into are “stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI) and marine cloud brightening.”"

New Sky: From Fake Weather To Holograms ...


Fredrick, my sweet pen pal on "Age of Autism"

a Tiger and donkey got into an argument on the subject of the color of grass.
The donkey said it was blue.
The tiger said it was green.

They asked the lion to settle it.
The lion said the grass was blue and punished the tiger.
The tiger said to the lion, you know it is green, and why do you punish me.
The lion said yes it is green, your punishment is not for being wrong, but for arguing with some one that well you can finish that thought of why: Stubborn, just want to argue, has some kind of strange belief system they are trying to protect - I don't know. The lion said at any rate you were wasting your time and mine.

Thank you Emma. I saw those robots - not flame throwing over in China - but they were scary. They are making a weapon against the public.

Frederic Chopin

Literally no one says Icelandic volcanic activity started the little ice age. Just like no one claims the little ice age caused the dramatic new world population decline after European contact. All you’ve referenced is a book stating the LIA may have helped lead to the break up of some areas of Mississippian culture.



You were right. The dog did it.....

More flying cars:
15 Future Flying Cars that will Change the World

And Elon plots to replace us with his new robots:
Tesla Bot Expert Shows Factory Video Which Jobs Will Be Replaced


And Fredrick that is not how you spell my name.

So I have to try to remember maybe over a year ago of the conversation of back and forth we had.
What I remember is, that you knew nothing about the subject, did not want to learn and was combative about it all.

My guess is that yes, I did say that in the mid 1300s when the Little Ice Age began, it began with the eruptions of the Iceland volcanoes. So let me make this clear, from that time on into the 1800s, was a time of world wide high volcanic activity. Now do you understand? Spoon fed as you have been on this subject.


Frederic Chopin | So I left out the (e)
and I will guess you just could not figure it out. You poor thing.


@ Benedetta

Here's the link to the white paper. Evidently his underlings wrote the proposal. Aurora Flight Sciences was sold to Boeing in 2017. It appears that he is currently only working on "flying cars."

Frederic Chopin

" IT is NOT JUST THE ICLAND (sic) volcanoes"

But that's what you said.

Dimmer skies are safer skies. Or do you support Big Solar?


"I remember we were driving along and I finally said chem trails."

Below, I linked to the guy that is designing "flying cars" or short distance aircraft.
Years ago, I too looked into chemtrails. Someone had linked to a white paper proposal for a Canadian University on how to do this chemical spraying from high altitude aircraft. When I read it, to my shock, the author was this same man, who I personally was acquainted with in my distant past! He is quite brilliant, and appears to have made an aviation career working on DARPA/DOD projects. I am sure he believes his work is for the good of our country. At the end of the day, Christians know how this will all turn out. Jesus warns us so that we should not be deceived:
What WEF Just SAID about the Bible....


Did you see those Elon Musk's satellites all in a row and very low?
We went to a Christmas parade and just at the end, just as Santa went down the street up came the line of Satellites. It looked like Santa's sleigh flying in the sky. Talking about hearing child squeal with delight. Pretty neat.

I don't know Emma, they all talked about chem trails, and I did pay attention. Out here there were days that I have never seen such checkered skies of airplane clouds. They stayed in the sky for very long periods of time. But really it was embarrassing to mention it to my husband. I remember we were driving along and I finally said chem trails. His reaction was - you need to get off those websites on the computer. Then we read that yes indeedy Bill Gates is a planning which means they already have done it. Hubby was shocked and said he had over stepped what he owns.

So maybe they can get a laser like moon raker.
Or a virus like Prince Phillip wanted, and maybe he had reincarnate into one. Maybe Satan can help him out of Hell to infect some swine or something.

That said:

Fredrick I did link ya one, go find it yourself. There are only volumes and ONE MORE TIME-- FOR THE SLOW WITTED: Sorry but you trolled for that. IT is NOT JUST THE ICLAND volcanoes. But many other volcanoes becoming active along the RING OF FIRE!

