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Follow Up Questions to Skeptics and Transcript of Candidate Kennedy's Interview with Joe Rogan

QuestionsOur Media Editor Anne Dachel is amazing. She transcribed relevant vaccine safety portions of the Joe Rogan Spotify interview with Presidential Candidate Robert Kennedy Jr,. She also created a list of follow up questions for skeptics.

#1999 - Robert Kennedy, Jr. • The Joe Rogan Experience (

By Anne Dachel

ANYONE who attacks Robert Kennedy, Jr. and dismisses him as anti-vaccine and dangerous, should have to response to the following questions concerning what Kennedy revealed during his interview with Joe Rogan.

HOW do you explain the government’s denial of any connection between vaccines and autism, and yet in cases like Sarah Bridges, her son was awarded $20 million dollars for vaccine-induced autism in federal court?

WHY do our health agencies rely on vaccine promoters to prove vaccine safety?

WHY does the government selectively ignore critical vaccine research that challenges their safety claims, like in the case of Dr. Thomas Burbacher’s macaque monkey study?

WHY didn’t health officials publicly disclose findings clearly linking vaccines to autism revealed at a secret meeting in 2000 at a Methodist retreat center in Norcross, GA?

WHY is every child mandated to be vaccinated when manufacturers and the Supreme Court state that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”?

WHY do health officials declare vaccines to be safe and effective when there were never double blind studies on any of them during licensure?

WHY aren’t parents told that vaccine makers have no liability for the products they’re selling?

WHY is there no interest in what’s causing the exponential increase in autism that top experts like Dr. Irva Hertz-Picciotto say is a true epidemic of disabled children.

WHY are we exposing children to neurotoxic vaccine adjuvants like aluminum?

WHY are over half of children in America chronically ill, when 40 years ago, it was only six percent?

WHY are our children the most vaccinated and the most chronically ill kids in the world?

WHY aren’t health officials answerable on any of these questions?

#1999 - Robert Kennedy, Jr. • The Joe Rogan Experience (

By Anne Dachel

This is a remarkable interview by Joe Rogan

Robert Kennedy, Jr. explains how he became aware of the background of our unsafe, unchecked vaccine schedule and the alarming side effects connected to it.

If even a fraction of the information Kennedy cites here is true, this is the biggest scandal in public health care in history.

Kennedy methodically presents the web of corruption, collusion and cover-up that is simply indefensible. He talks about the phony science that has been used by compromised health officials to promote vaccines as safe and effective AND the total lack of ANY genuine research on vaccine side effects.

Kennedy describes his personal encounters with vaccine promoters like Paul Offit, Peter Hotez  and Tony Fauci, people well ensconced with Big Pharma.

He cites 1986 as the year that started the chronic disease epidemic in America because of the passage of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act that year. This removed any liability for damages on the part of the vaccine makers, and the childhood schedule exploded in the following years.

Kennedy talks about a lot of familiar events in the history of vaccine damage cover-up, including the secret 2000 meeting of health officials and Big Pharma at Simpsonwood in Norcross, Georgia where they discussed the clear link they were seeing between vaccines and autism, and his bombshell story, Deadly Immunity published in 2005 in Salon and Rolling Stone, and later retracted under pressure from the vaccine makers.

So why aren’t the vaccine promoters and insiders willing to debate Kennedy on his issues?

 Where is their data that disprove his claims? As Kennedy reveals, Paul Offit and Tony Fauci promised to send him the safety “studies” on vaccines, but both men failed to do so. 

IF there are no double blind safety studies on ANY VACCINES, why should Americans allow their children to be industry guinea pigs?

This eye-opening talk needs to be the major focus of anyone running for office. What are elected officials going to do to stop the chronic illness epidemic that Kennedy succinctly ties to the mandated vaccine schedule? How long will our federal health agencies be run at the behest of the industry they’re supposed to oversee?


Kennedy: So these women start showing up at every lecture I give, public lectures. They would come and sit in the front seat, occupy the front, they’d come early and occupy the front row, and then afterwards they’d stay late. They would ask to talk to me.

They would say to me in a very respectful—and by the way, these women all looked kind of similar. They were very pulled together. They were women in childbearing years.

