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Fear Creates Suboptimal Choices And That's The Point

Fear of the unknownNote: We can answer this ominous question: "What would an anti-vaccine administration look like?" It would look exactly like every administration that embraces American values. Those who want any and every vaccine would have the same access without pressure or shame.  Those who do not, would also have the ability to say no without pressure, shame, loss of an education, refusal of restaurant service, unemployment, a life without concerts, Broadway plays and every other "non-mandate" foisted upon us during Covid. Let's hope EVERY candidate gets this same treatment - meaning media asks them tough questions on a range of topics, including coerced medical treatments.

By Anne Dachel

On June 27th MSNBC published a piece on Robert Kennedy, Jr entitled, The MAGA right is going all in on RFK Jr. That could backfire, by Zeeshan Aleem.

The more the right-wing talks up RFK Jr., the more liberals will see through him.

Embedded in the piece was a 6 minute video with the title, What RFK Jr’s anti-vaccine administration could look like?  featuring Hallie Jackson.

Her show, Hallie Jackson Now streams on weeknights at 5 p.m. She is described as a “senior Washington correspondent” for NBC News.

Jackson talked with Brandy Zadrozny, also from NBC, who interviewed Kennedy recently in a story entitled, The conspiracy candidate: What RFK Jr.’s anti-vaccine crusade could look like in the White House that came out on June 19th.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a conspiracy theorist running for president as a Democrat. Experts fear his anti-vaccine activism threatens public health in America.

On the latest video, Jackson and Zadrozny aligned to make sure anyone listening would know how dangerous Kennedy would be in the White House or even on the campaign trail. They don’t want to give him a platform, but he’s there and they can’t ignore him.

BELOW is their exchange. Their position is that no one should be allowed to challenge anything we’re told by medical experts. They slam Kennedy for alleging that our federal health agencies need reform.

Zadrozny said that she talks to a lot of “conspiracy theorists” and “internet addled people.” She considers Kennedy to be both. She is worried that if he were President, he would hold the scientific/medical community to ethical standards.

She said, “He’ll investigate scientists and medical journals,” as if that would be an outrage.

She went on to accuse Kennedy and the anti-vaccine movement of causing deaths.

We’ve seen what the anti-vaccine movement can do. Millions of lives lost to COVID. Eradicated diseases like COVID and measles coming back.

Zadrozny made a particularly vile attack on mothers of vaccine injured children.

She wrote:

But what’s unsettling about it is, again, I’ve covered this man for a decade, and when you go to these anti-vaccine marches, you see hundreds of thousands of people who are just enamored with him. They believe whatever he says, especially women, who for decades in the anti-vaccine movement, have just held on his every word and taken everything he said as like gospel.

Those WOMEN that Zadrozny referred to as so “enamored” with Kennedy, are people I KNOW FIRST HAND. THEY ARE MOTHERS. They are mothers of vaccine-injured children. Kennedy is their champion because he actually cares about the damage being inflicted on countless children by our unchecked, unsafe vaccine schedule. These mothers have participated in countless marches and rallies at great personal cost over the last 20 years trying to get the attention of elected officials.

The callous, snide remarks from these two women show an appalling ignorance of what this  whole vaccine controversy is all about. Their assignment here was obvious: SLAM KENNEDY, DEFEND VACCINES.


Hallie Jackson Now

Hallie Jackson: …Today he’s also known as a vaccine skeptic and a leader in the anti-vax movement.

In an interview with NBC’s own Brandy Zadrozny, here’s what he would do. He would make childhood vaccines go through constant safety studies, even bigger clinical trials, he would gut agencies like the FDA, NIH, CDC.

He would ask the Justice Department to investigate editors of medical journals for “lying to the public.”

Brandy is joining us now.

Zadrozny: There are some complaints from people on the left that he gets too much air time here. He is a presidential candidate. Can you talk through your thought process here.

…I was watching his campaign and listening to his kick-off speech, and I was looking at his website, AND suddenly, I didn’t see the word vaccines anywhere, and that’s like the president of Ford Motor Company coming out and not saying the word car.