Do you know what the Ring of Fire is? If not open up an 8th grade earth science book.

IT was a south Pacific Tambora that caused the year without summer.


How will they protect all of these satellites?
Who oversees what they do? From January 2022:

SpaceX passes 2,000 Starlink satellites launched

"Not all those 2,042 satellites are operational or even still in orbit. McDowell counts 1,879 satellites in orbit, counting this latest set of satellites, with 1,495 satellites in operational orbits. SpaceX Chief Executive Elon Musk, in a Jan. 15 tweet, said there were 1,469 satellites active, with 272 moving to operational orbits.

SpaceX’s current Starlink constellation is authorized for 4,408 satellites, all in orbits at around 550 kilometers. The company is seeking a Federal Communications Commission license for a second-generation system of approximately 30,000 satellites that it says would launch using its Starship vehicle under development."

We need Presidential candidate answers to this as well as who oversees the new $400 million CDC L4 lab coming online this year. This 'ain't your grandpa's America.......


@Frederic ChopGPT

I think you are due for a GREAT RESET.
Your programming is caught in a repeating vortex " - )

Don't forget to watch Dr. Peter McCullough's devastating Senate testimony on the Covid 19 jab:
MUST WATCH About Vaccine Injuries! Dr. Peter McCullough Testifies In Pennsylvania Senate

Frederic Chopin

Please link a reputable source for the little ice age being a significant contributor to the depopulation of the New World after European contact. And I’m still waiting for evidence of how those Icelandic volcanoes triggered all that.


"A satellite is really far away and traveling at a great deal of speed, passing the earth to quick for -- Archimedes heat ray; which did not work either by the way. So she probably is."

Have you not heard of geosynchronous orbit? GOES West, that gives us our weather maps?

This from 2022: A review of ns-pulsed Raman lasers based on diamond crystal
"High-power ns-pulsed lasers have been widely used in many significant applications, including laser radar, remote-sensing, biomedicine, industrial process, and military defense. Stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) provides an efficient method for extending the wavelengths of laser radiation. Due to the excellent thermal conductivity, high damage threshold, and high gain coefficient, diamond crystal is considered the most potential SRS material to address laser output in specific wavelength regions with high power, high beam quality, and high conversion efficiency. This paper reviews the advances of ns-pulsed crystalline Raman lasers and particularly emphasizes the progress of ns-pulsed diamond Raman lasers (DRLs) in the past decade. DRL has demonstrated a maximum peak power of 1.2 MW at 1.240 μm with a pulse duration of 8 ns. It can also generate high-energy ns pulses featuring Fourier-limited spectral line width. The superior optical characteristics and the mature technology of synthetic diamond crystal will make DRL a promising technique to achieve higher performance ns laser pulses."

US Testing Its Monstrously Powerful $500 Million Laser Warships">">
Look up. Don't fall for the deception.


I don't know about these diamond lasers. The last time I looked it was rubies and emeralds making up lasers with no heat to them, and satellites travel around the world to fast to focus energy to burn. Plus lasers don't carry heat - well they hint that these diamond lasers will.

They claim a great deal now a days. Hard to tell in a world of liars and braggers.

A burning question for me is WHAT IS HIV AND AIDS?

Is a piece of it really in the covid spike protein?
Why is secondary infections playing such a role, and so little is said about that?


Is Green wrong?
Green is opened minded. You have a lot of information coming in it is hard to sift through it all.
A satellite is really far away and traveling at a great deal of speed, passing the earth to quick for -- Archimedes heat ray; which did not work either by the way. So she probably is.

More likely it is from over zealous, but ignorant forest service that lets too much old growth accumulate, thinking that is natural; when if fat nature would have burned and cleaned it all up before so much accumulated.