As it turns out, they were all the mothers of intellectually disabled children, and they believed that their children had been injured by the vaccines, by mercury in the vaccines.

They would say to me in a kind of respectful but vaguely scolding way, if you’re really interested in mercury contamination exposures to children, you need to look at the vaccines.

This was something I didn’t want to do.

First of all, I’m not a public health person. I wanted to do environmental stuff.

Second of all, I’ve been involved, since I was a little kid, in the whole area of intellectual disabilities…. My aunt had been intellectually disabled, my Aunt Rosemary. Eunice Shriver who is my godmother founded Special Olympics in 1969

My family had written a lot of the legislation that protected people and gave rights to people with intellectual disabilities.

…Public Health authorities were saying that these women were crazy. But they didn’t look crazy to me, and they were rational. They weren’t excitable. And they had done their research

And I was like, I should be listening to these people, even if they’re wrong. Someone needs to listen to them. …

I had seen so many times when the scientists were wrong and the commercial fishermen were right about what was happening in the Hudson River. …

If a woman tells you something about her child, you should listen.

One of these women came to my home… and her name was Sarah Bridges. She was a psychologist from Minnesota.  ...She took out of the trunk of her car, a pile of scientific studies that was 18 inches thick. She put it on my front porch, my stoop, and then she rang the bell.

And then she pointed to that pile. She said, “I’m not leaving here until you read those.”

As it turns out, her son, Porter Bridges, had been a perfectly healthy kid, got a battery of vaccines when he was two, and lost the ability to speak. He lost his toilet training. He began head banging and engaging in other stereotypical behavior like stimming, hand flapping, toe walking and got an autism diagnosis. The Vaccine Court had awarded her $20 million for acknowledging that the child had gotten autism from the vaccines. She didn’t want it to happen to other kids.

I sat down with this pile of studies. I’m used to reading science. I’ve very comfortable it. I wanted to be a scientist when I was a little kid. My legal career has been about science.

Virtually all the cases, hundreds and hundreds of cases involve some scientific controversy, so I’m comfortable with reading science. I know how to read it critically. I know how to look for the flaws in it, how to attribute weight to the various studies.

I sat down while she was there, and I read through the abstracts of these studies, one after the other. Before I was six inches down in that pile, I recognized that there was this huge delta between what the public health agencies were saying, were telling us about vaccine safety and what the actual peer-reviewed published science was saying.

Then I took the next step. I started calling people, high level public officials. I had access to everyone. I called Frances Collins. I called Marie McCormick who ran the Institute of Medicine at the National Academy of Sciences. I called Kathleen Stratton at the National Academy of Sciences. It was a chief staffer, and I was asking her about these studies. I realized, during these conversations, that none of these people had read any of the science. They were just repeating things that they had been told about the science.

They kept saying to me, I can’t answer that detailed question. You need to talk to Paul Offit.

Paul Offit is a vaccine developer who made a $186 million deal with Merck on the rotavirus vaccine. It was odd to me that government regulators were saying you should talk to somebody in the industry.

I used to talk to EPA people all the time, asking them, what does this provision mean in the permit, why did you put it in there.  And if they said to me, I don’t know, what don’ t you go talk to the coal industry or this lobbyist from the coal industry, and he will tell you what we’re doing, I would have been very puzzled and indignant.

It was weird to me that the top regulators in the country were telling me, go talk to somebody who’s an industry insider because we don’t understand the science.

When I talked to him, I caught him in a lie. And both of us knew he was lying, and that both of us knew that he was lying.

Rogan: What was the lie?

Kennedy: I asked him this question: Why is it that CDC and every state regulator recommends that pregnant women do not eat tuna fish to avoid the mercury, but that CDC is recommending mercury-containing flu shots with a huge bolus dose of mercury. I mean massive doses to pregnant women in every trimester of pregnancy?

And he said to me, “Well Bobby, …there’s two kinds of mercury. There’s a good mercury, and there’s a bad mercury.”

And I knew there’s a different kind of mercury in the vaccines. It’s ethylmercury in the vaccines and methylmercury in the fish. But I know a lot about mercury. I’ve been suing people. When you sue somebody, you get a PhD in that. You know more than anybody in the world. You have to, or you’re not going to win your lawsuit. So I knew a lot about mercury.