So it was like, wasn’t happening here? What’s going on?

It seemed to me that he was trying to make himself more palatable, that this was a strategic move because Democrats really do love vaccines generally.

It’s kind of hard to run for president on the Democratic ticket when you don’t align with your party in that way. So he’s not saying it as much.

So I reached out, and I was really surprised that he said yes. …

I think I hear that a lot. Like, we shouldn’t give him attention, we shouldn’t platform him.

That’s crazy. We’ve passed the point where it’s an option to ignore this man. I think we passed it years ago, because whether you like it or not, Kennedy is here. People are listening to him.

He was just on Joe Rogan’s podcast last week where it reached millions of people. He was trending all weekend long, right?

Our job isn’t to gatekeep, as journalists, I think everybody should go listen to that Joe Rogan show actually. Our job is to explain and add context, and to explain the stakes and ask tough questions that make those stakes really clear.

We’ve seen what the anti-vaccine movement can do. Millions of lives lost to COVID. Eradicated diseases like COVID and measles coming back.

I feel like we ignore him at our own peril.

Jackson: I was struck by so many details from your story, Brandy, but one of them, that a university researcher texted you #GAMA, Give America Measles Again, when you asked about what an RFK presidency or candidacy would look like here because of where he is in the vaccine skeptic movement.

You talk about holding truth to power in some ways, trying to combat misinformation. You did that a little bit in this hike

At one point you write that the conversation felt unsettling to you. Explain that.

 Zadronzny: I think that I talk to a lot of conspiracy theorists, right? And internet addled people, and I consider Kennedy, Jr to be both of those things.

But what’s unsettling about it is, again, I’ve covered this man for a decade, and when you go to these anti-vaccine marches, you see hundreds of thousands of people who are just enamored with him. They believe whatever he says, especially women, who for decades in the anti-vaccine movement, have just held on his every word and taken everything he said as like gospel.

He’s done a lot of real harm.

I’d never met him before, so being side by side with him and asking him these questions, what sought of struck me was, he really believes all of these things.

There’s a delusion there.

I think that that’s a little dangerous.

I let myself imagine for a second what he would do as President. And just like you said, he’s gut those agencies. He would not prioritize vaccines for the next pandemic, which will happen.

He’ll investigate scientists and medical journals.

The odds are low that he’s going to win, but the stakes are really high. I could really feel that on the mountain.

Zadronzny made one incredible comment. She said, I think everybody should go listen to that Joe Rogan show actually.”


Since I transcribed what Kennedy told Rogan, I was mystified that she would recommend that people listen to the show.

Did Zadronzny actually do that herself?

IF Zadronzny had listened to Kennedy on that broadcast, then the reality is that she was willing to shut her eyes to Kennedy’s charges about vaccines.

Zadronzny must think all the examples of fraud, corruption, collusion and cover-up on the part of health officials and vaccine makers that Kennedy talked about should be overlooked.

Zadronzny is fine with secret Vaccine Court payments made to vaccine-injured children while officials deny side effects. She’s okay with the complete lack of double blind placebo trials before vaccines are put on the market. She’s not bothered by the fact that vaccine makers have no liability for injuries from vaccination.

ALL THESE THINGS and more were discussed by Kennedy and Rogan. So none of it bothered her in the least?

IF people do follow her advice and listen to what Kennedy said on Joe Rogan, I think they will be shocked. Kennedy outlines a history of malfeasance in vaccine oversight. Unlike Zadronzy, parents in the real world see a nation of chronically ill kids and an ongoing explosion in the autism that no health officials can reasonably explain or even cares about.

I agree. Everyone should watch the Rogan interview. They will learn something.

I did see an ad for a prescription drug called, Dexcom G7, a diabetes monitoring system when I first viewed the NBC story. It explains a lot too.

Vax Unvax Book Cover Vax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak (Children’s Health Defense) Hardcover – Illustrated, August 15, 2023 by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Author), Brian Hooker (Author)

Based on over one hundred studies in the peer-reviewed literature that consider vaccinated versus unvaccinated populations. Each of these studies is analyzed and put in context of the difference in health outcomes of vaccinated versus unvaccinated infants, children, and adults. Given the massive push to vaccinate the entire global population, this book is timely and necessary for individuals to make informed choices for themselves and their families.