Emma; I taught a lot of physical science too.
It was bit new back in the day and they were just using rubies. They used emeralds too. Something to reflect the light after reaching some kind of massing of light waves. I know that they were starting to look into argon and other noble gases. So, I am way behind, here. Lasers have no heat to them.

I see from your links that the synthetic diamonds because natural is just not reflective enough solves they say the thermal problem. So I guess they are saying that diamond lasers can now transfer not only light but heat. Woe!



These 2 articles are even more interesting!

"De Beers, the 130-year-old diamond company founded by Cecil Rhodes with funding from the Rothschild family, is to start selling diamonds “grown” in a laboratory near Ascot, Berkshire.

The company, which mines billion-year-old diamonds across Africa and in the Canadian Arctic, on Tuesday launched a range of much cheaper “lab-grown diamonds” created in just three weeks by scientists using a process similar to 3D printing.

De Beers, which created the famous “a diamond is forever” slogan and once had a near-monopoly on global diamond production, said it was launching the new range of synthetic diamonds to meet demand for “affordable fashion jewellery that may not be forever but is perfect for right now”."

Reuters gives more details:
Lab-grown diamond prices slide as De Beers fights back
I guess cheaper synthetic ones is a good thing for a diamond laser business...



This, from 2009:

Diamonds Are A Laser's Best Friend
"Tomorrow's lasers may come with a bit of bling, thanks to a new technology that uses man-made diamonds to enhance the power and capabilities of lasers. Researchers in Australia have now demonstrated the first laser built with diamonds that has comparable efficiency to lasers built with other materials."
"In 2008, Mildren built the first diamond Raman laser, reported in Optics Express, OSA's open-access journal. This proof-of-principle device was only 20 percent as efficient as the best barium nitrate lasers.

In the past year, the industrial process used to grow these artificial diamonds—chemical vapor deposition—has greatly improved, allowing the synthesis of crystals with a lower birefringence (less likely to split apart an incoming beam of light).

"The material is now good enough to start moving into applications that are of real practical interest," says Mildren."
I wonder who is invested in the artificial diamond business?

The Synthetic Diamond Business Offers Investment Opportunities (2016)



Was Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green wrong?
Who owns the S.A. diamond mines?


"I have heard of this. But could a laser light show full the world of people?"

Yes. 70% of Americans took the Covid jabs. Many still wear masks- including the White House. You didn't mention the other use for the diamond laser.....a little FIRE FROM HEAVEN. That will convince the nay sayers.

Don't forget to watch Dr. McCullough's Senate testimony on COvid 19 vaccine injury:


Yes they do claim that.
The little ice age was still going on during the Incas and Aztecs who were sacrificing left and right all the neighboring tribes to their rain god. Why was that. Cruel? Survival of the fittest?
Nobody like the Aztecs, the whole region was glad to get rid of them. Cortez brought down their entire empire with amazing coincidence of their arrival at a time predicted, along with 500 soldiers, 16 horses and a lot of help from the Aztec's neighbors that hated them.

The little ice age waxed and wanned itself right on up to 1816 with the final famous year called: the year with out summer when there was a frost every month in the America's north east, starvation in various parts of the world including Bengal India that caused a mass migration and they brought with them cholera. So cholera escaped from that region to the rest of the world. . All from the last giant volcanic eruption in Tambora; that is not in the middle of Island either. Ring of Fire has many volcanoes across the earth.

Emma: I have heard of this. But could a laser light show full the world of people?



Elon's The Boring Company stated on the website that transportation will be 3-D. If not high speed underground, then flying cars. This MIT grad is working on the flying cars:

"Under the Radar
He told Aviation Week, “I left Aurora and Boeing in January, and I’ve been working to start a new company focused on hybrid electric for regional mobility. It’s virtual today, in the organizational stage and by the time the pandemic ends I hope we’ll be in a position to take it to the stage of a real in-person company.” Like several others, he is turning from vertical flight to more conventional configurations, but those which promise near-helicopter performance. Somewhat under the radar, much of his new direction can be seen in two white papers by MIT associates."
The NWO is rising "under the radar" and under our noses!
Will there be a Henry Ford mass production model for the poor?
The current airline industry will be shut down. We'll all live in our 15 minute cities.