I knew that his argument was not with me but it was with the periodic tables, because there’s no such thing as a good mercury.

And I also knew the history of why he was saying that. Mercury was added to vaccines in a form called thimerosal in 1932. Eli Lilly, which was the manufacturer—people knew then…mercury is a thousand times more neurotoxic than lead.

You would never shoot lead into your baby.

Rogan: Why was thimerosal introduced?

Kennedy: It was allegedly introduced as a preservative … It wasn’t a good preservative.

What NIH admitted to me in 2016, the real reason it was there was as an adjuvant.  An adjuvant is a toxic material that they add to dead virus vaccines to amplify the immune response. …Regulators expressed a preference for dead virus vaccines.

A dead virus vaccine however, will not produce a durable or robust immune response enough to get a license. The way you get a license for a vaccine showing that you got an antibody response for a certain amount of time, and that is a strong antibody response. But the dead virus vaccine won’t produce that.

But vaccinologists figured out that if you added something tremendously toxic to the vaccine, that your body confuses that toxic product, you add it with the dead antigen, which is the viral particle. Your body confuses that toxin with the viral particle and gets frightened and mounts huge, humongous immune response. The next time it sees that virus, the immune response is there.

At that point vaccinologists went around searching around the world trying to find the most horrendously toxic materials to add to vaccines.

There’s a mantra in vaccinology that the more toxic the adjuvant, the more robust the immune response. That’s why toxicologists and vaccinologists don’t get along with each other.

Because the toxicologists would say to the vaccinologists, I understand it gives you an immune response, but then what is the fate of that in your body? Where is it going? Is it being excreted? Is it being lodged in the brain? Is it penetrating the blood brain barrier?

The vaccinologists could not answer those questions and did not want to, so they basically moved the toxicologists out of these—the whole vaccine universe.

So when it was added in 1932, the industry said, Eli Lilly said…

Because everybody was saying, how can you put mercury into a child? Who would do that?

They said, it’s a different kind of mercury. It’s ethylmercury, and ethylmercury is excreted very quickly. …

They had no science to say that, but that’s what they were saying for years.

THEN in 2003, a CDC scientist Pichichero did a study where he gave tuna sandwiches that were mercury contaminated to children and then measured their blood. The mercury from the tuna sandwich was there, half life, 64 days later. So it was still there 64 days.

Then he injected the children with mercury from a vaccine, and that mercury disappeared from their blood within a week.

This kind of confirmed what Eli Lilly had said in 1932—Oh, it disappears really quickly from the body. That was published in the Lancet or Pediatrics. 

But immediately the journal began getting letters from people including this famous scientist called Dr.  Boyd  Haley, who was the chair of the chemistry department, University of Kentucky.

He said, “What happened to the mercury?” Pichichero couldn’t find it in the children’s urine or in their feces or hair or sweat or nails. So where is it?

NIH actually commissioned a study, because at that point they were really trying to figure out whether this was dangerous. They commissioned a very famous scientist called Thomas Burbacher at the University of Washington, Seattle to do a study with monkeys, macaques.

And he did the same study Pichichero, but he did something you can’t do with children. He then killed the monkeys, and then he looked for the mercury.

What he found was the mercury, yes, it left their blood immediately, the ethylmercury from the vaccines was gone from their blood in a week, and the methylmercury from the tuna fish was there two months later.

But when he sacrificed the monkeys and did postmortems, he found that the mercury had not left their body. Instead, the reason it was disappearing from their blood is because ethylmercury crosses the blood brain barrier much easier than methylmercury.

The ethylmercury from the vaccines was going directly to the brains of these animals and was lodging there and causing severe inflammation.

We now know it’s there 20 years later.

So when I’m on the phone with Offit, and I said—he said the ethylmercury is excreted quickly, I said, “How do you know that?”

He said, “Because of the Pichichero study. Because the study by Pichichero found that it was excreted quick in a week.

And I said, “But you’re familiar with the Burbacher study that showed it’s gone to the brain?”

And there was dead silence on the phone.

And then he said to me, “Well, you’re right. It’s not that study. It’s a whole mosaic of studies.”

And I said, “Can you cite any of them for me?”