There's more to it than that.
She makes her point starting at 12:6 in the video:


All anitvaxxer, when they come to speak at a podium -will go through the ritual of first trying to defend themselves from the "Antivaxxer's label. I am so tired of hearing that little speech about how they are not an anivaxxer before they feel they can launch in the problems they see with the vaccines.

Same with the label racist, Homophobe, climate denier, chauvinist, bigot, and a host of other labels out there .

I didn't know what Hall's point was, she wore me out, as much as the people trying to defend themselves before they even get to their point.

So thank you for telling me what her point was: that Kennedy like Trump will make sure those vaccines will not be mandated, and leaves us wondering if that is the best that can be done?

I listened to a podcast , it was the first I saw that took place in Kennedy's basement, it was way before his book was even a thought about "The Real Anthony Fauci" It was heart felt, it was thoughtful and he was troubled on what could be done about the vaccines.. Did you see it? There was some religious leader there too and a woman and I can't even remember her for sure. Was it Judy Mikovits? Did you see it, if not I wish you could.

Kennedy vs Trump - Kennedy is far more serious about vaccine than Trump was. Well at least I think so. I was not there the time that Trump viisited Andy Wakefield and the rest of the famous anitvaxxers down in Tallahassee Florida. It was there that he meet them right?

But I know that Kennedy is dead on serious.



I know of her, but I just stumbled upon this. She did make a valid point regarding his specific wording. Is he sticking with his "I am pro-vaccine" mantra because he knows, like Trump that currently they are well entrenched in the federal law? Is the best that he can do is what Trump did and make sure there are no mandated jabs while he is in office? Does anyone else have comments on this? Is the real question the military side of this, including the labs?


Emma, Thank you for that Peggy link on RFK JR. Frankly, It surprises me that RFK JR. still uses that line, "I'm fiercely pro-vaccine". I understood why he used years and years ago, for the same reason that mothers who would testify to the vaccine injury of their children in the Oregon legislature, and then say they were not anti-vaccine.

The only thing I can think of one can be fierce about is the medical ethical principle of informed consent. And as everyone at AoA knows, doesn't exist when it comes to injections.

My advice to Kennedy, drop that now, because it is a turn off to anyone who knows the truth and surely he does. It is dishonest, political and will loose him support.

Did I understand correctly that RFK Jr. responded to Peggy?


So you watch Peggy Hall much?
I am going to admit that I tired of her and had to fast forward to the video.
What did I find and to my relief - no surprises.



Mentions AOA.


RFK this country OWES him the Presidency given his family were killed by nefarious actors. Okay, you don't want to believe that, it's just too outlandish and shocking, easier to go back to Netflix and scroll though Facebook, we get it, it's too much information right? So shocking and cray cray nobody wants to hear this insanity, right? But the same people that poo poo all this are the same who will spend 1000 hours talking about the next Cochella Concert or what Madonna had for breakfast. Do u see where our priorities have gone South? America, wake up we have children here who are being poisoned by vaccine and antipsychotics and SSRIs everyday, but you spend hours on social media, wanting to know about these empty evil celebrities, but you won't scroll the research on vaccines and autism and epilepsy and why the bible warns us about things like COVID 19 lockdowns and why so many people were mesmerized into a trance like state during BLM and kneeling to false gods, etc..and being prepped to take the mark of the beast....oh, no you say this is crazy , but you have no idea what is coming. But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.