This rabbit hole runs deep....S.A. is also renowned for its diamond mines. I wonder who owns them?

Elon Musk addresses emerald mines and apartheid claims
So this is why he shows favor to the Babylon Bee? Who knew?

Lets not forget his The Boring Company:



Oh My! What are they hiding?

Beatles Laser Show -- Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
This is from 14 years ago....

Did Julian Lennon see the James Bond film?


Lucy In the Sky
Natural Diamonds are known to be found on earth. But in 2004, a first of its kind discovery changed everything. Can Natural Diamonds be seen beyond earth? We try to find the answer to this.

"In 1967, The Beatles released one of their greatest hits, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Originally, the song was inspired by a portrait drawn by John Lennon’s son, young Julian, about a girl quite literally among the stars that glittered like diamonds. In 2004, astronomers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics made a startling discovery and created a prophetic connection of the iconic Beatles’ song to what could very well be the largest natural diamond in the known universe.

Identified initially as V886 Centauri or BPM 37093, this white dwarf is about 4000-km across, and is possibly the largest natural diamond anyone has ever seen. Inspired by The Beatles, the scientists who discovered her christened her, Lucy, quite literally in the sky with diamonds.

Its size? A staggering 10 billion trillion trillion carats, which makes the largest natural diamonds on planet earth seem invisible by comparison. It shone so brightly that it could be seen all the way from the constellation Centaurus, almost fifty light-years away from us. Scientists had been observing a low hum from the constellation, which was confirmed in 2004, to be a white dwarf – a giant dying star, whose surface has completely crystalized into diamonds."
Scroll down to the bottom and watch the animated video. Elon Musk is mentioned.

Frederic Chopin

No one claims the little ice age caused the decimation of the new world indigenous population, although it could have helped in the dissolution of the mound builder society and maybe even the Maya. But what about the Aztecs and the Inca, to name a few?
And how did Icelandic volcanoes fit into even that though?


More....AI Jesus in the Sky With Diamonds?
Orbiting diamond laser hologram show? Orson Wells would be humbled.

What is Project Bluebeam? This, from 2015:
BTW. Aren't we hearing about alien UFO's right now?

AI Jesus gives life advice, answers questions on 24/7 online stream


@Fred ChopGPT

Trying to change the subject again?
How about this- President Biden gave us a clue in his garbled statement:
Besides tipping us off to the worldwide Globalist Belt and Road agenda, he mentions the U.S funding something in Angola. I checked it out. He is correct:
This is part of Biden's PGII policy. This involves U.S. based AfricaGlobal Schaffer and Sun Africa
Tesla Energy (Elon Musk) is a partner">">
So why does oil rich Angola need solar power? Besides oil and gas, what do they have that globalists want? Answer: DIAMONDS and minerals required for EV batteries.
Positioning Angola as a Globally Competitive Mineral Producer
This brought to mind the plot of the James Bond film, Diamonds Are Forever. The Klaus Schwab /Bond Villain look-alike figured out a way to use diamonds to create a space satellite laser weapon. Hmmm. "I'll trade you some of my solar batteries for those rough diamonds and rare earth minerals. It would go great with my car and satellite company...."

Diamond mirrors for high-powered lasers
Diamonds can withstand the heat from high-powered, continuous beam lasers


Not me saying it Fredrick.
But scientist; like Archeologists, and earth scientists are saying it.
We linked it a lot of times for you.
But of course you could have gone off and looked it all up on your own.

Here is a short quote from an article not hard to find.

Not that you will read it.