And he said, “I’ll send them to you.” And he never did. And that was the last I heard from him. 

So at that point, I knew there was something wrong. And then someone handed me a transcript of a secret meeting that took place in 1999. It might have been 2000.

It was called the Simpsonwood Meeting. And what happened is—

The history is that in 1986. I’ll go back a little further.  In 1979, 80—when I was a kid, I only had three vaccines.

My kids got 72 vaccines. That’s what you need now to get through school. 72 vaccines doses of 16 vaccines.

It started changing in the 80s and 90s.

In 1979, they brought on a vaccine called the diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis vaccine.

That vaccine was very dangerous.  It was killing or giving severe brain damage to one in 300 kids. It was pulled in the United States. It was pulled in Europe.

But Bill Gates still gives it to 161 million African children every year.

Rogan: The same vaccine?

Kennedy: The same vaccine. And to south Asian kids.

We now know what that does because the Danish government did a study in 2017 that showed that African kids, and that’s published in a journal called, Biopharma. It was done by the leading deities of African vaccinology, all of them pro vaccine people. …

They went to Africa… They had 30 years of data.

And Gates had gone to the Danish government and said, “Give us money because we’ve saved millions of lives with this vaccine in Africa.”

And the Danish government said, “Can you show us the data?”

And he couldn’t.

So they went to Guinea-Bissau, which is a country in the west of Africa,

The Danes for 30 years had been paying for these very advanced health clinics.  The clinics were weighing every child at three months and at six months.

In the 80s, they began giving the DTP vaccine at the first visit, the three month visit….

As it turns out, they had 30 years of data where half the kids were vaccinated and half the kids were not between two months and five months of age.

It was a perfect natural experiment.

And they went in there, and they looked at 30 years of data, and they found that girls who got that vaccine, the DTP vaccine, were over 10 times more likely to die over the next three months than children who did not. And they weren’t dying of diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis. They were protected against those by the vaccine.

They were dying of anemia… but mainly they were dying of pneumonia. And what the researchers said is that the vaccine is almost certainly killing more children than diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis prior to the vaccine because it was protecting them against the targeted illnesses, but it had  ruined their immune systems. They could not defend themselves against these other minor infections.

And nobody noticed for 30 years that is was the vaccinated children who were disproportionately dying.

And that’s the problem with not doing real placebo controlled trials.

None of the vaccines are subjected to true placebo controlled trials.  It is the only medical product that is exempt prior to licensure.

The DTP vaccine, when it was pulled in this country, was pulled because so many people were suing the drug companies.

Wyeth, which is now Pfizer, the primary manufacturer, they went to the Reagan Administration in 1986, and they said, “You need to give us full immunity from liability for all vaccines, or we’re getting out of the business.

“We’re losing $20 in downstream liability for every dollar we’re making in profits.”

And Reagan said to them, “Well, why don’t you make a vaccine safe?”

And they said, “Because vaccines are unavoidably unsafe.”

That’s the phrase they use, and that phrase is in the statute.

It’s also in the Bruesewitz Case, which is the Supreme Court decision upholding that statute.  

So anybody who tells you vaccines are safe and effective, the industry itself got immunity from liability by convincing the President and Congress that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe.

Rogan: The argument against that would obviously be: They’ve prevented disease that would have killed untold numbers of children.

Kennedy: Exactly. And that vaccine injuries are very rare. That is the argument that is used against them. And both of those arguments, in CDC’s own studies, have been severely challenged.

The CDC did a study in 2010. It was Harvard scientists who looked at one of the HMOs…and they were testing a machine counting system…

Fewer than one in a hundred vaccine injuries are ever reported. …

They developed a system of machine counting, so it doesn’t rely on voluntary reporting. 

What you do is look at all the vaccine records per population and all of the medical claims, the subsequent medical claims, and you do machine counting, cluster analysis.

And CDC had asked this team to design a machine counting system because their VAERS system was so heavily criticized by everybody. …Congress had told them you have to accurately count vaccine injuries, and they weren’t doing it.

So when they did it, when they actually looked, they found that it’s not one in a million. One in every 37 kids had potential vaccine claims.  

You can’t tell whether any of those claims were actually from the vaccine. It’s machine counting, so it’s statistical. But you can say that the number of injuries was much higher than anybody was admitting.