High Tea at Auntie Morag's

Head Office of The Nudge Nanny's UK Stated that ALL the Covid -19 interventions with or without mandates were "Not covert they were indirect?!"
https//assets publishing service .guv .uk >file PDF
SPI-B Behavioural considerations for maintaining or reintroducing behavioural interventions and introducing new measures in Autumn 2021 4 October 2021
If our elected politicians are willing to be treated as a bunch of mugs that's up to them ,the wisdom of the public will not be following the political science likewise !
as to do so results in policy and procedure monstrocities running rampant like feral animals on the loose !
The Conservative Woman
Article Choked to death by hospital guards for wearing a face mask improperly 6 June 2023

Solas sometimes called Sholas is a fearless thing ,some people sparkle with it, commonly seen in The Fire Brigade !
Nae strangers tae tragedy either ,so any family disagreements or arguments get settled and sorted before family member heads of on shift ! because accidents happen it's not bad luck or good luck sometimes it's just yer luck !
SOLAS people know The Race is On
SOLAS also means Safety OF Life At Sea Standards

Runrig- Tribute - Dr Laurel Clark - Crew of Space Shuttle Columbia STS-107 NASA USA YouTube
Running To The Light -The Race is On !


I see that the placebo group were the ones that the regulators never tested the vaccine for.


Thank you Micheal.
I tried to find it yesterday to read it again cause, in truth I hurried through it the first time. I did find it later on today and saw it was three groups.
But it is so nice to have others and that includes you to summarize for me, to make sure I did understand it.

What to make of it though?
Well I guess they don't care about human life at all. A human being to them is not different than a lab rat.

We are dealing with really evil people, and I don't understand them.


Benedetta, this is from yesterday's Coffee and Covid

The Danish government has a robust regulatory system that, in theory, tested and approved all that country’s Pfizer jab batches, and then supposedly monitored the ongoing performance of the batches for “safety and efficacy.” So the researchers expected to see a “homogenous rate and distribution of” serious adverse events between batches. Meaning, no particular differences between the batches.

That’s not what they found at all. They found the reverse opposite of what they expected:

The informative chart above shows all the serious adverse events reported for Danish Pfizer shots. The researchers found the data organized itself into three distinct groups of batches. As you can easily see, one group, the blue group, or the “death group,” was particularly awful, with nearly 1 in 10 shots resulting in a serious adverse event. The second group, shown on the green middle line, was moderately dangerous — far more dangerous than any acceptable drug should be — with reported adverse events clocking in at around 1 in 400.

That’s bad enough. But the third group, including nearly a third of all doses injected into Danish citizens, was shocking, ringing alarm bells louder than if the dike had sprung a leak. Pfizer shots in the third group of batches, shown in yellow above, and tracking right along the bottom line of the chart, generated NO ADVERSE EVENTS AT ALL. None. Zip, zero, nada.


False scientists.
Not incompetence. They know, once they get out into the real world. The peds know, and they do it anyway..

Love of money is amazing! I am sure there is more than that though. For the guys at the bottom the something else is fear. Maybe not of death like in "The Constant Gardener" , but their careers

James Corbett, latest couple of podcasts have been on the subject of Daivd Kelly.. It has been very interesting.

I barely remembered Daivd Kelly, but it looks like his story leads to covid, and projects us into the future of what is coming next, and it all involves fear on the public at least.

Twenty plus years ago David Kelly was the top, lead, head microbiologist of the equivalent of Fort Dedrick in the UK. His off hours were spent as an UN inspector of Iraq bioweapons. He got embroiled in the weapons of mass destruction lie. When government hearing began on that lie, he testified, and soon after he was suicided. On the day of his death his emails talked about dark actors at play,

Many are very sure he did not kill himself, and for 20 years there have been people out to prove this.
Why he was murdered is a burning question.

It was not over anything he had to say on the lie about weapons of mass destruction, cause that was well over and done with, all out in the open.

There were 5 other deaths of high ranking government microbiologists around that same time that David Kelly died, too! Don Wiley. threw himself over the Memphis, Tenn Bridge, no known history of depression or life problems. Bruce E. Ivins. The FBI claimed Ivins was the one that mailed off the anthrax letters . Ivins worked for government labs for 18 years. Yeah, turned out he was a nut all along, and that he liked college age girls from afar. Really? I don't think so.

Here is a brief link to the other dead microbiologists if anyone is interested.

Brian Hooper and Dr. Wakefield were not kidding when they said they outed William Thompson at the CDC to keep him from getting killed over the MMR fraud studies.