"Lost Realms of the Moundbuilders: Ancient Native Americans of the South and Midwest, explores the fascinating archaeology and history of the Mississippian Moundbuilders, their religious and ceremonial activities, farming and hunting practices, trade networks, and their highly-developed social, political and religious centers. The exhibition highlights the relationships between the historic ceremonial sites and other contemporaneous Indigenous communities in North and Central America, and illustrates how ecological factors, specifically the occurrence of the “Little Ice Age” beginning in 1350 AD and lasting until 1650 AD may have led to the decline and ultimate abandonment of Moundbuilder sites."

And if the moundbuilders became dislodged so went the rest of the North America cause people just don't sit in one spot and starve. Borders can be ignored and all that.

Frederic Chopin

Bena, you were saying the indigenous population of the new world was decimated by Icelandic volcanic activity instead of the numerous European diseases for which they had no immunity:)



I am well aware of his posting history. Perhaps in the presence of overwhelming truth, he will repent.
This video is a must see for everyone:
MUST WATCH About Vaccine Injuries! Dr. Peter McCullough Testifies In Pennsylvania Senate


Emma; Fredick is a troll and has been for years.
Once upon a time after a long back and forth conversation on Climate change in which I taught Earth Science and went through what volcanoes do, along with sweet Hera helping me with bona fide facts - he asked why I would teach that, for goodness sakes.

I never responded, but I wanted to. I wanted to say cause it is Earth Science, I was teaching not propaganda for some kind of climate change religion.


@Frederic Chopin

MUST WATCH About Vaccine Injuries! Dr. Peter McCullough Testifies In Pennsylvania Senate
I am a pure blood. Haven't been to a doctor in 10 years. I'm still typing away. I guess you lucked out and didn't get the hot batches....


Biden also wants to build land/water bridges to everywhere:

Biden Says U.S. Has "Plans To Build A Railroad From The Pacific...Across The Indian Ocean"

Could it be that he is talking about China's Communist NWO Globalist Belt and Road agenda? Do the elites want the economic slaves to get this done before they "disappear?"

Here are their plans: A Tour of the New World Land-bridge Report


The CDC World according to Walensky:

"Centers for Disease Control Director Testifies on COVID-19 Policies
Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the outgoing director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), defended her leadership and decision-making during the COVID-19 pandemic. She testified before the House Oversight Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic on the public health policies and actions implemented during her tenure. Topics included masking guidance, reopening schools, and COVID-19 vaccinations. Dr. Walensky was stepping down from her post as CDC director June 30, 2023. close "

Her written opening statement:

My summary:
Rochelle: Softball question answer: blah blah blah, I followed the Science, softball question answer: I followed the Science, we did a great job, blah blah blah, softball question answer, we always told the truth to the public, blah, blah blah, I am proud of the CDC Covid response, blah blah blah, softball question: We really didn't do as well as we could have because we need MORE individual private healthcare data, and lots of money for our new L4 lab, blah blah. Things could get out........See ya!

Frederic Chopin

Why would any US college student be unvaccinated in this day and age? I just can't...


"The same people who want to mutilate and sterilize children are calling people who don’t mask toddlers “child abusers”.

Watch: Jerry Nadler Says 2-Year-Olds Should Have Worn Masks During Pandemic: ‘Child Abuse’ to Do Otherwise

"Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) endorsed mask mandates for two-year-olds in remarks on the House floor on Wednesday, cautioning toddlers should have been “required” to mask up as coronavirus spread across the country.

He further declared parents who refused to do so engaged in “child abuse.”

“Two-year-olds should have been required to wear masks,” Nadler said. “It would be child abuse for parents not to do that because there was no vaccination available for two-year-olds.”"


"fully" vaccinated. one wonders what exactly they are full of.


Do they get extra points if there is a rainbow on it and they bend the knee?

The Great Unwashed would do well to avoid the ceremony and avoid the very real risk of shedding exposure.

I never watch organized sports. Opiates for the masses.

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