Then in the year 2000, CDC did a study with Johns Hopkins because there was this emerging claim that vaccines had saved millions and millions of lives around the world. …

This is the principle effort by CDC to actually verify that claim. They looked at the history of each vaccine and health claims.

There was this huge decline in mortalities from infectious disease that took place in the 20th century—an 80 percent drop in deaths from infectious disease. And what caused that?

Was it vaccines?

And what they said was, no. It had almost nothing to do with vaccines. The real drop happened because of better housing, sanitation, chlorine, sewage treatment, mainly nutrition.  Nutrition is absolutely critical to building immune systems.

What was really killing these children was malnutrition. It was the infectious disease that was kind of knocking them off at the end. But the real cause of death was malnutrition and collapsed immune system. And that is what the Guyer study showed.

This was the only time CDC ever looked at this. It was published in Pediatrics. It’s CDC and Johns Hopkins in the year 2000.

I believe the study is true, and it’s borne out by many, many others. …

They passed the Vaccine Act in 1986, and the Vaccine Act gave immunity from liability to all vaccine companies for any injury. No matter how negligent you are, no matter how reckless your conduct, no matter how toxic the ingredient, how shoddily tested or manufactured the product, no matter how grievous your injury, your vaccine company, you cannot be sued.

So this was a huge gift for this industry because the biggest cost for every medical product is downstream liabilities.

And all of a sudden, those have disappeared. You not only have taken away that cost, and incentivizing  production of many new vaccines, you’re also disincentivizing, you’re removing the incentive to make them safe because no matter how dangerous they are, they can’t be sued.

You may say, if they’re really dangerous, nobody’s going to buy them.

But the problem with that is, nobody has a choice. They not only got rid of the downstream liability, but they don’t have any advertising or marketing costs because the federal government is ordering …76 million kids to take the product a year.

IF you can get that on the schedule, it’s like printing a billion dollars for them. And so there was a gold rush.

And the other thing is they are exempt from pre-licensing testing. They don’t have to be tested. And they’re not.

I said this for many, many years: Not one of these 72 vaccines has ever been tested pre-licensing in a placebo controlled trial where you’re looking at vaccinated vs unvaccinated kids, looking for health outcomes. Never been done.

Tony Fauci was saying, he’s lying. He’s not telling the truth.  This is vaccine misinformation.

In 2016, Donald Trump asked me to run a vaccine safety commission. I agreed to do it. He then order Fauci and Collins to be with me … I had meetings with all these guys.

I actually went into that meeting with Fauci with three people. One was Del Bigtree, another one was Aaron Siri, the attorney. Another one was Lyn Redwood, who is a very, very famous nurse practitioner, public health official in Georgia. 

During that meeting there was a referee from the White House. I said to Fauci, I give kind of a lecture showing what we knew. I said to him in the middle of it—by the way, he’s known my family forever. My uncle was chair of the health committee, writing his salary every year….

I said to him, “Tony, you’ve been telling people I’m a liar when I say no vaccine has ever been,  none of the mandated  vaccines…none of them have ever been tested in a placebo-controlled trial safety test prior to licensing.”

And I said, “Can you show me one vaccine that has been subject to a safety test. Show me one study that shows that.

He made this show of looking through… They had brought in from NIH, this big tray full of file folders, and he made a show of looking through that at the time. He couldn’t find whatever he was looking for.

Then he said, “It’s back at NIH in Bethesda, and I’ll sent it to you.”

Well, he never did.

So Aaron and I sued him, sued HHS and said, “Show us one study that’s ever been done on pre-licensing safety testing for vaccines.”

After a year of stonewalling, they finally gave us a letter and said, “We don’t have any.”

They literally don’t have any.

So nobody knows what the risk profiles for these products are. So they’re telling people they avert more harm than they cause, but there’s no science behind that statement. It’s just a guess work.

Rogan: But it’s an amazingly effective narrative. And that narrative, the way it’s spread through this country. Like I said, it’s gotten me and I think it’s gotten a lot of people. And I think people are terrified of being called an anti-vaxxer. It’s a very dismissive pejorative, a very bad term. …

It’s kind of amazing what they’d done, especially in a world where we’re very aware of the side effects that were hidden from the public with other drugs.