Some years prior to David Kelly's death, the western world paid little attention to bio weapons, however; Russia was. Toward the end of the cold war, a Russian, top microbiologist, defector came to UK, and was debriefed by David Kelly about Anthrax bioweapons. Russia was also trying to design microbes to attack specific people, genetically. South Africa government was really interested in that, and was given information about this genetic targeting at that time too. Do you think the military/industrial complex has gone global? LOL.

David Kelly gave the Russian, top microbiologist, defector access to the government lab in UK, and helped him start up a company to make vaccines against anthrax. Around the time that David Kelly died, the Russian defector also died from a strange kind of stroke.. The doctors thought it was chemically induced. That came out years later, during a government push to cause FEAR in the UK population of Russia targeting people in the UK. There were two other Russian defectors found poisoned on a park bench in the UK, at that time.

When I finished listening to James Corbett, it seems to me that it was all about selling vaccines to the military to inoculate all the soldiers of the western world even if they were not going to Iraq. It was about making money.

Robert Kennedy Jr. in his book; names a lot of names involved in people making money.

James Corbett in his podcasts mentions a big meeting in New York that David Kelly had prior to his death with the CIA, Canada's equivalent of the CIA, MI6 or 5 or what ever UK secret service, and to my surprise Masad. Why Masad? Fast forward 20 years later with the covid scare, citizens of Isarel were heavily mandated to get their covid vaccines. Masad is heavily involved in all of this too.

As we all know here the anthrax vaccine was a terrible vaccine. It caused ALS/ the so called Gulf War Syndrome. If they are of the same mindset as the low life snake oil salesmen, generating fear just to sell their product, why don't they just make some harmless, glucose water?

But then the snake oil salesman were well known to sell poisons, alcohol, and morphine to the towns people. I suppose to make people notice something different after taking it. Is that what is happening with vaccine makers?

I did read a "Children Defense" article this past week that Europe has found that only 30 percent of the population received a real covid vaccine , and the other 60 percent received were placebos.

Did any of you all read that? Your thoughts?

The 30 percent that received the real deal in Europe, had really high vaccine reactions. There are regulatory people whose job is injecting stuff in rabbits to see the antibody production levels, so do the snake oil salesmen put real stuff in their vaccines to get past them?

Did David Kelly and five other top microbiologists finally find a line they would not cross with the anthrax vaccine, being delivered to all the soldiers?

So, in 2001 the whole anthrax scare was just another way of making huge sums of money for the military industrial complex? Kind of looks that way. Living in a rich Washington suburb, from making money through vaccines, plus money laundering from constant wars like Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine. Leaving billions of dollars of miliary equipment in Afghanistan, I am sure was sold already and waiting to be picked up. IT is a love of money.

Fear of getting caught. I see that the archives on the Anthrax letter attacks 20 years ago, the ones stored in Iowa at least, have been deleted.

Are the people at the top just driven by love of money and fear then?

The CEO of Pfizer? We have seen him, we know his background. He comes from a family of survivors of the holocaust. So was George Soros. When you have people that comes through the eye of the needle there are both the lucky and the collaborators. They come to love being collaborators., I wonder if they even needed fear to get them started?

Then we all know that Bill Gates whose parents taught him eugenics. James Corbett did a great piece on him. Did it start out with fear that we might all become over crowded?

Mexican cartels because of fear of their evil ways have fallen back on past evil sun/rain/drug/ ancient gods kind of worship.

Better throw in fear of Kennedy not letting you be free of fear of having some deadly disease.

Do the ones that push fear on the public , fear themselves.

Home of the brave. Wow did our fore fathers know.

High Tea at Auntie Morag's

Auld Norse Gaelic Proverb says water and fire make good servants but very bad masters .
Us ordinary humans are born to race and be competitive . With politics being the dirtiest game in any town ?
Best wishes for good luck to Robert F Kennedy Jr
Get- on- yer marks -get- set-go . Not to be confused with Karl Marx ,Frankfurt School, Critical The-ory,
Race The-ory or Gender The-ory ? which is scared of it's own shadow !
NUDGE Nanny's, Stalin's Nanny's need tae Relearn "There will be no human experiments on humans without fully informed consent or else?"
Nudge Nanny's now forensically fondling Mr John McAdams Tarmac highways and byways as well .
Check out the latest example at
Devitt Insurance
Scientists reveal the reason for "Mystery Biker Road Signs "
Who are the Experts ?
Isle of Man TT 2017 /James Hilliers Balla-scary moment YouTube [ballet dancing on wheels example]
How to save a massive moment in The Isle of Man TT YouTube
Science Witness Ltd
Expert Witness /Science Witness /United Kingdom
The Home of Spi-B Nudge Nanny's
Road Rage Cowboy Colin Campbell YouTube


There are a slate of journalists that would protect my children from an MMR. Turns out I have to protect said journalists.

Glenn Greenwald
Matt Taiibi
Max Blemthal
Plz help

False scientists

In Alberta, Canada more than 100 doctors signed a letter concerned with the firing of an ex-Chief Medical officer. If only 100 doctors signed a letter (hell even 10) on looking at why autism has gone from approximately 1:thousands to 1:36 over the last 25 years. Nobody cares, not ACP, AAFP, AAP, CPA, CPSA…lost respect for them all.

They confirmed their uselessness (except in the sense of useful idiot) by thinking closing down society was an okay trade-off. It was known by April /21 the models were flawed (average age of Covid death was higher than the average age of death in Canada)—total incompetents all of them!


"It would look exactly like every administration that embraces American values. Those who want any and every vaccine would have the same access without pressure or shame."

Ann, I have to disagree with you. After watching Aaron Siri's The Highwire presentation on proving vaccine safety, I am concluding that NO vaccine in use has ever been properly vetted for safety and efficacy. Siri showed excerpts of Stanley Plotkin's sworn testimony confirming as such, but he did not show the clip regarding Plotkin's use of live aborted fetuses to develop a line of cells in which to grow his rubella virus for vaccine development. This was done in the early sixties. The Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling, legalizing abortion, wasn't passed until 1973. Unfortunately Siri did not pursue this line of questioning. How was Plotkin legally able to use human fetal cell lines in his experiments? Five childhood vaccines use human cell lines in the production process. They are not able to completely remove the DNA fragments from the end product. In my opinion, child sacrifice is being used to obtain a product that doesn't work as advertised. In addition, would you volunteer your child for a level 1 clinical trial? This level has the highest risk for harm. In the past, Americans have not been regularly subjected to this, instead using children from poorer countries in Africa and India. A bit racist, don't you think? If Americans were used, it was the vulnerable orphans and the infirm, as Plotkin attested to.

We now know that the modern vaccine programs of the 60's were really countermeasures for biowarfare. They are used to justify all the L4 labs. In fact the CDC spent $400 million for a new one, due to be operational this year. Not a word about that. It is to replace the current one which is only 13 years old. We have seen first hand that the agencies administering these programs have been captured by bad actors, and our citizens have suffered great harm. The vaccine program has never protected us. The childhood diseases are just that- mild and those exposed have a lifelong strong natural immunity that labs have never been able to imitate. Finally, vaccine use presumes on the future. The person receiving it is healthy. There is a much higher bar for risk/benefit. In my opinion, no current vaccine measures up to this standard. I don't want my tax dollars spent on these harmful products that don't work and the costly support structure that goes with it. The vaccine question is not neutral. Citizens should have a choice only if the product is proven to show greater benefit than risk. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED. Personally, I believe it is impossible. The bad actors secretly controlling this system need to be arrested and locked up. Then the labs need to be dismantaled globally and neutralized. We would then have a different, healthier and more free world. Otherwise, the bad actors are already poised to mandate the jabs globally via your cell phone.
Vote, but put your faith in Jesus.


No MSNBC was never real news, it is just finally becoming aware.

Anita Donnelly

Everyone also be aware that they will be doctoring photos to hide RFK JR's warmth and appeal. In this photo it looks like they shrunk his eyes. Rogan said they made his skin yellow.

Grow the F up, MSNBC. You used to be a real news org. Now you are a smart, arrogant, PR firm.

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