Maybe it has to do with protecting children because good parents want to trust science and they want to think that medical science is the reason people live so well today, and a lot of that’s true.  But they want to think that it’s all connected.

So if they say you’re supposed to get 72 shots…

Kennedy: …You’re absolutely right about the opioids. There are many, many other examples, but the opioids is a good one because if anybody goes and looks at that Netflix documentary, Dopesick …

That documentary shows how all of these subtle forces that lead to agency capture and this corrupt collusion between the industry and the regulators.

It was the regulator who agreed, the FDA who agreed to put on the label it’s safe and effective and it’s not addictive….

You had the entire medical community who said, oh, we must be wrong because FDA says it’s safe and effective.

You can imagine if they did that for vaccines, and then you saw what they did in COVID. They had to continually change the goalposts.  .. And everybody would just go on with the next claim without ever saying, wait a minute, why should we trust you now? …

Rogan: But it seems to be the same pattern over and over again. It’s just bizarre that it takes so long to get the narrative out to people. When you get a corporation, any corporation, any group of people who can make money unchecked, it seems to be a normal human characteristic that they do that. When they’re unregulated or unchecked, when someone’s not watching them, or the people that are watching them are compromised, and then we’re literally funding media. So you’re funding all these shows


The vaccine schedule, immediately after they passed the Vaccine Act, exploded because all these companies were rushing to get new vaccines onto the schedule. Many for diseases that weren’t even casually contagious, like hepatitis B. You get hepatitis B from sharing needles or from going to a really seasoned prostitute or from homosexual compulsive behavior. …

Why would you give it to a one day old baby or a three hour old baby?...

Originally what happened was Merck and CDC designed this for prostitutes and male homosexuals, promiscuous male homosexuals, and they couldn’t sell it.

So all these crazy diseases, rotavirus, were put on the schedule and they starting seeing all this explosion in chronic disease, and particularly autism.

Congress said to EPA, what year did the autism epidemic begin?

And EPA is a captured agency, but it’s captured by the coal industry and the oil and the pesticide industry, but not by the Pharma, because it doesn’t regulate Pharma. So it actually did real science, and it said 1989 is the year the epidemic began. It’s a red line.

And 1989 was the year the vaccine schedule exploded. That doesn’t mean that’s a correlation, it does not mean causation, but it is something that should be looked at.

NIH decided to look at it because woman were saying it was the vaccine again and again and again and again and again and again.  

Women were coming with the same story: “I had a perfectly healthy two year old, exceeded all his miles stones. I gave them on their second birthday or 18th month wellness visit, the full battery of six or eight vaccines, and that child spiked a fever that night, has a seizure and over the next three months loses their language, loses their capacity to make eye contact, to finger point. Social interactions and language disappear.

And it happened so many times that NIH was saying, we got to look to see if it’s the vaccines. …

So CDC hired a Belgian epidemiologist named Thomas Verstraeten, and they opened up the Vaccine Safety Data Link, which is the biggest database for vaccines for HMOs.

All the top HMOs have all their records in there, so they have all your vaccination records and all your health claims, so you can do these kinds of cluster analyses.

Verstraeten went in there, and he looked at one thing: He looked at children who got the hepatitis B vaccine within their first month of life and compared those health outcomes in children who did not. In other words, children who got it after 30 days or didn’t get it at all. That was the second cohort.

What he found in his first run through the data is there was an 1135% greater or elevated risk for an autism diagnosis among the kids who’d gotten it in their first 30 days.

At that point, they knew what caused the autism epidemic because a relative risk, it’s called a relative risk of 11.35. A relative risk of two is considered proof of causation, as long as there’s biological plausibility.

The relative risk of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years and getting lung cancer is ten. This was 11.35.

So there was a panic throughout the industry as people heard about this study.

CDC wanted to do a meeting with all big parjarams of the industry. And they didn’t want to do it on CDC campus because then they thought it would be subject to a Freedom of Information Law request. They wanted to do it, keep it secret.

So [in 2000] they found this retreat center, a Methodist retreat center in Norcross, Georgia called Simpsonwood, and they assembled, I think there was 72 people there, and they were from WHO, CDC, NIH, FDA, and all the vaccine companies and all the big academics—the people who basically develop vaccines in the academic institutions. They were all there.

And they spend the first day, they give them all a copy of the Verstraeten study, but they have to give it all back because they don’t want it out there.

And then they have a day of talking about it where they’re all saying, holy cow, this is real.  The lawyers are going to come after us. We’re all in trouble.

And then they spend the second day talking about how to hide it.

Rogan: How do you know this?

Kennedy: Because somebody made a recording of it. And I got a hold of the transcripts, and I published excerpts from those transcripts in Rolling Stone [Deadly Immunity, 2005].

Anyone can go and read these now on our website. It’s called Simpsonwood. You can read through the whole things or you can read my Rolling Stone article.

When I read then I was like, I got to drop everything and do something about this. And I published this article in Rolling Stone and I was kind of shocked by just to power of the reaction against it. People coming after Rolling Stone and Salon which also published it, and were just bulldozed by these hate reactions. And then Salon, six years later—

There were four or five corrections in the article in the next week. All of those corrections were made by the editors of Salon and Rolling Stone.

And six years later, Salon, under pressure from the pharmaceutical industry, takes it down and says we found mistakes in it. But they never found mistakes in it. I’ve said repeatedly to them, show me one mistake in that published piece, show me one. 

And they have not been able to do it.

And they also forgot that the four mistakes that they found… were all made by them. They edited my 16,000 word piece down to a 3,000 word piece. And then they were doing that they made some errors.

So what you had after that is this explosion in chronic disease… In the 1960s when I was a kid, six percent of Americans had chronic disease.

 What do I mean by chronic disease? Basically three categories, plus obesity.

One: neurological disorders, ADD, ADHD, speech delay, language delay, tics, Tourette ’s syndrome. narcolepsy,  ASD, autism.

Autism went from one in 10,000 in my generation, it’s still one in 10,000…

In my kids’ age, now one in every 34 kids has autism. Half of those are full blown.

Rogan: What’s the conventional explanation for that?

Kennedy: There’s no real explanation. They try to say, well we’re just noticing it more, which is ridiculous because, first of all there’s all kinds of studies that say, really good studies like Irva Hertz-Picciotto’s. Very famous scientist, epidemiologist, statistician who was commissioned by the California State Legislature to answer that question. She’s at the MIND Institute at UC Davis.

And she came back and said, no, the epidemic is real. It’s not better diagnostics or changing diagnostic criteria.

Any real scientist now, even the big backers like Paul Offit, I don’t think even he will say that.

Nobody from CDC is actually going to stand up and say that. They certainly won’t debate the point.

But even more so, if it’s NOT AN EPIDEMIC, WHERE ARE THE ONE IN 34 sixty-nine year old men who are wearing helmets and are non-toilet trained?

If you’ve got autism, you live forever. It doesn’t affect life span. These kids are going to be around forever. But there’s nobody my age who looks like that.

So if it was really better recognition, you’d see it in every ago group, not just in children.

NOT ONLY THAT, BUT IT CHANGES EVERY YEAR. IT GETS WORSE AND WORSE EVERY YEAR. So they can’t keep saying, oh, we’re just noticing it for the first time.

Rogan: How does it get worse every year?

Kennedy: The CDC releases new data…it’s the monitoring system. There’s been all kinds of scandals with that because the CDC tries to manipulate… and there’s all kinds of whistleblowers from different states who say that they’re pressured to not report cases and that kind of thing.

But the CDC releases new data every year. Every year it gets worse. 

It’s now one in every 22 boys.

Rogan: Has the rate of vaccinations changed?

Kennedy: The rates of vaccinations have gone up.

Mercury has been removed from a lot of the vaccines, but there’s aluminum in those vaccines which operates on the same biological pathways and does the same kind of damage. It’s extremely neurotoxic. And then there’s other things, lots of other toxins in the vaccines.

There’s hundreds and hundreds of scientific studies and nobody ever reports them.

I did a book in which I had 450 studies that are digested in that book, that I summarize and cite and 1,400 references. And everybody will say, there’s  no study that shows autism and vaccines are connected. Oh, that’s crazy.

That’s people who are not looking at science.

Rogan: But they want to say that.

Kennedy: It’s part of their religion. And the heretics have to be burned at the stake, have to be humiliated, silenced, and destroyed. …

The same is true in science. You don’t trust the experts. …

The second category is autoimmune diseases. All those neurological diseases exploded in 1989, as I say. Autism exponentially explodes

The autoimmune diseases like diabetes juvenile diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, Crone’s Disease—I didn’t know any of these diseases when I was a kid

They were so rare. I didn’t know anybody who had peanut allergy

Why do five of my seven kids have allergies?

And of course we know why. Aluminum adjuvants give you allergies. They’re designed create a hyper immune response to foreign particles.

And the last category is the allergic diseases: peanuts allergies, food allergies, eczema.

I never knew anybody with eczema when I was a kid. Asthma, I knew people with asthma. It wasn’t one in every four black kids, like it is today.

We went from six percent of Americans having chronic disease, by 1986, we’re starting to add the vaccines, 11.8 percent of kids now, so it’s doubled.

2006, 54 percent. These are kids who are permanently disabled. They have to be on medication their whole lives.

We have the sickest generation in history. There’s no other country in the world that has this kind of chronic disease epidemic. Of course this is one of the reasons we had the highest death rate during COVID. Because we have the highest chronic disease burden in the world.

It’s not just the vaccines, and I have never said that.  Our children are swimming around in a toxic soup.

What we can say, most of it started in 1989. There’s a finite number of culprits you can point to and say—it has to come from a toxic exposure because genes don’t cause epidemics. They can provide a vulnerability, but you need a toxic exposure.

 But what is it?

Real Anthony Fauci Number 1 memeThe Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense)

By Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


Over 1,000,000 copies sold despite censorship, boycotts from bookstores and libraries, and hit pieces against the author. Wuhan Cover Up Book CoverThe Wuhan Cover-Up: How US Health Officials Conspired with the Chinese Military to Hide the Origins of COVID-19 (Children’s Health Defense)
From the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Publishers Weekly bestselling author of The Real Anthony Fauci comes an explosive exposé of the cover-up behind the true origins of COVID-19.



@Andrew B

Check out this headline from 1964:

PEANUT OIL USED IN A NEW VACCINE; Product Patented for Merck Said to Extend Immunity

Isn't this the source of all those horrific peanut allergies?
I've always wondered if peanut farmer President Jimmy Carter cut a deal with Merck. His Carter Center was sending Merck's patented Ivermectin to Africans to treat River Blindness for years. Funny that he never spoke up in defense of the very effective drug during Covid 19 "emergency".

Andrew B

Ever heard of 'Adjuvant 65' [1]? It's a peanut oil emulsion adjuvant which was used in a flu vaccine but was supposedly discontinued due to adverse events. Many vaccine ingredient are not disclosed however, and are hidden as "excipients" either claimed to relate to intellectual property or to be inert and therefore inconsequential. The latitude pharma is given to commit its misanthropy is breathtaking. Oil emulsion adjuvants appear to be making a comeback [2]. Also consider Dr. Charles Richet who received a Nobel Prize in 1913 for his work during which he coined the term "anaphylaxis".

[1] "Response to influenza vaccine in adjuvant 65-4" [1974]
[2] "Oil-based emulsion vaccine adjuvants" [2014]

Donna L.

Thank you, Anne, for transcribing this, and thank you, RFK Jr for continuing to stand up for all our kids whose lives have been destroyed by a completely corrupt medical/pharmaceutical/public health industry. You are a hero.


Adam Schiff takes one for Team Satan.

BREAKING NEWS: Adam Schiff Formally Censured By House, Then Democrats Yell At Speaker McCarthy
I guess he'll go drown his sorrows at the Standard Hotel bar....Too bad his Dem donor bundler is in jail. Perhaps Soros can throw some money his way for his Senate run.

Angus Files


Pharma For Prison


Anne  Dachel

Outlets are slamming Joe Rogan for daring to let Kennedy speak. There are call to boycott Rogan because of "vaccine misinformation."

This lengthy interview has SO MANY STUNNING CHARGES OF CORRUPTION, that I had to transcribe the part on vaccines.
Officials should have to respond to these damning charges. Prove Kennedy wrong.
So why aren't they speaking up??

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